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Outdoor Lamp Posts / Pier Mounts

Design Tips:

  • Choose outdoor lamp posts and pier mounts in the same finish for a cohesive look and feel.
  • Make sure to select a lamp post that holds the right number of lights needed to efficiently and effectively illuminate a space.
  • Create a visually pleasing design by selecting lamp posts that match well with the exterior of a home or commercial space.
Outdoor Lamp Posts/Pier Mounts usually go hand in hand. A lamp post, which is usually about 19 inches in heigh, is attached to the pier mount to enable it to stand on its own. Some of the first lamp posts, which are a raised source of light, were erected to provide light for walkways and required a lamplighter. A lamplighter was hired to light each gas lamp as day turned into night. These were followed by gas lights that were automatically ignited when the gas supply was activated, followed by the electric street lighting that we're familiar with today.


Outdoor Lamp posts generally support outdoor post lanterns to provide general illumination over a specific area. Lamp posts and pier mounts are available in a variety of styles and in a wide range of finishes. Lamp posts hold one to five lanterns depending on the style. Pier mounts vary in design, from sleek and simple to having more elaborately scrolled accents. Finishes for lamp posts and pier mounts include matte black, weathered brick, white, Tuscan beige and polished brass.


Effortlessly line most any outdoor space, such as a garden, driveway or walkway, with lamp posts attached to pier mounts. Outdoor lanterns that hang from or that are attached to a lamp post diffuses light evenly and illuminates most any outdoor environment with a warm and welcoming glow of light.


You don’t have to look too far when looking for the perfect lamp post or pier mount that’s right for you. Arcadian Home offers a wide range of lamp posts and pier mounts for you to choose from. Some of the leading brands available are Trans Globe Lighting, Craftmade, Maxim Lighting, Artcraft Lighting and Capital Lighting.

12 options
Reg Price: from $184
Sale Price: from $147.20
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Reg Price: $379.80
Sale Price: $303.84

Q & A of the Day

  • How many bulbs in total are supplied with this fixture?
    GLORIA Nov 16, 2009
    Trans Globe Lighting Traditional Outdoor Lamp Post - TG-4189 utilizes (3) 100W bulbs.
    Kelly - Arcadian Lighting Nov 17, 2009

New Customer Review

Dabmar Marquee Transitional Outdoor Lamp Post - DM-GM9913

Arcadian's customer service was very responsive (thank you, Amanda!) on my request for an update on the shipment status for the Dabmar Marquee Transitional Outdoor Lamp Post - DM-GM9913. I was also thrilled with the quality of the casting for the lamp post. All parts fit very well and aligned nicely. All bolts threaded easily making the assembly and installation of the DM-GM9913 lamp post on an existing pad a snap. I would definitely recommend this item to a friend. JM
John M., SunmanDec 23, 2012

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