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Outdoor Hanging Lights

Design Tips:

  • Center an outdoor hanging light on a porch or under a portico to add a focal point to a front door. Allow enough clearance for the door to open and close without hitting the hanging light.
  • Choose an outdoor hanging light that coordinates with interior lighting fixtures to a comprehensive lighting scheme indoors and outdoors.
  • Hang an outdoor hanging light high enough so that even the tallest guest or family member can walk beneath it without bumping his or her head.
Outdoor hanging lights add stylish flair to porches and porticos. Inspired by their interior hanging light cousins, outdoor hanging lights can range from glass lanterns to multi-light chandeliers. Depending on the style and space, an outdoor hanging light can be a simple single light pendant or a grand scale chandelier with eight or more lights. The original hanging outdoor lights would have needed glass shades to protect the original source of light from candles or gas. Today's outdoor hanging lights are either solar, battery or electrical so glass shades are purely decorative.


From chandeliers to pendant lights, outdoor hanging lights can be found to suit most architectural styles from traditional to contemporary. Materials can make an outdoor hanging light feel just right for the home and its architecture. Antique and weathered finishes are wonderful for traditional and farmhouse styles while shiny silvery metal finishes can sparkle in modern and contemporary styles.


Outdoor hanging lights can be used wherever there is a ceiling or overhead support outdoors. A porch, portico, gazebo, or arbor can be wired to support an outdoor hanging light. A large entrance or wrap around porch can feature a pair or more of outdoor hanging lights depending on the square footage of the outdoor living space. A single outdoor hanging light is perfect for a front door or side door. Pair with an outdoor wall light fixture for a complete lighting profile.


The Arcadian Home collection includes outdoor hanging lights by such leading designers as: Access, Artcraft, Capital, Craftmade, Designers Fountain and Elk Lighting. For additional outdoor lighting, browse our wide selection of outdoor and landscape lights.

Outdoor hanging lights began as simple lanterns illuminated by candlelight. These ancient lanterns were made of metal that was pierced to allow the light to shine through but protected the candle from extinguishing breezes. Later lanterns were glazed with glass panels. A single door to allow the lighting and extinguishing of the light was incorporated into the design. These early outdoor hanging lights needed to be accessed to light so they were hung on hooks where they could be lifted or lowered as needed. For large and overscale outdoor hanging lights, pulleys were employed with ropes or chains to support the weight of the light fixture. Wrought iron, brass, steel and aluminum have all been used as material for outdoor lighting. Today's outdoor hanging lights still take on the form of lanterns as well as other shapes, including outdoor chandeliers and pendant lights.
The Hubbardton Forge Banded Transitional Outdoor Hanging Light shown here as a pair has elements of modern style that complements the exterior of the home. These handsome transitional outdoor hanging lights feature dark metal surrounds housing creamy opaque glass that create a soft, diffused light. Paying attention to scale is important when selecting outdoor hanging lights. The outdoor hanging lights should be large enough to be visible and illuminate the space, but not too large as to dwarf other architectural features. Using pairs o smaller lights can balance scale. Combined with the coordinating outdoor wall lights, these outdoor hanging lights create a stylish exterior lighting scheme. Coordinating lighting fixtures gives a home's exterior a more polished design.

Q & A of the Day

Reg Price: $181.2
Sale Price: $144.96
  • How long is the chain provided with Sea Gull Lighting Lancaster Transitional Outdoor Hanging Light - SG-6039?
    Betty Feb 04, 2011
    This Sea Gull Lighting 6039 is provided with 120" wire and 48" of chain.
    Cynthia - Arcadian Lighting Feb 05, 2011

New Customer Review

perfect light

I looked all over the internet for just the right light fixture for our laundry room. I finally found this in the outdoor lighting. It is so cute - I love it! My husband hung it high enough so people wouldn't bump their head on it, and yet it hangs down a little. The quality of the fixture, along with the great price - made it just the perfect fit for me.
Kim B., COOPERSVILLEMay 18, 2012

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