Nora Lighting Nora 4" Recessed Framing Projector - NL-471W See details.

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  • Model# NL-471W
  • Brand: Nora Lighting
  • Lamping: 35W 12V MR-11 (Bulb NOT included)

Important Note

Several key features set Nora's NL-471W projector far apart from similar units:
Low Profile - Nora's projector optics are positioned into a streamlined scoop that protrudes no more than 1.375" below the ceiling, while a faceplate completely conceals the inside of projector and housing.
Superior Optics - Nora's NL-471W is the only projector in its class that uses genuine optical grade ground elements rather than standard glass. Also, the position of the light source itself is precision set so the exact focal point of the lamp intersects first lens so almost no light output is lost or captured within the lens. Additionally, the quality of the lenses and their position with the adjustable scoop virtually eliminates all glare outside the direct path of the actual beam.
High Performance Energy Savings - The NL-471W's patented optics actually result in a noticeably higher level of illumination and more uniform beam than similar projectors using 75W light sources - more light with less than half the energy.
Easy Use - Unlike other miniature projectors, there are no plates requiring precision framing cutouts. The NL-471W has four independent framing shutters that allow precision framing to any rectangular object that can be permanently locked so that the light source can be changed without having to reset the shutters. The shutters are set by lowering the projector, then adjusting the scoop angle after the unit is reinserted into the recessed housing.
Flexibility - The NL-471W can be installed anywhere a standard 4" is used. Nora offers standard Non-IC, remodel Non-IC and IC airtight units that can be used with the NL-471W.
Design Friendly - The NL-471 can be used to create virtually any effect. When placed within 4' to 9' of any artwork or surface, the strong illumination will give artwork or gobo images a high contrast to the surrounding environment. For a subtler effect in simply bringing sparkle to artwork that would normally lose its life under standard ambiant illumination, the projector may be dimmed with an approved magnetic low voltage rated dimmer - or the fixture may be placed as far as 21' away from the object to draw the user's complete attention to the artwork rather than the projector itself.
Also: 1mm dichroic filters may be placed in front of the light source to create unique color themes - consult factory for details.
Gobo Projection - A gobo holding frame is included with all units and can be installed by removing the framing shutter assembly. Consult factory for details on custom gobo images.
Lamping - 35W MR11FTH (not icluded).
Listing - UL listed
From the Nora Collection, this Nora Lighting recessed framing projector features your choice of housing and a projector style light that is ideal for directing light for accenting light or even adding to existing general light. It is ideal for highlighting wall art, wall washing and much more. The white finish allows it to be blend in, adding to its appeal.


Available housings (included):
  • NL-401-RFP - 12V Standard 35W MR11 housing
  • NLR-404-RFP - 12V Remodel 35W MR11 housing
  • NLIC-401SAT-RFP - 12V IC Rated, Airtight 35W MR11 housing

Questions and Answers

  • Does the Nora Lighting Nora 4" Recessed Framing Projector - NL-471W come with an integral transformer?
    DaveOct 17, 2008
    The necessary transformer for the Nora Lighting Nora 4" Recessed Framing Projector - NL-471W is included in the fixture. It is OK to hook it up directly to a line voltage connection.
    Richard - Arcadian LightingOct 21, 2008

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