Uses for Wall Sconces

There are few light fixtures as misunderstood as the wall sconce. Once considered an “old fashioned” and “taboo” fixture, the wall sconce has reentered the interior design and lighting world with a vengeance. Unfortunately, many people still aren’t quite sure what the purpose of wall sconces are, or where to use these light fixtures in their own home decor.

Wall Sconces in the Bedroom

The bedroom is a great place to incorporate wall sconces into the lighting scheme. This is particularly true for bedrooms that are small or poorly planned, as wall sconces can easily take the place of table lamps, eliminating the need for nightstands. This can be especially beneficial in bedrooms where space comes at a premium.

Bedroom Wall Sconce

They can also be used to lighten up dark corners or add light to a reading nook in a bedroom. In short, anywhere you’d put a lamp in the bedroom, you could easily substitute with a wall sconce.

Living Rooms and Wall Sconces

Just as you could use a wall sconce to replace a bedside lamp, you can also use a wall sconce to replace a table lamp in the living room. In these spaces, treat the wall sconce in the same manner that you would treat other forms of task lighting. Install these light fixtures where you need it for tasks such as reading or knitting.

Living Room Wall Sconce

Wall sconces are also great for flanking focal points in the room, such as a large painting or a fireplace. It doesn’t stop there, either. In a living room space, you can use wall sconces to light dark corners or simply to create additional ambient light in the space, depending on the specific style of fixture you’ve chosen.

Wall Sconces in the Bathroom

One of the fundamental rules of lighting in a bathroom is that you need to have adequate lighting for the tasks you’ll perform in the bathroom. Of course, bathrooms tend to be small so rather than choosing task lights (which are specifically meant for task lighting,) you often find yourself choosing multipurpose light fixtures. This means light fixtures positioned over the mirror that also provide general light throughout the entire bathroom.

Bathroom Wall Sconce

However, adding wall sconces to either side of the mirror, in addition to the overhead light above the mirror and the ceiling fixture, can help create light for tasks such as putting on makeup, shaving or fixing your hair.

Hallway Lighting, Foyer Lighting

Finally, wall sconces are ideal for long hallways or adding additional light in a foyer. You can space them out evenly in a long hallway, or you can place them on either side of a doorway or entryway to create additional light in the space.

Foyer Wall Sconce

As you can see, there are a wide variety of uses for wall sconces. They’re no longer taboo light fixtures and they can easily be incorporated into a number of rooms and come in a variety of colors, shapes, styles and sizes.

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