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Crystal Chandeliers

Design Tips:

  • Before the invention of lead crystal, chandelier drops were made of glass or rock crystal. Today's chandeliers can be any one of these options or a mix of all three.
  • Dust prisms and drops on a regular basis to keep the chandelier sparkling. An extendable duster can reach high chandeliers.
  • Crystal drops and prisms can be added to simple chandeliers by draping garlands of drops or beads over the arms of the chandelier.
Before the invention of leaded glass crystal in the 19th century, clear quartz was cut into drops and used to adorn chandeliers. Known as rock crystal, these drops and beads reveal pale veins that can give them a slight milky appearance. Today's crystal chandeliers can be decorated lead or Swarovski crystals. Cut glass also adds a sparkle to chandeliers and is more affordable than lead crystal or rock crystal. The size and shape of the crystals, drops and prisms affect the amount of sparkle. Crystal chandelier add glamor, elegance and sparkle to any room in which they are hung.


Crystal chandeliers tend to be crafted in more traditional styles and forms. Some crystal chandeliers are hung with garlands as well as drops of lead crystal. Others are decorated with drops and prisms hung from the arms. Traditional French chandeliers may have rows of lead crystal garlands extending from the crown to the arms, and then down to the finial at the bottom. Modern and contemporary crystal chandeliers play off of these traditional styles with new twists that include colored crystals. Contemporary chandeliers can feel more like sculpture than lighting, especially with covered with sparkling crystals.


Crystal chandeliers create a huge impact in whatever space they are hung. Grand scale crystal chandeliers decorate important palaces and state buildings as well as opera houses and grand theaters. These show stopping chandeliers are the crown jewels of ceiling lights. Smaller scale crystal chandeliers can be found in living room, dining rooms, bedrooms and foyers in homes of every style.


Leading brands of crystal chandeliers at Arcadian Home include: Lumax , Trans Globe Lighting, Elk Lighting, Capital Lighting, and Savoy House Lighting amongst many other top lighting brands.

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The earliest chandeliers were simple candeliers made of wood that were illuminated by candles. It wasn't until the 17th century that chandeliers were adorned with sparkling quartz, known as rock crystal and glass drops. In the 18th century advances in glass making created lead crystal, which soon was used to decorate chandeliers as well as wall sconces and other lighting. Originating in Bohemia, now the Czech Republic, crystal decorated chandeliers became known as Bohemian chandeliers. The English firm of Waterford began to produce lead crystal in the 19th century. Crystal chandeliers can be found in the finest homes, palaces and public buildings. Today's crystal chandeliers can be composed of rock crystal, lead crystal and Swarovski crystals.
The crystal chandelier in this living room adds a touch of glamor to a contemporary space. Crystal chandeliers are not just for traditional or ornate interiors. These sparkling beauties bring elegance and glamor to any space or design. The beautiful light refracted by hundreds of crystal prisms draws the eye to the center of the room. Keeping the furniture and decorative accents simple lets the chandelier be the star of the room. Rich fabrics on windows and upholstery emphasize the sense of luxury the crystal chandelier creates. Neutral colors on walls, furniture and floor put the focus on the shapes and textures of the design elements, allowing the glass crystals to shine.

Q & A of the Day

  • Are there sconcs from the same pattern as item PG-P4507-101?
    Antonio Sep 23, 2013
    The Thomasville Lighting Roxbury Transitional 9-Light Chandelier - PG-P4507-101 does have a matching sconce. The matching sconce is Thomasville Lighting Roxbury Transitional Wall Sconce - PG-P2724-101.
    Robert - Arcadian Home Sep 23, 2013

New Customer Review


This chandelier is absolutely stunning. I ordered it for my customer's dining room and it looks like a sparkling jewel hanging in the room. I had it hung just a little lower than usual and put it on a dimmer switch so it is magnificent!!! It looks prettier than the picture and my customer is so pleased. The only negative I can think of is that the 5 lampshades are packaged stacked one on top of the other which puts a crimp in each shade that I'm hoping will go away after a few days..
, Dec 29, 2013

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