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Murray Feiss Norah Contemporary Table Lamp - MRF-9870-AGS

Table lamps play a critical part in a space. They provide diffused lights that highlight and give to life the unique characteristics a household may have. Therefore, selecting the right table lamp for your space is a critical and beneficial part of your decor.

Table lamps come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. At Arcadian Home, we have a wide variety of items and brands to tailor to every person's unique characteristics, design aesthetics, and needs. You should be able to come across a table lamp you will love with ease at Arcadian Home. Let us help you make your space even more beautiful with one of our lovely table lamps.

When selecting the right table lamp, make sure you know where you would like to place your lamp. Will it be on a table or on nightstand? Will the table or nightstand be sturdy enough to accommodate the fixture? Will there be a lot of passersby? These are some things you must consider when purchasing a table lamp.

How will this lamp be used? Is it for task lighting, general lighting, or accent lighting? Is it going to be functional or will it just be for decoration purposes? If you are planning to use it for task lighting, perhaps having a table lamp with a brighter light output is ideal. If you are planning to use it for ambiance, perhaps choosing a fixture with a darker shade is better. If you are planning to use the table lamp to accent an item (portrait, photos, or wall art) make sure to keep this standard in mind: the fixture is there to make the presentation of the items more beautifully by complementing them, not by overwhelming or upstaging them. If the table lamp is too grandiose and excessive with bold designs, it may steal the glory from the item that is being accented.

The final thing to keep in mind is to always choose a table lamp that will go with your decor. If you have a modern / contemporary room, make sure to use a contemporary table lamp to go with it. Same goes for other styles such as traditional and transitional.

Want to know more? Make sure to check out our Arcadian Home blog for more lighting design ideas and tips.

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