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Utility Wall Sconces / Builder Wall Sconces

Design Tips:

  • Choose a utility wall sconce or a builder wall sconce so that it complements the style of the exterior’s architecture.
  • An important decision to make is whether you need one or more wall sconces to illuminate your outdoor space.
Some of the earliest known wall sconces were torches that were attached to the outer walls of castles. Today, a utility wall sconce, also known as a builder wall sconce, is a light fixture than hangs on a wall. These are generally used outdoors to provide general and/or safety lighting to a space.


Utility wall sconces/builder wall sconces are available in a wide range of styles, finishes and types. Some have one or two bulbs, and some are installed as down or up lights. Styles can range from the most simple, contemporary fixtures to more elegant, traditional designs. Choosing a utility wall sconce/builder wall sconce that suits your decorating style is simple because wall sconces are also available in a variety of materials, such as die cast aluminum and solid brass. Moreover, finishes may include autumn gold, black, rust patina, pewter, brushed nickel or Peruvian bronze.


A common application for a utility wall sconce/builder wall sconce is on the walls on each side of a garage door. It may also be on the walls on each side of the front and back doors of a residential or commercial unit. This kind of lighting fixture is often used in other outdoor spaces where general and/or safety illumination is important, such as in a walkway, porch, garden or gazebo. Often times, one wall sconce may be used instead of two depending on the amount of light needed and wall space available.


Choosing a utility wall sconces/builder wall sconce doesn’t have to be a difficult task. Selecting one that’s right for you is a matter of both the style that you like and the application. Arcadian Home has a wide selection and only provides you with only the best manufacturers of utility/builder wall sconces, including Designers Fountain, Maxim Lighting, Kichler Lighting, Capital Lighting, Craftmade and Progress Lighting.

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Maxim Lighting Gatsby Contemporary Outdoor Wall Sconce
Notice how the two Maxim Lighting Gatsby Contemporary Outdoor Wall Sconce in the photo on the left shine a warm and welcoming light in the driveway. This craftsman/mission style wall sconce in a Burnished finish and Prairie Rib Frost glass shade looks great as a pair to create balance and symmetry in this space. This is a perfect example of a fixture where form meets function, as it not only looks stunning, but provides general and safety lighting as well. This impeccably designed piece, which easily complements a broad range of architectural styles, diffuse light evenly in areas where you need it most not only for general lighting, but for safety as well. Installing this light, which will surely gain praise and admiration from anyone who sees it, is not only wonderful way to light up your home in style, but an ideal way to enhance the look of your home as well.

New Customer Review

Outdoor Light Fixture MX3002clwt

This unit is easy to install. The unit should have a base adaptor to wall-siding for proper installation.
Carlos S., BAYONNEJul 01, 2012

transparent light