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Foyer Lighting

The foyer is the initial impression and entrance to your home, office or commercial building. It transports visitors from the outdoors to the indoors. Foyer Lighting enhances the first impression of a home through function, style and design.
Imagine entering a home and walking right into the living room or dinning table. The foyer allows guests to get acclimated and oriented to a living space. Typically it is a small hallway or open space connecting the main entrance to a reception area or to a staircase leading to an upper floor. It introduces the home's overall design and type of home one is living in. It may showcase original pieces of art, an area for coats and shoes and most importantly offer an illuminating light fixture including a combination of ceiling, wall, table and floor lamps.
In the photo to the left, the Golden Lighting Heartwood Traditional Foyer Light hangs in the entrance to a home directly in front of the door. It features nine candelabra bulbs centered around a single metal stem and a simple yet decorative metal frame. The light fixture compliments the surrounding decor and seamlessly integrates into the elevated traditional design. In addition, the home features vaulted ceilings which the Foyer Light easily hangs from.
Arcadian Home has the best Foyer Lighting for a great first impression.

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