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Traditional Wall Sconces

Ancient civilizations, such as the ancient Egyptians and ancient Romans, were known to have used candles for illumination. Unlike today’s candles, which are commonly chemical-based, they used candles made from plant or animal extract. In the Middle Ages, torches supported in scones by brackets provided light for dark castle corridors. These forms of light were the early predecessors of today’s Traditional Wall Sconces. No longer do we use fire torches to illuminate homes, but rather, wall sconces with light bulbs. These types of wall sconces may also be used to illuminate commercial spaces, such as offices and retail stores, and are available in a wide range of styles.
The image on the left of the Wilmette Victorian Traditional Restoration Wall Sconce is one example of how a traditional wall sconce may be used in your home. Notice how it hangs on the wall not only to cast a light on the frames, but to illuminate the space with a soft and pleasant glow of light. Take a closer look and you’ll also notice that the wall sconce’s finish complements the finish of the cabinet’s knobs, and blends well with the color of the countertops. This simple yet stylish piece features an oak leaf brass cap and a rimmed, frost glass shade that resembles a blooming flower. It’s a beautiful and elegant traditional wall sconce that will look stunning in most any indoor setting, and may even be used in pairs for a symmetrical look. Moreover, it may be used in different settings, such as beside an entryway or a large mirror.

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