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Modern / Contemporary Wall Sconces

Wall sconces are a great (and easy) way to add a unique flair to an existing lighting scheme. While not all modern/contemporary wall sconces are designed to create a light pattern, those that do can help draw the eye in and create a focal point in the room. These particular wall sconces feature a chaotic branch-like appeal that compliments the warm colors of the walls while still drawing the eye in the equally modern wall art.
These light fixtures not only add visual beauty to the space, but they also contribute to the overall general or ambient lighting of the room. Having adequate lighting in any given space is a must and wall sconces are perfect no matter what size the space is.
When working with wall sconces, it’s best to pair them with other light fixtures to ensure an even flow of light throughout the space. As shown here, two wall sconces have been paired with an overhead light in a similar contemporary style. By using coordinating light fixtures, the style continues to flow, as does the overall lighting for the room.

transparent light