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Candle Wall Sconces

Reg Price: $182.50
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Although little is known about the origin of candles, which have been used as a source of light for over 5000 years, it is believed that wicked candles were first developed by the ancient Romans. Other early civilizations made candles as well, with the main ingredient for all types being wax extracted from plants or animals. Candles were used not only to light homes, which only the wealthy could afford, but to provide light for night-time travel and for religious ceremonies. Candle-making was made easier in the 19th century, with the invention of chemical based waxes and candle-making machines. Wall Sconces with real, wax candles are the predecessors of today’s candle wall sconces. Instead of using candles, which have to be replaced every so often, candle wall sconces are made to look like real candles, not only in shape, but designed with faux dripping wax and flame-shaped bulbs. Moreover, today’s candle wall sconces are designed in a myriad of ways, some with intricately designed frames and crystal accents and others with more simple, contemporary designs.
The picture on the left of the Maxim Lighting Elegante Traditional Wall Sconce is a wonderful example of how a candle wall sconce may be used. Notice how it hangs on the wall next to the entryway to illuminate the space with a warm and soothing glow of light. It’s a piece that effortlessly brings elegance and beauty to the space. This impressive, 34-inch tall wall sconce is designed with two vines in an oil-rubbed bronze finish that gently wrap around each and are accented with leaves and glistening crystals. It’s a beautifully designed candle wall sconce that will look stunning in most any indoor setting, and may even be used in pairs for a symmetrical look. Furthermore, notice how this wall sconce can be combined with a different type of light fixture from the same family in the same room for a cohesive look and feel, such as with the Maxim Lighting Elegante Traditional Chandelier shown in the photograph.

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