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Murray Feiss Castalia Transitional Floor Lamp - MRF-FL6252-SLS
Floor lamps can bring just the right touch of illumination to a room. They can brighten a dark corner, create a cozy reading nook or provide much-needed light in a small space. The styles of floor lamps available at Arcadian Home are as diverse as their use. If you are looking for a lamp that is unique, this is a great place to start. Categorized by contemporary, transitional, torchiere, mica, wrought iron, Tiffany and traditional, our floor lamp selection beckons you to take a moment and browse.

When searching for the right floor lamp for your space, consider where you will be placing the lamp. Is it behind a chair to provide light for reading? Perhaps you just want to place the lamp in a corner to add to the overall illumination of the room. In either case, consider the height of the lamp and its relation to other furnishings. Keep in mind scale, as a small lamp would be overpowered in a room suited with large pieces of furniture. Consider the floor lamp as an integral part of the interior and it will contribute seamlessly to the overall design of the room.

Style is another element to consider when choosing a floor lamp. Here at Arcadian Home, we make it easy by categorizing by style. If you want a lamp that is innovative and imaginative that would really add dimension and style to a modern space, look under the contemporary category.

If you are searching for a floor lamp that is more suited for a traditionally styled room, you may consider a torchiere lamp or something in wrought iron. Tiffany lamps are always right at home in traditional interiors. For something that embodies the style of traditional with a contemporary twist, look through the transitional styles of floor lamps.

The right floor lamp can really make a statement in a room. It can provide a beautiful source of light, while balancing out a room with a variance of height. It can bring one’s attention to a piece of important artwork or to a display on a shelving unit. When used in conjunction with table lamps and ceiling lights, a floor lamp can give that extra added depth to the lighting plan of a room and cast the walls in a nice warm glow.

For more task-oriented lighting, a swing-arm floor lamp is the perfect solution. If you want concentrated light for craft projects, reading or working, a swing-arm lamp can give you the amount of light you need only when you need it and then be moved out of the way. This type of floor lamp is perfect for crafters.

Whatever style you choose, a floor lamp will add great function and style to your room. It is the answer to dark corners and small spaces. Floor lamps give a room that extra layer of illumination while bringing style to a space. Arcadian Home has a wide selection of floor lamps that fit within a variety of interiors. It’s just matter a finding one that works for you. So shop and look around, and let our team of experts help you find the perfect floor lamp for you to light up your space.

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