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Lite Source Ceiling Lights

Lite Source ceiling lights shown in this section are hand-picked to make sure we offer elegant and distinct looks while providing the best value to our customers. Each Lite Source ceiling light is uniquely designed. Enjoy our wide selection of Lite Source ceiling lights!

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Reg Price: from $123
Sale Price: from $104.55
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Reg Price: $58
Sale Price: $49.30

Q & A of the Day

  • Is this a hard wire fixture?
    Marvin Nov 28, 2009
    Lighting fixture model # LS-1237 is available in stock and this item is a plug in fixture.
    Karen - Arcadian Lighting Dec 01, 2009

New Customer Review

Stunning and Elegant

This fixture looks far more expensive than it is. It is absolutely gorgeous. The off-black scrolls and ribs with gold edges are satin finish and very open with a lovely flow. The bowl is wonderfully rich and pebbly. The bowl color is a dark ecru when the light is off (similar to travertine), and a warm amber when the light is on. The only thing I might request as an improvement to the design is to put four scroll sections around it instead of just three because with only three, it looks quite different from every angle and sometimes you see very little scroll work. But I do like the assymmetry of three.. and five would be too many. Totally worth all the effort it took to get it installed...and it was an effort. It is the most complex fixture I've ever assembled as it has many components and you need to ensure you align all the scrollwork connections on three different screw-on pieces at top, middle and bottom. Also the piping is very tight for the cord, so you have to keep the cord from twisting. The cable sheathing was pretty beat up from the factory on both fixtures. So I examined the sheathing and untwisted the cable throughout. I had to get a 2nd one of this fixture because the first one had a short in the light kit. Because of the issues I had with the first one, I wrapped the 2nd one's cord with electrical tape, running the tape vertically and folding it around so it would not add bulk. I just wanted to ensure the wires were well sheathed. The 2nd one works beautifully. I have this over a 36 x 71" table and the proportion is perfect. I have the bottom of the glass bowl (excluding the finial) 30" above the table, with an 8' ceiling. That's on the low side, but I like pendants around there. I used 8 chain links. 6 chain links would probably be a more standard height. Tips: This is a heavy fixture- a lot of metal and the glass bowl is large with thick glass. Make sure your electical box and crossbar are well supported by a joist. I happened to use a pancake box because I needed it centered directly under a joist, so not only is the box secured to a joist, but so is the crossbar. When installing, you can keep all 6 scrolls, the bowl and the bottom finial assembly off the fixture to keep it light and easy to manage alone. Then add the rest later in place. You need someone to help you with the bowl. I strongly recommend if you are using an expensive dimmer with this (or any new fixture), to first test it with a cheap basic switch, and once confirmed that it is working fine, put the dimmer in, because shorts fry dimmers. The scroll work is all optional. Add none, just the upper level, or all six to the fixture. I love it all decked out!
, Jul 29, 2013

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