Top 5 Lighting Trends for 2012

Tuesday, April 17th, 2012

If you’re contemplating updating any space in your home, you’re probably wondering what the latest and greatest trends are in lighting and light fixtures. Knowing the trends can help you choose light fixtures that not only suit your space, but will give your home a more updated look. Here’s the low down on the top 5 trendiest looks for light fixtures in 2012.

Light Hues

Top 5 Lighting Trends for 2012

For various light fixtures, from table lamps to chandeliers, lighter tones and hues are particularly popular in 2012. This includes hues such as grays and other neutrals, as well as naturals and pastels. This can apply to the finishes of various light fixtures, the bases or the shades. A perfect example of this trend would be a set of lamps may feature a pastel colored base with natural linen lamp shades.

If It Ain’t Baroque…

Top 5 Lighting Trends for 2012

Baroque is a relatively new revival style in which exaggerated shapes and forms from the Baroque period (starting around the 1600s) have been reinvented with a modern flair to suit today’s needs. This style has been affecting light fixtures of all kinds from chandeliers to lamps to wall sconces to pendant lights and beyond. This style also features a plethora of shapes, sizes and colors, making it a surprisingly versatile look.


Top 5 Lighting Trends for 2012

In the contemporary world, crystals have reemerged and are reigning supreme. They’re being found on just about every light fixture from table lamps to wall sconces to ceiling fixtures and of course, on chandeliers. When opting for a crystal light fixture, choose one with clean lines and modern styling, as these looks will last for years to come, even when the surge in popularity dies down.

Nature Inspired Lights

Top 5 Lighting Trends for 2012

Though not quite readily available to the majority of markets, nature inspired lights are growing significantly in popularity. This style typically refers to light fixtures that mimic the look of various nature-inspired elements, such as a bouquet of flowers or trees. Though this look is beautiful, it can be quite expensive and furthermore, somewhat difficult to find. However, it is also worth noting that this trend can also refer to more contemporary looks. For example, a set of table lamps whose bases mimic the look of a tree or branch paired with contemporary styled drum shades made from a linen fabric.

Wall Sconces

Top 5 Lighting Trends for 2012

Finally, wall sconces are another trend that is reemerging on the scene. These light fixtures are great for many reasons: first, in a small space, wall sconces can take the place of floor or table lamps, thus saving valuable floor or table space. Secondly, they’re surprisingly easy to install and not all require hard-wiring. Furthermore, they come in a large variety of styles, shapes and sizes so you can find wall sconces to suit just about any space desired.

These are just a few of the many different lighting trends out there. Chances are, if you are looking to update your home’s lighting, there is a trend out there that will suit not only your needs and your budget, but also your style. Images 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

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Industrial Glam

Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

2012 is the year to experiment with your interior! More homeowners are thinking of bold, alternative ways to decorate their homes. Today we’ll be sharing rooms that are a little bit gritty, and a little bit glamorous. As always, there are lovely light fixtures that compliment these interiors.

Industrial Glam

The sparse, industrial layout of this loft is surprisingly chic and glamorous. The bold pink accents and lush velvet textiles contrast beautifully with the bare, distressed wood floors and metal stairs.

Industrial Glam

A heavy, rustic metal cabinet may not be the first thing you think to use for storage in your bathroom, but this lovely all-white room is spacious and eclectic enough for such an unexpected piece of furniture. The crisp white floorboards and subway tiles are a chic contrast to the aged cabinet.

Industrial Glam

An interesting collection of well-worn hardware furniture becomes modern and glam in this dining room, showcasing eclectic artwork and stunning d.i.y pendant lights.

Industrial Glam

This awesome industrial space turned artsy living space is fun and colorful. The streamline modern furniture help soften the rough edges of this former garage. Expansive windows and brilliant accent lighting make the space feel especially glamorous.

Industrial Glam

An all-white modern living room feels particularly glam thanks to plenty of open space and natural light. The subtle industrial touches, exposed brick walls, rough wooden accents, and wall sconce make the space feel surprisingly cozy.

