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Torchiere Lamps

Torchiere style floor lamps have a centuries long history. First illuminated with candles, these floor lamps were inspired by torches with a long stem and a wide or flared top that held the light. Torchieres first became popular in France, hence the French name, in the 17th century. These elegant floor lamps were first tall candelabra before the invention of electricity. Electricity freed the design up to evolve into the design most common today: a long, elegant stem below a shade that has an up facing opening, creating an uplight rather than focusing the light down like a typical floor lamp.
The Kichler Lighting Alex Contemporary torchiere lamp demonstrates that this ancient lamp form can be just as beautiful and elegant in contemporary style as it is as a traditional floor lamp. Contemporary style in a torchiere means a simple shade above a minimalist base. This keeps the focus on the overall form and shape of the floor lamp. Contemporaryfloor lamps, including torchiere lamps, can be used to illuminate the height of a room as well as wash a ceiling in uplight. Torchieres are a wonderful way to add additional light to a room that is softer than overhead light but broader in its reach than a table lamp or traditional style floor lamp that casts more of a downlight.

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