The Ultimate Kitchen Lighting Design

A kitchen design without the right lighting fixtures might as well be in the closet. Lights provide the power to see vegetables before they are chopped, dishes to be cleaned and stoves to cook on. It’s tough enough to do these tasks, let alone without a good light source. That’s why it’s so important to add a good lighting design to your kitchen when you are renovating or remodeling your kitchen area. Use this guide to get the ultimate kitchen lighting design for your new kitchen.

Lighting Fixtures

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Drawing a Plan

Even if you’re not very good at drawing, sketching up a basic blueprint to help determine where kitchen lighting sources work best is in your best interest. It doesn’t have to be an accurate drawing; it only has to give you and your electrician the right idea as to what sort of lighting design you want in your new kitchen. Once you have a general sketch drawn, make several copies of it. This way, you can draw different lighting designs to get a feel for different designs, allowing you to get the exact lighting design for your kitchen, before the first wire is even installed.

Here are a few ideas to include in your lighting blueprint:

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Task Lighting

The first step in creating the ultimate kitchen light design is to install task lighting. Task lighting is used to focus a direct light source when and where you need it most. With the addition of a dimmer switch, task lighting can be made to be as bright as possible or dim as you like for the perfect nightlight or romantic dining light. Task lighting can be very direct such as spotlight styled track lighting or indirect like a LED cabinet light—so long as the light is directed for a specific task.

Here are a few great examples of task light fixtures for the ultimate kitchen lighting design:

  • Track Lights
  • Monorail Lighting
  • Pendant  lights
  • Recessed cans
  • LED Cabinet lights

Kitchen Lighting

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Ambient Lighting

Task lighting alone in any room design is a bad thing. Shadows and dark spots are easily formed and that makes it difficult to work when shadows crowd the workspace. To remedy this situation, layer light sources. Ambient light sources are the perfect way to add a room full of light with a direct source.

Fluorescents work very well in producing an ambient kitchen light. Natural lighting from windows or skylights work best for ambient light, but unfortunately, they need a backup source of light during the evening. To keep the feel of natural light during the evening hours, combine different spectrum types of florescent bulbs together to match natural light as close as possible.

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