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Tech Lighting Monorail Lighting Fixtures

Design Tips:

  • Add colorful shades to a simple monorail lighting for a bust of color in the room.
  • Coordinate monorail lighting with other lighting styles in the room or home for a polished design look.
  • Use odd number monorail lights to create a more dynamic design for larger monorail lighting fixtures.
The Arcadian Home collection features a wide range of monorail lighting including Tech Lighting monorail lighting fixtures. Monorail lighting is similar to track lighting but has additional design flexibility because of the customizable rail. Rails can be straight rods,curved, bent and shaped into custom forms. With a combination of lighting styles and rod shapes and sizes, monorail lighting is almost infinitely customizable to suit most interiors. Monorail lighting fixtures come in a range of styles, colors, finishes as well as sizes to coordinate with interior designs in residential homes and commercial settings such as hotels, bars, restaurants, offices and libraries.


The Tech Lighting monorail lighting fixtures come in a number of shapes, styles and functions to give monorail lighting a customized look. Lighting and shades can be found in every style from contemporary to traditional. Mission and vintage schoolhouse monorail lights give a vintage look to these monorail fixtures. Metal finishes in bronze, nickel, chrome and brass along with various styles of glass combine to create stylish lights for the Tech Lighting monorail lighting fixtures.


These customizable ceiling light can be used in both residential and commercial applications such as home interiors, offices, hotels, restaurants, bars, and other businesses. Tech Lighting monorail lighting fixtures work with Tech Lighting monorail lighting accessories to enhance and customize these monorail lights. One of the best features of the monorail lighting system is the ability to customize the length, number of lights and height of the lighting on the rail from a single pendant light to a group of lights.


Arcadian Home offers monorail lighting fixtures from leading lighting designers including Tech Lighting. For additional monorail lighting options, browse our wide selection of monorail lighting.

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The kitchen pictured here beautifully demonstrates the versatility of monorail lighting fixtures. The single canopy monorail lighting fixture has a straight rod that supports three stylish glass pendant lights. At either end of the monorail rod is a Tech Lighting Railtones 2-circuit monorail 2 speaker kit, providing ambient music or radio to the kitchen without taking up precious counter space. The elegant speakers blend right in with the style and décor of the kitchen, virtually disappearing. The versatility and customizable options make monorail lighting one of the most popular lighting options in homes and commercial spaces. A single electrical source can create a dynamic monorail light fixture that also provides sound as well as style.

Q & A of the Day

  • I have a FreeJack Sportster MR16 element hanging off my Tech Lighting Monorail system. The element was bumped and the lower part of the connector, at the seam just above the hex screw, seperated and left the fixture hanging by the wire. Does this FreeJack Connector include the lower "male" end where it would screw on to the downrod of the fixture? Is it exactly as pictured in the website in it's entirety?
    Frank Feb 04, 2009
    Model # 700FJSS6 does in fact include the male portion of the connector, however the female portion is NOT included.
    Kelly - Arcadian Lighting Feb 07, 2009

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