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Modern / Contemporary Pendant Lighting

The Modern and Contemporary style evolved in the 20th century. Extraneous design and decorative accessories began to be phased out and simplicity began to dominate after WWI. Designers began to focus on form and function and support the new theory that less is more. Lines became cleaner, and designs became simpler as was historically necessary.
Lighting began to compliment a room rather than just brighten it. The Modern and Contemporary style became a pleasing design and emphasized practical advantages that propelled the movement forward to become the leading trend that it is today. Imagination and designs of fantasy evolved for lighting, new materials were being utilized to create a new form and standard of luxury and glamour. The glittering simplicity and geometry of polished metal combined with either glass, fabric or both took over and gave rise to the Modern and Contemporary Pendant Light.
Since the 1990s, lighting design has moved to become personalized and less unified. It has become flexible, proportionate and a form of relaxed elegance. Designers have also recognized the need to be environmentally friendly. Both designers and manufacturers alike are working to reduce emissions, consumed resources and waste while being innovative. The Modern and Contemporary Pendant style is pioneering this trend in both manufacturing materials and the light being created. LED Lighting and compact fluorescent lamping are technologies being utilized to help reduce lighting's carbon foot print. They can both be found as a lamping option for many of the Modern and Contemporary Pendant Lights available at Arcadian Home.
Pictured above is the LBL Lighting Cypree Pendant Light. In this application shot the fixtures capture the essence of the Modern and Contemporary flawlessly. They are hung from a single power source, demonstrate symmetry and work parallel with each other while illuminating straight, distinctive lines. Their curvature is minimal as well as the amount space taken up. These pendant lights are contributing to the rooms overall design integrating perfectly into the color scheme. The tiled background adds a textured backdrop that enhances and vividly exudes form and lighting design which are all defining characteristics.
Modern and Contemporary Pendant Lighting is a style, expression and even an attitude. Choosing this type of lighting says a lot about you and your home or business.

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