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Outdoor Post Lanterns

The Heartwood Traditional Outdoor Post Lantern Light follows a long tradition of outdoor post lanterns. Post lanterns were used before electricity became the accepted way of life. Post mounted lanterns were lit by candles and later gas lights that were lit every evening to illuminate the drive from the road to the home. Similar to coach lights, these post lantern lights were used by the wealthiest of home owners, taverns and inns. A long driveway from the main road may have been illuminated by more than one post light, depending on the length of the drive. Typically a pair of post lanterns would be mounted on the supports of a gate at the end of the drive. As home architecture changed and neighborhood design evolved, post lanterns moved to mark the edge of the driveway or walkway.
Today's outdoor lighting mixes a number of styles and types of outdoor lights to create a lighting profile unique to each home. Outdoor post lanterns like this one can be mounted to a stone fence or fence cap at the end of a driveway near the street or closer to the home. Coordinating the style of the lantern to the home's architecture is key to creating good curb appeal. The traditional style of this post light nicely complements the stonework and architecture of the home.

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