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Mini Pendant Lighting

The History of the Mini Pendant Light

Originally pendant lights were made of natural elements in the rawest form including clay, terracotta or metal. Each was illuminated by a single candle. They were functional and their purpose was of the utmost importance. They brightened dark spaces but did not shine. As time progressed and technologies advanced, lighting became fashionable and its design became relevant and superseded functionality. With the incorporation of glass, the pendant light took on a new form and meaning.
The pendant became a sign of wealth and status. It was smaller than the chandelier and better applicable in smaller spaces. It was no longer limited to only the very wealthy or powerful. Rather than just providing light, its purpose became to illuminate and shine by way of design, form and style.
The Mini Pendant has emerged as a smaller, more affordable source of light. Again, because it is smaller than the chandelier and traditional pendant light, it is less expensive, easier to install more than one and can be integrated into more areas of the living space. Presently, the mini pendant is becoming more artistically relevant and aesthetically appealing. The mini pendant although very functional plays a pivotal role in design and overall perception of a living area.The pendant light is no longer limited to just being a source of light but rather it is now an expression of style, design, status and concept. A light shines and a pendant not only shines but expresses.
For example, in the photo to the above, the LBL Lighting Belboy Mini Pendant is installed in a kitchen and is not the only source of light. Rather the fixture contributes to the overall tone, style and design of the kitchen by enhancing the color palate and creating a soft-warm amber glow. Notice that the recessed lighting provides the primary task lighting because of its position above the mini pendant fixtures. It is also important to take note that there is more than one pendant being used and that each is installed with a mono-point canopy. These are important details one must pay close attention to because they can change the appearance of a room and what a designer or design enthusiast is hoping to achieve.

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