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Transitional Pendant Lighting

Transitional Style is an update on the classic with a twist on contemporary and a new interpretation of traditional. In lighting design it refers to the blend of traditional and contemporary styles while incorporating less ornamentation, while not being overly simplified. As a result transitional pedant lighting is clean, enduring, and fresh.
The curves of a transitional pendant intersect with straight lines to deliver symmetry which creates balance between the masculine and feminine scales of design. A lack of ornamentation and decoration keeps the focus on simplicity and sophistication of the overall tone and style. Unlike contemporary, transitional style emphasizes practicality to meet the lifestyle of an active household. Mixing styles does not always work, but transitional pendant lighting has become more and more popular in progressive home decor as the axis in merging both desirable designs such as elegance and edgy. Combining modern and traditional styles achieves simplified sophistication and produces the transitional design which is both enjoyable and trendy. A transitional room has pieces that are clean-lined or have rounded-edges and keep decoration and accessories to a minimum to create the perfect combination of traditional and contemporary. Mix a little bit of traditional and a touch of modern by incorporating a Transitional Pendant light in your home, making it a classic while remembering the importance of traditional.
For example in the picture to the left, the design of the kitchen combines elements that are both modern and traditional with very little ostentatious and garish accents. The white and polished stainless steel combination is modern while the wooden floor and paneled walls and cupboards are traditional. The simple decorative pieces adhere to the same principles including the two Hinkley Lighting Meridian Transitional Pendant Lights. The fixtures combine Brushed Nickel; subdue curvature and subtle lines with a traditional white glass diffuser. They become design pieces that contribute to the room without being the primary emphasis. In addition, there are no other sources of light aside from natural daylight leaving the pendants as the main source of task lighting. The practical application makes these transitional pendants perfect for the design. They are neither overwhelming nor underwhelming and simultaneously functional. They help bring together two styles of design and shine in more ways than one.
Transition from traditional to contemporary or merge the two together with a timeless Transitional Pendant Light.

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