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Inverted Pendant Lights

Design Tips:

  • Pendant lighting can accommodate any type of ceiling height or angle because the pendant stem length can be increased or decreased.
  • Typically Inverted Pendant lights are utilized as ambient lighting to work in conjunction with additional lighting for tasks.
The Inverted Pendant is a single or multi light fixture that hangs from the ceiling through a mono point power connection. It cast light upward rather than downward generating ambient lighting that contributes to a warm and inviting glow for your home. When combined with other lighting, ambient makes an atmosphere radiate light all around and focused light where it is needed.


Inverted Pendant lights have the basic inverted dome, conic or bell shade. With either shade, it can be in any style from transitional to traditional, simple to complex or practical to extravagant. The inverted pendant is fairly large and has the capacity to hang from great lengths. Its frame is made of metal and can either be basic or ornate. The Inverted Pendant shade is made of simple, smooth glass or of luxurious, textured artisan glass. The Inverted Pendant can be installed in any home and incorporated into any design style.


Applications of the Inverted Pendant Light are found in foyers, kitchens, dining rooms, restaurants, and professional settings. They have sleek and varied designs that can be installed almost anywhere. The Inverted Pendant light is suspended from the ceiling above seating areas, work spaces and kitchen counters. They do not occupy floor or counter space. They can be mounted on sloped or high ceilings. Typically Inverted Pendant lights are utilized as ambient lighting that works in conjunction with task lighting. Within the kitchen they become lighting focal points that capture the attention of guests and contribute to the overall design concept. Their various sizes also make them applicable in many areas. A simple and elegant Inverted Pendant offers bright, warm light. Within the immense Arcadian Home catalog, there are boundless collections of Inverted Pendant Lights that illuminate elevated style and design.


Choosing the right Inverted Pendant Light for your home is no easy feat. Arcadian Home tries to make finding the best light easier by offering a surplus of designs, styles and manufacturers like: Uttermost, Maxim Lighting, Kichler, Progress Lighting and many others. Each one has a variety of Pendant Lights to choose from.

The history of the Inverted Pendant follows the same path as the pendant light which has always been a symbol of artistry and wealth. The first pendant lights were fashioned of clay, terracotta or metal, and each was illuminated by candles. Their function was to provide light in dark spaces. As technology progressed, lighting designers began to incorporate more than functionality in their designs and pendant lighting began to captivate and simultaneously brighten the world around them. Layers of cut glass combined with metal, including iron, brass and bronze, were made to become shinning sources of light. Utilizing glass was a monumental step in the history of the pendant because it changed the direction light could be casted and set the foundation for the Inverted Pendant to become popular and widely used. Today Inverted Pendants are more than functional. Their purpose has been elevated to not only brighten but also to enhance a living space. How does an Inverted Pendant enhance a living space?
Inverted Pendants take the light they provide and project it upwards and outwards rather than focusing the light on a specific area. This type of lighting is known as ambient lighting. Ambient lighting is the general lighting of a living space that enhances the atmosphere and facilitates interaction amongst families, guests, friends and professionals. For this reasons, Inverted Pendant lights are great for use in family rooms, dining room or any room that has a large volume of people. Inverted Pendants are further amplified when combined with other lighting such as task or spotlighting. When working together, these types of lighting become inviting and productive.
In the photo to the left, the Tech Lighting Larkspur Inverted Pendant Light is installed in a kitchen nook over a dinning table. The light fixture features a simple frame and oversized inverted dome glass bowl. The simplicity of the fixture and materials that it is made of make it a Modern and Contemporary Pendant. It cast light upward and outward working in conjunction with recessed lighting to create warm general lighting and focused task lighting where it is needed. This is a great example of how an Inverted Pendant adds to a design and makes a living space more inviting without sacrificing style or functionality.
Is an Inverted Pendant light right for your home? There are many to choose from in the Arcadian Home Catalog and the right one is there for you.

Q & A of the Day

  • I like this light, but would like a different hanging option rather than a chain. Is there a way to use a solid column on this?
    Deb Jan 06, 2009
    Item MRF-F2223-2WAL can only be hung from a chain.
    Juniah - Arcadian Lighting Jan 09, 2009

New Customer Review

Funky 60s looking light

This is an exception pendant light for the price. When it arrived it looked so much better than the picture. It is of high quality and has a very 60s vibe to it. The glass is a beautiful marble glass bowl and the gold-tone colors look very chic rather than cheap. Great quality for the price from Arcadian and they are very customer oriented.
Jeanette J., LongmontMay 22, 2012

transparent light