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BBQ Lights / Barbecue Lights

Design Tips:

  • Measure the grill before buying a barbeque light to ensure enough surface area is illuminated.
  • Look for solar or battery powered grill lights if the grill is not near an outdoor electrical socket.
  • Select a barbeque light with an adjustable neck that also swivels from maximum lighting options.
As outdoor living becomes more of a way of life for people during three seasons of the year, outdoor grills and kitchens have evolved to compete with the interior kitchen. Large gas grills can accommodate an entire meal, including dessert, and are often built in to counters and permanent outdoor kitchen areas complete with water and refrigerators at the top tier of outdoor kitchen design. For the amateur or hard core grill master, a barbeque light can make grilling easier and more successful. These handy lights can be solar as well as battery and electrical powered—plenty of options for all grill set ups.


Barbeque lights tend to be streamlined and simple designs that blend in and become part of the gas grill, barbeque or outdoor kitchen. Styles include gooseneck and swing arm styles that can be adjusted to shine on the prep area or the grill surface as needed. Clamp on or screw on barbecue lights attach directly to the grill to save on precious horizontal space surrounding the grilling surface.


Outdoor living has evolved and changed over the last few decades. For the most part gone are the days of small charcoal grills used only for hot dogs and hamburgers. Today's barbeques and gas grills are used as outdoor kitchens where everything from meat and chicken to veggies are grilled with style. Gas grills and outdoor kitchens can be illuminated with barbeque lights and outdoor portable lamps, each offers a bright light to make sure dinner comes out just right.


Arcadian Home collection offers barbeque lights by such leading designers as: Dabmar, Focus and Kichler. For additional outdoor lighting, browse our wide selection of outdoor and landscape lights.

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Reg Price: $195.40
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Outdoor lighting is continually evolving as outdoor living styles evolve. As people spend more time outdoors in the evening entertaining and eating, the need for new types of outdoor lighting change. Barbeque lights are a type of outdoor lighting that didn't exist fifty years ago. Images of a man holding a flashlight in his mouth while grilling over a charcoal grill feel like ancient times in today's world of outdoor kitchens and gas grills that cost as much as stoves. As grilling evolved, so did the need and design of barbeque lights and grill lighting. Today's barbeque lights can feature batteries or solar panels so no electrical wiring is needed. Others are hardwired. These are perfect for grills that are part of outdoor kitchens and are permanently installed.
The Focus Industries FC-BQ-03-FD barbeque light , seen here, is a great example of a barbeque light for a gas grill. The goosneck lamp has the ability to swivel, raise and lower to light the grill and side area as needed. This barbeque light attaches to the grill so it doesn't take up a lot of valuable table surface. Clamp lights like this one can also be easily removed if needed during cleaning of the grill. Barbeque lights don't need to be fancy or have a lot of flourishes. Simple designs like this one get the job done so the grilling can get done and supper can be put on the table.

Q & A of the Day

  • I just want to make sure that this is the correct product. I need a low voltage barbecue light to hook up to my low voltage lights. My current light is a focus Is this the correct product? Thank you
    Roberta Nov 08, 2012
    If you are looking for the low voltage barbeque light they offer item FC-BQ-08-FD. I have provided the link for you below this would be the low voltage model 12V. http://arcadianhome.com/fc-bq-08-fd
    Cynthia - Arcadian Lighting Nov 08, 2012

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