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LBL Lighting Accessories

Design Tips:

  • A canopy can be used to hang multiple pendant lights from a single fixture.
  • Lighting accessories allow for the customization of LBL Lighting in residential and commercial applications.
  • LBL Lighting accessories should only be used with LBL Lighting products and designs.
Recognized as a premiere lighting designer in North America, LBL Lighting started out as a family owned and run business in 1971. Over the past forty years LBL has grown and expanded. Now a proud part of Generations Brands, LBL continues to produce creative, contemporary inspired lighting designs that fuse art and technology. Combining artistry of glass with high tech designs and functions of lighting, LBL creates eclectic designs. Glass is a blend of art and technology with many offerings in rich, deeply saturated colors and patterns on shades. Focusing on originality, creativity and beauty, LBL continues to produce and sell unique lighting options for home or business use. Our Arcadian Home collection from LBL Lighting includes many lighting designs as well as lighting accessories. The LBL Lighting lighting accessories collection coordinates with the designs, finishes and styles of their lighting collection. These lighting accessories can be used with most LBL Lighting light designs.


The LBL Lighting range of lighting accessories is sold in coordinating styles, sizes, functions and finish choices to work with the LBL lighting collection. LFusion jacks, multiple light canopies in round and square shapes, connectors and more lighting accessories are available. Lighting accessories come in a many sizes as well as designs for monorail lighting accessories. Lighting accessories from LBL Lighting are available in the company's signature selection of finishes, including bronze and nickel, to suit a variety of exterior design styles.


Lighting accessories from LBL Lighting are located wherever LBL Lighting is found, inside homes and building interiors. LBL Lighting lighting accessories can be found used on monorail lighting in restaurants, chandeliers in stores, pendant lighting in bars, and additional commercial spaces. Lighting accessories can be used to customize or increase the function of an array of lighting designs from LBL Lighting throughout the home.

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Q & A of the Day

  • For these two items.... The light: http://www.arcadianlighting.com/hbmr16.html The mount: http://www.arcadianlighting.com/ck001p-fj.html It says I need a low voltage converter......can I buy this on your site, or can you point to me where to get it? Also do I need one converter for all threw lights or three? Thanks.
    Benjamin Jan 28, 2010
    If you are going to be using 3 of model (make sure you get the FSJ:Fusion Jack option) http://www.arcadianlighting.com/hbmr16.html and the following 3 mounts: http://www.arcadianlighting.com/ck001p-fj.html When picking a transformer you need to take into account if you have a dimmer in your current set up. If you have an electronic dimmer you go with the electronic transformer: http://www.arcadianlighting.com/trans-rmte-150.html If you have a magnetic dimmer you go with the magnetic transformer: http://www.arcadianlighting.com/trans-rmte-150m.html If you do not have a dimmer in your current set up most people tend to go with electronic transformers. Then you can wire all three of your lights to 1 single remote transformer. You do NOT need to buy 3 transformers. Only 1 transformer is required for the set up you are putting together.
    Cynthia - Arcadian Lighting Jan 30, 2010

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