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Modern / Contemporary Pendant Lighting

Design Tips:

  • Place Modern and Contemporary Pendant Lights in highly visible areas, showcasing their artistic qualities and design.
  • In industrial spaces, rather than buying expensive chandeliers or boring recessed light. Choose a Modern and Contemporary Pendant light for single installation or multiple installations.
  • Do you have you a track lighting system? Mini pendants can very easily integrate into existing track system and offer a modern, cost effective update.
The Modern and Contemporary Pendant Light is the epitome of lighting expression and an integral component to interior lighting design. Pendant lights combine functionality with form and style. They do more than hang from the ceiling and provide light. They offer ambiance, atmosphere and enrich a living space.


How do Modern and Contemporary Pendant lights differ from others? Aren't they like any other pendant light? Modern and Contemporary Pendant lights are truly symbolic of the times. They are designs that represent today while simultaneously becoming pieces that will be timeless. A Modern and Contemporary pendant can feature artisan glass, combinations of metal and fabric, or be very large and grandiose or small and delicate. They can hang from chains or metal stems in multiple finishes. Modern and Contemporary glass is available in an assortment of colors, shapes and sizes like the classic bell shape, the unconventional square or the shape of a flower. The style options are abundant and can be found for the right application.


Arcadian Home has a collection of Modern and Contemporary pendants that exceed ordinary and can very easily become apart of your home, office or commercial landscape. Typically pendant lights are utilized in the kitchen as ambient lighting and in conjunction with other sources of task lighting, Within the kitchen they become lighting focal points that focus the eyes and capture the overall design concept. Of course Modern and Contemporary Pendant lights are not limited to the kitchen, many designers and design enthusiasts are utilizing them in the other living spaces. For example, rather than having wall sconces at your bedside, a beautiful pendant can work just as well. Their artistic attributes make them highly desirable. Within the immense Arcadian Home catalog, the right Modern and Contemporary Pendant is available. One just has to find one that best suits his or her needs and style.


Do not exclude the Modern and Contemporary Pendant from your home. Include it to make a statement and demonstrate style and charm. Arcadian Home has the right pendant for you. Browse through our extensive product listing and manufactures including: LBL Lighting, Elk Lighting, Nora Lighting, Tech Lighting, Kichler and many others.

The Modern and Contemporary style evolved in the 20th century. Extraneous design and decorative accessories began to be phased out and simplicity began to dominate after WWI. Designers began to focus on form and function and support the new theory that less is more. Lines became cleaner, and designs became simpler as was historically necessary.
Lighting began to compliment a room rather than just brighten it. The Modern and Contemporary style became a pleasing design and emphasized practical advantages that propelled the movement forward to become the leading trend that it is today. Imagination and designs of fantasy evolved for lighting, new materials were being utilized to create a new form and standard of luxury and glamour. The glittering simplicity and geometry of polished metal combined with either glass, fabric or both took over and gave rise to the Modern and Contemporary Pendant Light.
Since the 1990s, lighting design has moved to become personalized and less unified. It has become flexible, proportionate and a form of relaxed elegance. Designers have also recognized the need to be environmentally friendly. Both designers and manufacturers alike are working to reduce emissions, consumed resources and waste while being innovative. The Modern and Contemporary Pendant style is pioneering this trend in both manufacturing materials and the light being created. LED Lighting and compact fluorescent lamping are technologies being utilized to help reduce lighting's carbon foot print. They can both be found as a lamping option for many of the Modern and Contemporary Pendant Lights available at Arcadian Home.
Pictured above is the LBL Lighting Cypree Pendant Light. In this application shot the fixtures capture the essence of the Modern and Contemporary flawlessly. They are hung from a single power source, demonstrate symmetry and work parallel with each other while illuminating straight, distinctive lines. Their curvature is minimal as well as the amount space taken up. These pendant lights are contributing to the rooms overall design integrating perfectly into the color scheme. The tiled background adds a textured backdrop that enhances and vividly exudes form and lighting design which are all defining characteristics.
Modern and Contemporary Pendant Lighting is a style, expression and even an attitude. Choosing this type of lighting says a lot about you and your home or business.

Q & A of the Day

  • What are the dimmensions of the small and large pendants?
    jane Jun 11, 2011
    The dimension on the large pendant cone are 21" high x 3.1" wide. The dimensions on the small pendant cone are 10.5" tall x 3.1" wide.
    Cynthia - Arcadian Lighting Jun 14, 2011

New Customer Review


I purchased two lights to replace my vintage 70's lamps in our family room. Shipping fast, price was the best on the internet and any questions I had pre-purchase were answered in detail & quickly. Easy to install. My only cons were trying to go green with the bulbs....stick with traditional if you need to dim and now we need to update the popcorn ceiling with all the uplight given off!
, Dec 15, 2013

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