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3 Inch Recessed Lighting Fixtures

Design Tips:

  • For tight spaces, three inch recessed lights can provide light where other recessed lights or ceiling fixtures might be too large or bright.
  • Smaller recessed lights can be used to highlight paintings or gallery walls in hallways and foyers.
  • Three inch recessed lights can be used along the perimeter of a room that has a central ceiling fixture like a chandelier to create balanced overhead light.
Recessed lighting is a popular lighting option for ceilings in residential and commercial, including homes, offices, hotels, stores, libraries and other interiors requiring overhead lighting. Arcadian Home has a wide selection of recessed lighting trims, housings and lamping options. The smallest sized recessed light we offer is the three inch recessed light. These diminutive lights are perfect for smaller spaces and areas where a less light works best. Size is also a matter of personal preference and interior style. As with every type of lighting recessed lighting and recessed lighting trims vary in taste and popularity over the years. The three inch recessed light can be a good option for highlighting or creating pinpoints of task lighting in the kitchen, home theater or bar area of a home. In commercial applications these smaller recessed lights can be combined with larger sizes for a varied light on the ceiling.


Three inch recessed lights along with the smaller mini recessed lights are available in a number of styles with a combination of lamping options as well as installation options. These small ceiling light fixtures have small housings that can squeeze into tight spaces. Three inch recessed light trim also comes in a range of styles and finishes to complement most interior styles.


Recessed lighting has many applications throughout the home, office, hotel, restaurant and other professional settings. The three inch recessed light can be used in areas with low ceilings such as finished basements and in combination with other lighting. Recessed lights make great task lighting in kitchens or in home offices. Add a central pendant or table lamp to create a well balanced lighting profile in the room. Small recessed ceiling fixtures like three inch recessed lights can be used to highlight art or wash walls in soft pools of light.


Arcadian Home offers a collection of ceiling lights, including three inch recessed lighting by such leading designers as: Nora Lighting and WAC Lighting. For additional recessed lighting options, browse our wide selection of recessed lighting.

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Q & A of the Day

  • Does the Nora Lighting Nora 4" Recessed Framing Projector - NL-471W come with an integral transformer?
    Dave Oct 17, 2008
    The necessary transformer for the Nora Lighting Nora 4" Recessed Framing Projector - NL-471W is included in the fixture. It is OK to hook it up directly to a line voltage connection.
    Richard - Arcadian Lighting Oct 21, 2008

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