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Cove Lighting and Display Lighting

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Today's cove and display lighting trends are leading toward LED tape lights being the dominant style of cove and display lighting. Prior to the development of white LED lights and strips of these lights being attached to easy to install tapes, fluorescent tube lights were the most popular option for cove and display lighting. LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. These LEDs were fist invented in 1962 as electrical components. LED lights for cove lighting and display lighting are an energy efficient and green option. LED lights do not emit heat, which makes them a safe option for interior cove and display lighting. Look at our collection of commercial lighting for more LED tape lights as well as other cove lighting and display lighting options.
The cove lighting pictured here is the Maxim Lighting StarStrand 196" Basic Star-LED Tape. Cove lighting is elegant and bright enough to create indirect and ambient lighting in bedrooms, living rooms and dining rooms among other interior spaces in homes and commercial buildings. The strip of LED tape lights is hidden by the the architecture of the room, creating a contemporary type of cove or display lighting. Cove lighting can be used on cove ceilings, above crown molding, and with tray ceilings. Wherever there is a style of architecture that can hide the strip of fluorescent lights or LED tape lights, cove lighting can be installed. Cove lighting can also be used as display lighting in commercial applications such as stores, restaurants and libraries.

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