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Modern / Contemporary Wall Sconces

Design Tips:

  • When using wall sconces in a bathroom, consider placing them on either side of the mirror. This creates cross illumination, which is the ideal type of lighting for a bathroom space.
  • Wall sconces can also be used to replace table lamps in a small living space. They can be used in bedrooms, living rooms, home offices and more.
  • When mounting a wall sconce, you want it to be at least 6 feet from the ground. This is high enough to prevent most people from bumping into it while still being low enough to create a desirable ambient light in the room.
  • Wall sconces are also great for elongated rooms such as dining rooms or hallways, where they take up less space but still produce plenty of light.
Wall sconces are, by no means, a ‘new’ invention. In fact, these light fixtures have been around for more than a thousand years. Of course, over such a lengthy period of time, they’ve gone through many changes and the modern or contemporary styled wall sconces of today are nothing like those you may have seen a few hundred years ago or even a thousand years ago.


The terms ‘modern’ and ‘contemporary’ typically refer to more up-to-date styles that you see today. However, modern can refer to another style all together, so it is important to keep this in mind. With ‘modern,’ you may find wall sconces that feature clean lines and more sleek styling. With contemporary wall sconces, you will find a larger array of options as there are many styles that are considered ‘up-to-date’ currently. For example, you may find contemporary wall sconces that feature clean, sleek lines or intricate laser cut patterns, both are seemingly different, yet both are considered contemporary.


Wall sconces are extremely versatile. As mentioned earlier, you can use them in a number of settings including the bedroom, the bathroom, the living room, dining room or a long hallway. You can also use them in a kitchen space, a guest room or even a home office. In fact, anywhere that you could have used a lamp or even a pendant light, chances are, you can use a wall sconce.


There are many leading brands in the world of wall sconces. If you’re looking for top quality wall sconces and other light fixtures, consider some of these great companies: Kichler Lighting, Access Lighting, Murray Feiss, Varaluz, Hudson Valley Lighting, Troy Lighting, Sonneman Lighting, Hinkley Lighting, and Hubbardton Forge.

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Reg Price: $700.80
Sale Price: $630.72

Wall sconces are a great (and easy) way to add a unique flair to an existing lighting scheme. While not all modern/contemporary wall sconces are designed to create a light pattern, those that do can help draw the eye in and create a focal point in the room. These particular wall sconces feature a chaotic branch-like appeal that compliments the warm colors of the walls while still drawing the eye in the equally modern wall art.
These light fixtures not only add visual beauty to the space, but they also contribute to the overall general or ambient lighting of the room. Having adequate lighting in any given space is a must and wall sconces are perfect no matter what size the space is.
When working with wall sconces, it’s best to pair them with other light fixtures to ensure an even flow of light throughout the space. As shown here, two wall sconces have been paired with an overhead light in a similar contemporary style. By using coordinating light fixtures, the style continues to flow, as does the overall lighting for the room.

Q & A of the Day

  • I would like to have a on-off switch directly on the fixture. Does this model have that option? If not, can you show me any similar fixtures that do have a switch on the fixture itself? Thank you.
    Jack Oct 17, 2012
    Item AC-50483-BS-CFR unfortunately does not have an on/off switch directly on it. I have provided a link for you to view some fixtures that have on/off switches. We unfortunately do not see these items in person so it is difficult for us to say which out of all of the manufacturers we carry have products with on/off switches.
    Cynthia - Arcadian Lighting Oct 17, 2012

New Customer Review

No on/off switch

I purchased two of these to use as reading lights on either side of a bed. However it is a terrible design without an on/off switch. In order to turn this lamp on or off, you must get out of bed and go to a light switch. I have never seen a lamp without a switch. And now I have to pay return shipping and a restocking fee. Very disappointed...
, Oct 25, 2013

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