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Tech Lighting Pendant Lights

Design Tips:

  • Group three, four or five pendant lights from a canopy to create a unique chandelier like monorail light for a dining room.
  • A single monorail pendant light can replace a standard pendant light fixture for more versatility.
  • Hang monorail pendant lights at different heights for a more dynamic design.
The Arcadian Home collection features a wide range of monorail lighting including Tech Lighting monorail pendant lights. Monorail pendant lighting is similar to standard pendant lighting but has additional design flexibility because of the customizable rail. Rails can be straight rods,curved, bent and shaped into custom forms. With a combination of lighting styles and rod shapes and sizes, monorail pendant lighting is almost infinitely customizable to suit most interiors. Monorail pendant lights come in a range of styles, colors, finishes as well as sizes to coordinate with interior designs in residential homes and commercial settings such as hotels, bars, restaurants, offices and libraries.


The Tech Lighting monorail pendant lighting fixtures come in a number of shapes, styles and functions to give monorail pendant lighting the ability to be customized to fit the style and colors of an interior. Pendant light shades can be found in every style from contemporary to transitional. Metal finishes in bronze, nickel, chrome and brass along with various styles of glass combine to create stylish lights for the Tech Lighting monorail pendant lights. Drum shades in fabric, rope covered globes and art glass shades make the Tech Lighting monorail pendant lights a stand out in any room.


These customizable monorail pendant lights can be used in both residential and commercial applications such as home interiors, offices, hotels, restaurants, bars, and other businesses. Tech Lighting monorail pendant lights and Tech Lighting monorail lighting fixtures enhance and customize lighting in a number of rooms in the home, including kitchens, dining rooms, bathrooms, halls, living rooms and bedrooms. One of the best features of the monorail lighting system is the ability to customize the length, number of lights and height of the lighting on the rail from a single pendant light to a group of pendant lights.


Arcadian Home offers Tech Lighting monorail pendant lights from leading lighting designers including: 2Thousand Degrees, Tech Lighting, and Wilmette Lighting. For additional ceiling lighting options, browse our wide selection of monorail lighting.

8 options
Reg Price: from $276
Sale Price: from $204.99
10 options
Reg Price: from $364
Sale Price: from $279.99
5 options
Reg Price: from $276
Sale Price: from $204.99

Pictured here is a set of four T-Trak Om T-Trak pendant lights for a monorail. These pendant lights rotate 180 degrees vertically with a 360 degree horizontal rotation, making them able to be adjusted in an infinite number of combinations. These pendant lights can be used as seen here to illuminate walls or as task lighting over a table, counter or kitchen island. The monorail seen here is straight, but is also available in customizable forms that can be curved or bent as desired. The brushed silver finish gives them a contemporary or modern look and they can be customized with decorative colored lens rings. The versatility and customizable options make monorail lighting one of the most popular lighting options in homes and commercial spaces like shops, restaurants, bars and hotels.

Q & A of the Day

  • My cabin has a 6-foot counter over which I want to suspend river rock wedge lighting. What is the best number of fixtures? Also, is the only effect of the different voltages on the amount of light? One final, what do I need to purchase along with the actual fixtures--tracking?? other?
    Phil Mar 07, 2013
    Hello Phil, If you are interested in hanging up 2 pendants then that should work for you. As a rule of thumb, an odd number of pendants creates optical symmetry. You could use 3. This is only a suggestion, not a rule. There are many options for you to suspend the fixtures, but the most economical are the 700FJ4RF (canopies). The voltage does not effect the brightness of the bulbs. It only affects light output when the fixture is too far from the transformer -- to prevent voltage drop.
    Robert - Arcadian Home Mar 07, 2013

New Customer Review

Good Color & Design but the light filament is lacking....

Quality where the bulb plugs into the light filament is bad. I own three lights and two out of three are not working. I have to jiggle the bulb to light up the bulb. My wife is not happy! We love the amber color as it goes perfect with our granite counter tops, it looks like we will have to replace all three. Not a good investment if you are looking to purchase unless the manufactor replaces the defective light filaments.
Joseph R., BRENTWOODDec 11, 2011

transparent light