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Traditional Pendant Lighting

Generally Traditional Pendant Lighting is a generous mix of highly polished pieces from any number of periods featuring a few to many luxurious accouterments. It works well in older homes because they have decorative trim and detailing that balances with the elevated styling of Traditional Pendant Lighting. The traditional room usually features thick Oriental rugs atop polished hardwood floors, skirted tables, gilt-framed mirrors, and elaborate window treatments. Lighting plays an important role in traditional design by providing adequate illumination and by creating focal points of interest.
Traditional Lighting is progressively timeless and features extravagant embellishments that enrich its design and contribute to a living space.
In the photo to the left, the Murray Feiss Bancroft Traditional Pendant is finished in an Oxidized Silver Leaf and features Café Au Lait Glass. The finish and glass are elements that upgrade the fixture from simple and practical to lavish and luxurious. The additional design elements including the oversized crown surrounding the light shade and intricate finial intensify the pendant’s style. It is further enhanced by the detailed living space that surrounds it. The room features crown molding, three different complimenting colors, and a decorative door.
Explore the Traditional Pendant Lighting of Arcadian Home and embellish your home with an extravagant fixture.

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