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Elk Lighting Chandeliers

The details in Elk Lighting chandeliers are crafted with skilled artistry and the finest materials. We offer the most complete selection of Elk Lighting chandeliers ranging from retro contemporary looks to more ornate traditional designs that would make your home truly unique.

Q & A of the Day

  • My room is 12X12, will this chanderlier be too small for my ceiling? Elk Refraction chandelier I think it is 1476, also is the Elk refraction 1474 more green than blue?
    Renne Apr 25, 2010
    Hello Renne, We would like to advise that the Elk Refraction models do have hints of green/aqua and swirls of blue; therefore it is a mixture of the two colors. As for the size of the Chandelier, it would be helpful if you could advise what room the fixture will be going in so that we may provide you with rules of thumb to follow. We will be waiting for your response.
    Kelly - Arcadian Lighting Apr 28, 2010

New Customer Review

over-priced, poor quality, colors not represented properly

Purchased this light for our 20' x 20' great room. While the graceful curved lines in the light are really pretty and the brown finish is also nice, the light goes WAY DOWNHILL from there. The picture does not properly show the colors in the light. Any place you see leaves, be aware, the leaves are a BRIGHT GOLD! It makes the light look cheap. Also, the crystals are all not a burnt amber color as the picture shows, but truly ORANGE! I couldn't believe it when I opened up the packaging! Most of the crystals are also scratched/chipped and/or with bubbles inside. The wires that you use to install them are often BENT and GOING IN WRONG DIRECTION (turned upside down at the actual attachment on the light itself, not the wires on the crystals which are easy to bend) which causes the crystals to hang improperly. Several wires were also not completely closed which causes the crystals to fall off. You can fix all this yourself, but it requires pliers since you can't fix with just your fingers/nails. Who wants to spend hours fixing something that should have been done at Elk Lighting and for which you already paid mightily for them to do! The light we received had all the strands in the 2nd tier WAY TOO SHORT for their location, so that they hung straight across instead of drooping down as the picture shows. Guess no one double checked their length before shipment. Mr. Trump should be truly ashamed to put his name on this poor of a quality light and for allowing the pictures to improperly represent the coloration of the light......
A C., St LouisMay 08, 2012

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