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Tiffany Pendant Lighting

Reg Price: $228
Sale Price: $198.99

The creation of the Tiffany Glass Pendant is attributed to Louis Comfort Tiffany. He was the creative visionary that designed and invented the renowned Tiffany glass that defines the Tiffany Pendant. He is a celebrated glass designer whose remarkable career left an everlasting impact on the world, especially in the lighting one. He patented the opalescent glass which led to the creation of many great lighting fixtures. His work is treasured, honored, and reproduced to create stunning and unique pieces.
He started designing and making glass at the age of 24 with basic glass designs and then expanded to architectural glass and home decorations that featured colored, etched and hand-painted glass, which featured leaded glass lampshades for table and floor lamps as well as hanging chandeliers and pendants. His dedication to his craft let to the development of new glass processes that created several thousand new colors, expanding the color combination, styles and form for the Tiffany Glass Pendant. Today Tiffany Glass is appreciates through reproductions, new styles and in the Glass Pendants offered by Arcadian Home.
The Tiffany Glass Pendant still has many modern uses and is utilized in an array of applications and thus Louis Comfort Tiffany's legacy lives on. His original works are reproduced to bring light, life and warmth to homes all over the world. The Tiffany Glass Pendant possesses resounding palpability in design, style and form. For this reason any living space that features Tiffany Glass evokes feelings of hope and new beginnings because of the era in which the it was born had an abundant sense optimism and ingenuity.
In the photo to the left, the Landmark Lighting Dimensions Tiffany Pendant pays tribute to the original style of Tiffany but is redesigned and shaped for modern application. It iridescent glass beams color and affection. The large pendant interacts with its surroundings by sharing color tones that resonate against the walls and windows. Even the glossy wood floor enhances the pendant's charming beauty to elevate its space and truly captivate. Do you feel the elegance associated with Tiffany Glass Pendants?
Tiffany Glass Pendants capture elegance and bring it home. They share history, innovation, and simple beauty that has enchanted generations and continues to do so.

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