LED Tape Lights

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. These LEDs were fist invented in 1962 as electrical components. The first LED lights were red but as the technology advanced over the subsequent decades, blue and white LED lights were developed. With the white LED lights, LED lighting became an energy efficient lighting option to incandescent and compact fluorescent lamps in commercial and residential applications. Used for display lighting, holiday lighting, exterior and interior lighting, LED lights and LED tape lights are amongst the fastest growing lighting options in our commercial lighting collection LED tape lights can be used in exterior and interior lighting designs. Easily installed with sticky adhesive backing, LED tape lights are a versatile lighting option for homes and businesses.
TheMaxim Lighting StarStrand 24" Aqua Star 24-LED Tape pictured here, is elegant and bright enough to illuminate commercial exteriors as well as residential interiors. The strip of LED tape lights is hidden by the the architecture of the building, creating a modern type of cove or display lighting. Check the rating on the LED tape lights before using them for exterior purposes as seen here. If rated for exterior and wet applications, LED tape lights can be used for uplights, dowlights, soffet lights, cove lighting and other exterior as well as interior lighting designs. In interiors, LED tape lights can be used as undercabinet light as well as above crown moldings and coved ceilings.

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