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Monorail Lighting

Design Tips:

  • Monorails offer flexibility in lighting options for kitchen islands, dining tables and pool tables.
  • Spot lights and pendant lights can be added to the same monorail for a complex lighting profile.
  • A single monorail can support a number of lights depending on the wattage of the transformer. The bigger the transformer, the more lights the monorail can support.
Arcadian Home's collection features a wide range of monorail lighting including: lighting fixtures, pendant lights, chandeliers, swivel lights, mini monorail, two circuit monorails, monorail accessories, and two circuit monorail accessories. Monorail lighting is similar to track lighting but has additional design flexibility because of the rod. With a combination of lighting styles and rod shapes and sizes, monorail lighting is almost infinitely customizable to suit most interiors. Depending on the overall wattage, a number of fixtures can be added to the rail to create a unique and stylish ceiling light fixture that can be used in both residential and commercial interiors.


The monorail lights tend to have contemporary or modern style but different pendants and chandelier lights can give monorail lighting a traditional or transitional style as well. Glass or metal shades, pendants and chandelier fixtures give each monorail light a personal look to coordinate with both the interior design and color palette of the room. Metal finishes can coordinate between the rod and shades. Available finishes include silvery nickels, chromes, brass, bronze in polished and satin finishes. Glass shades and pendants include frosted, clear, colored and art glass choices.


Monorail lighting systems can be used throughout the home, office, hotel, restaurant and other professional interiors. The flexible versatility of monorail lighting make them a popular choice for kitchens, eating areas, dining rooms, kitchen island lighting, pool table lights as well as uses in hallways, foyers and other places where multiple lights are needed. Combining monorail lighting with recessed lighting creates a well rounded lighting profile in a room with both task and ambient lighting.


Arcadian Home offers monorail lighting fixtures from leading lighting designers, including: LBL Lighting, Nora Lighting, Tech Lighting, and W.A.C. Lighting. For additional ceiling lighting options, browse our wide selection of track lighting.

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T-Trak Echo Pendant Light
Pictured left is a group of Echo 2-Circuit T-Trak pendant lights for monorail light fixtures. The warm glow of the amber art glass shade provides a warm light in this contemporary industrial nail salon. These pendant lights for monorail light fixtures can be used in both commercial and residential applications and look equally at home and stylish. Hung at the same height and in a straight row, these colorful glass pendant lights create a stripe of subtle color on the ceiling, drawing the eye to the interesting beamed architecture. The soft down light from the pendant lights can be brightened or softened if these two circuit monorail lights are on a dimmer. Contemporarymonorail lighting can provide task and ambient lighting on a single rail and from a single electrical source.

Q & A of the Day

  • My cabin has a 6-foot counter over which I want to suspend river rock wedge lighting. What is the best number of fixtures? Also, is the only effect of the different voltages on the amount of light? One final, what do I need to purchase along with the actual fixtures--tracking?? other?
    Phil Mar 07, 2013
    Hello Phil, If you are interested in hanging up 2 pendants then that should work for you. As a rule of thumb, an odd number of pendants creates optical symmetry. You could use 3. This is only a suggestion, not a rule. There are many options for you to suspend the fixtures, but the most economical are the 700FJ4RF (canopies). The voltage does not effect the brightness of the bulbs. It only affects light output when the fixture is too far from the transformer -- to prevent voltage drop.
    Robert - Arcadian Home Mar 07, 2013

New Customer Review

High quality design and construction - Perfect Solution

We purchased this 20" drum light in white and brushed nickle for the dining area in our modernist urban loft. It came very well packed in foam rubber and arrived in perfect condition. The light is everything we expected - nice large size, refined modern design and well constructed. We puchased additional cord locally to install it as a swag from our 20 foot ceiling - using the brushed nickle swag hook purchased with the light. We also added a remote control dimmer which is perfect for changing the lighting level for dining, etc. The price of this light, while not inexpensive, is consistent with its quality and value.
, Des MoinesJan 03, 2013

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