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Low Voltage Track Lighting

Design Tips:

  • Select low voltage track lighting that coordinates with the interior décor style of the rest of the home to help it blend in with the overall design.
  • Low voltage track lights are ideal for illuminating a gallery wall in a hall or artwork above the fireplace.
  • Use a round canopy of low voltage track lights instead of a more traditional flush mount ceiling fixture.
Track lighting has become a popular choice for ceiling lights since it's invention in the 1960s. Arcadian Home's collection of track lighting features low voltage track lighting. Low voltage track lighting uses lower volt bulbs so the track light fixtures are smaller. Today's low voltage track lighting is more sleek and versatile than ever, providing customizable, stylish lighting for ceilings and walls that can create task lighting for kitchens or bathe walls in soft spot lights. Low voltage track lighting works with a number of interior design styles in both commercial and residential lighting designs in homes, restaurants, offices and more.


Low voltage track lighting and more traditional track lighting fixtures come in a range of styles, shapes, sizes and features. Our low voltage track lighting is available in a number of metallic finishes like chrome, nickel, bronze, copper and brass. Each of these small low voltage lights have big personality and style. Metal and glass shades, shades that expose the bulb, round, conical, flared and globe shapes provide a wide range of looks. Look for a range of styles from contemporary to traditional to coordinate with different interior styles.


Low voltage track lighting has many applications in both commercial and residential lighting designs. Using these low voltage track lights is the same as using traditional track lighting fixtures. Low voltage track lighting can be used in galleries, restaurants, offices, bars, lounges, spas and libraries. In the home, low voltage track lighting fixtures can be used in halls, living rooms, dining rooms, home theaters, home offices and kitchens—anywhere that needs stylish spot light or accent lighting from a ceiling fixture.


The Arcadian Home offers a collection of track lighting, including low voltage track lighting from such leading designers as Nora and W.A.C. Lighting. Browse our wide selection other track lighting for more options.

12 options
Reg Price: from $371.25
Sale Price: from $315.56
16 options
Reg Price: from $371.25
Sale Price: from $315.56

Track lighting is a fairly modern invention in the lighting world. Track lighting was first designed in the 1960s by the Lightolier company. Track lighting has evolved over the years. It is becoming popular once again as lights and lampage allow for smaller track lighting fixtures as seen here. Low voltage track lighting is the latest iteration of track lighting. These small but powerful track lights often employ halogen or LED lighting technologies. Look for more track lighting as well as other versatile ceiling lights like track lighting in our ceiling lighting collection.
Low voltage track lights, including the W.A.C. Lighting FLEXRAIL1 low voltage track light fixture pictured here, are a highly functional way to add accent lighting to a room, office, gallery, restaurant or bar.. The sleek row of silvery metal track light fixtures illuminates this chic contemporary dining area. Use track lighting as an alternative to recessed lighting or monorail lighting. Today's low voltage track lighting is versatile and stylish. Use low voltage track lighting to showcase several different objects, walls or artwork on a single track with track lights that pivot and turn for uplights, downlights and spotlights.

Q & A of the Day

  • We are looking for NTL-203-75 bulbs. We bought this product from you before but bulbs not included. So, we need bulbs of this product. QTY= 10 EA How can we find these bulbs? (Please contact me by e-mail if you can't reach me by phone)
    Olivia Dec 30, 2009
    The bulbs you need for these particular fixtures are 12V MR16 bulbs. They can be found at any given local hardware store. All you need to do look for the 12V or "low voltage" MR16s. If you prefer to order online, even though we are not affiliated with them, is a very helpful and comprehensive website.
    Elizabeth - Arcadian Lighting Dec 30, 2009

New Customer Review

looks good, one small issue

The light is quite visually appealing--it is small and simple. One issue is that it is only designed to rotate about 350 degrees...there is about a ten degree wide swath where the head cannot point. I assume this is to prevent the user from continuously rotating the fixture and tangling the cord, but it is a bit annoying. Otherwise, I would definitely recommend it.
Adam B., CAMBRIDGEOct 05, 2011

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