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Outdoor Hanging Lights

Outdoor hanging lights began as simple lanterns illuminated by candlelight. These ancient lanterns were made of metal that was pierced to allow the light to shine through but protected the candle from extinguishing breezes. Later lanterns were glazed with glass panels. A single door to allow the lighting and extinguishing of the light was incorporated into the design. These early outdoor hanging lights needed to be accessed to light so they were hung on hooks where they could be lifted or lowered as needed. For large and overscale outdoor hanging lights, pulleys were employed with ropes or chains to support the weight of the light fixture. Wrought iron, brass, steel and aluminum have all been used as material for outdoor lighting. Today's outdoor hanging lights still take on the form of lanterns as well as other shapes, including outdoor chandeliers and pendant lights.
The Hubbardton Forge Banded Transitional Outdoor Hanging Light shown here as a pair has elements of modern style that complements the exterior of the home. These handsome transitional outdoor hanging lights feature dark metal surrounds housing creamy opaque glass that create a soft, diffused light. Paying attention to scale is important when selecting outdoor hanging lights. The outdoor hanging lights should be large enough to be visible and illuminate the space, but not too large as to dwarf other architectural features. Using pairs o smaller lights can balance scale. Combined with the coordinating outdoor wall lights, these outdoor hanging lights create a stylish exterior lighting scheme. Coordinating lighting fixtures gives a home's exterior a more polished design.

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