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Outdoor Spotlight
Outdoor spotlights, with their multitude of styles and materials, can be an attractive addition to the home. Whether modern/contemporary, transitional, or traditional, these directional lights add a an element of unspoken sophistication to any outdoor setting. Although many use spotlights for accent lighting, it can also serve a general purpose. Traditionally, spotlights are placed on the floor and positioned upwards, but the fixtures may also be installed on walls and shined downward to decrease the amount of light pollution and glare going into the environment.landscape.
The image on the left illustrates one way that the Myra Outdoor Spotlight by Access Lighting may be installed. One way to use a spotlight is to place it on a wall and shine downward to emphasize architectural details. Another way to utilize a spotlight is to use it to illuminate paths during the evenings and increase security around the exterior of the home. The robust and simple spotlight design complements a variety of architectural environments, and as pictured, beautifully meshes with the surrounding landscape.

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