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Water fountains have always been a favorite amongst interior designers and homeowners alike. Decorating a home can be quite difficult and many people generally do not know how to add a fountain into their decor. These distinct pieces are not a very traditional home decor item that people know a lot about. Many people use fountains to provide the room with a sense of tranquility and serenity. The noise the gentle flowing water produces allows other noise from the surroundings to drown out.

Make sure to check out our blog for styles and tips on picking the right fountain for your needs.

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Reg Price: $108
Sale Price: $93.99
Reg Price: $298.80
Sale Price: $237.99
Reg Price: $602.30
Sale Price: $518.99

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Q & A of the Day

  • How much does this fountain weigh?
    Debra Mar 23, 2013
    Hello Debra, The KR-50333-DT weighs 60.8 lbs.
    Robert - Arcadian Home Mar 25, 2013

New Customer Review

Floor Fountain

The item we purchased was not our 1st choice, we had decided on the same fountain but the silver color to replace the one we had that stopped working. Our 1st choice was not available, so we went with the same fountain in black. It looks nice in our studio, the black matches the molding of the room and is a little more 'Zen', so the 2nd choice is actually better. The sound of the fountain is soothing and we opted not to add the light. I wish it would have had a few more river stones to cover the bottom where the water runs into the base and had I known, I would have kept the river rocks from the previous fountain. But, all in all, it adds to the atmosphere of our reception area and we are quite pleased with the purchase.
Brad N., TUCSONJun 20, 2012

Latest Blog Post

Home Décor Ideas: The Glamour Of FountainsJun 27, 2011

Sometimes, breaking the distinction between ‘indoors’ and ‘outdoors’ by taking what is supposed to be ‘outside’ into the ‘inside’ is what makes a great home décor idea. One common outdoor element that designers like to bring indoors is the element of water. This dream is realized with fountains.Back then, having the presence of a fountain inside the living room or any other part of the house is a luxury that only the wealthy can afford. Installation and construction is hard work and the materials are expensive. But nowadays, installing an indoor fountain is nothing sort of complex or diffi...(Read More)


The Top Three Reasons to Buy a Tabletop FountainMar 03, 2011

Water fountains have always been a favorite amongst homeowners with big gardens and even bigger budgets. Nowadays, however, fountains as small as a drinking glass can be found on many home décor stores for a pretty affordable price – perfect for the office, living room, and even dining room! But why exactly should you even bother with a tabletop fountain? Here are a couple of the more important reasons why: A flowing, soothing sense of tranquility If you have taken the opportunity to mull around a flowing stream, then you will know exactly what this means. Gently flowing water, wit...(Read More)


4 Unique Additions for Your Home DécorFeb 23, 2011

Finding ways to make your home look more attractive can be tricky, especially if you want your own home to stand out from the rest of the Joneses in the neighborhood. If you want to spruce up your home décor in a unique and interesting way, then you will definitely want to consider some of these more distinct pieces to really bring your home to life: Indoor Fountains The sound of flowing water has always been a quick way to soothe people, but not everyone has the luxury of living near a body of water. There is one problem: traditional fountains are costly to install and maintain. This...(Read More)

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