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Under Cabinet Lighting

Under cabinet lighting is quickly becoming a must have lighting feature in a kitchen. Under cabinet lighting first became popular a decades ago when smaller lights and strips of fluorescent lights became more readily available. Under cabinet lighting is hidden from eye level view, tucked up underneath the edge of the cabinet or shelf. Illuminating the counter under upper cabinets or shelves is a smart kitchen lighting design and makes great task and ambient lighting. Popular shapes include puck and linear lights that wash both the backsplash and counter with light. Under cabinet lights can be fluorescent, xenon, halogen and increasingly popular today, LED lights. LED lights for under cabinet lighting are an energy efficient and green option. Look at our collection of under cabinet lighting for more under cabinet lighting ideas.
The under cabinet lighting pictured here is the Tech Lighting Unilume LED Under Cabinet Light. Under cabinet lighting is most typically used in kitchens but can be used under shelves as well as cabinets. Other places in the home where under cabinet lighting can be used are the home office, pantry, bar and finished basement—anywhere that there are cabinets and shelves that need lighting underneath. The LED strip used in this kitchen creates a wide swath of light down the backsplash and onto the granite counter. Highlighting the backsplash as well as providing ambient or task lighting in the kitchen.

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