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Glass Wall Sconces

Glass wall sconces have long been a beloved favorite for homeowners for many reasons. As shown here, they are clean, stylish and easy to incorporate into just about any home decor style. No matter where they are installed, their elegance is subtle but appropriate and furthermore, they create a smooth, even glow—no matter where they are placed.
In this particular setting, you’ll note that the wall sconce has been used to add much needed lighting to an otherwise awkwardly shaped area. Traditional light fixtures, such as a floor lamp, a pendant light or otherwise, would not have worked in this area as they would have taken up valuable floor or overhead space. Meanwhile, an overhead ceiling light would simply have looked out-of-place. Fortunately, this glass wall sconce adds just the right amount of light without being visually overwhelming or detracting from the surrounding decor, making it a perfect choice.

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