Industrial Glam

Pink and grey is a beautiful color combination, especially if you’re going for a feminine, modern feel. The bed frame is made from scaffolding and the chain mail chandelier is an edgy accent piece, as well.

Industrial Glam

I love this aircraft hanger turned modern home looks really chic and cool with the arched metal roofing. Cozy textiles and squishy throw pillows help this very industrial space feel more like a home.

Industrial Glam

These vintage metal chairs fit right in with the open layout of this dining room. The warm tones of the wood flooring and table are a stark, yet beautiful contrast to the polished metal and industrial lighting.

Images 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

Let us know if you have any industrial or glamorous accents in your home! Be sure to check out our fresh selection of pendant lights to add some glam to your own home.

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Trendy Glamorous Ceiling Light Fixtures

Tuesday, February 7th, 2012

One of the biggest trends in lighting in recent years is the use of glamourous, luxurious light fixtures. This trend goes almost entirely across the board from contemporary to traditional and everything in between. Of course, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to opt for chandeliers in every room. Here’s the low down on trendy, glamorous ceiling light fixtures.

Old World Glamour

Light fixtures that reflect an “old world” look are particularly trendy for 2012. Chandeliers are a perfect example of this, but only if you find the right look. You’ll want to opt for chandeliers and other ceiling fixtures that feature plenty of romantic lines, crystals, and beautiful scrollwork. With these light fixtures, you can actually choose just about any finish: silver, bronze, gold or brass tones. For this look, it is exactly that: the look, that you’re after. The finishes you choose should compliment your decor, so be picky.

Other light fixtures that are growing in popularity with the old world trend include wall sconces. Wall sconces that feature beautiful and ornate details, romantic lines and of course, crystals, are a perfect look for this particular trend.

Bright Hues

Surprisingly enough, if you blend the old world trend with a bright color, you get the next trendy look for this year. Chandeliers, wall sconces and even table lamps that feature bright colors for both the finish and the crystals are growing in popularity. They’re a great way to add visual interest and a pop of color to any given space in your home. You can use them in bedrooms, living rooms, even bathrooms and kitchens. They can even be used to create a focal point in a space where none exists.

Great colors to look for include tangerine, fuchsia or turquoise blue.

Drum Shade Light Fixtures

Glamorous does not necessarily translate to ornate, so keep this in mind. The simple but chic look of any light fixture with a drum shade is a great way to add glamour to any space in your home. You can find drum shades on chandeliers, wall sconces, table lamps, floor lamps and even flush and semi flush mount ceiling fixtures. Opt for clean colors with this trend, as a colored drum shade will actually look tacky and not trendy.

Lantern and Caged Light Fixtures

Light fixtures that take on the traditional lantern shape, or light fixtures that feature a cage design, are going to be especially trendy and when done right, they can be surprisingly glamourous. In fact, they can add a surprising touch of elegance to a contemporary space or they can liven up a rustic or industrial space. This trend is a bit more difficult to work with, so be confident in your choice.

Glamorous light fixtures are all the rage for 2012, as people are looking to add luxury back into their home spaces as the economy recovers. With that in mind, don’t forget to invest in light fixtures that you love but also in light fixtures that serve their purpose. After all, if your light fixture doesn’t light your space properly, it’s only been a waste of your time and money. Images 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

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Where to Focus Light in the Kitchen

Monday, January 2nd, 2012

Designing a lighting scheme for any room in the home can be a difficult task. This is especially true when designing a lighting scheme for a kitchen space. Picking out the right light fixtures is one thing, but placing them is just as important. In fact, the right light fixtures and placement can make all the difference in any kitchen, no matter what the situation. Here are a few basic tips and tricks on where to focus light in the kitchen.

Determine Your Zones

Functional Light Fixtures

The best way to ensure you have proper lighting? Take note of where you spend your time when you’re working in the kitchen. If possible, take a week or two and take notes of which areas you use most often. Then, use that information to determine what types of light fixtures you need for the space.

For example, if you spend a good deal of your time at the counters, you may want to incorporate under cabinet lights into your kitchen. These fixtures can help add significant light to the area, allowing you to have better lighting when working on your tasks, such as prep work.

Remember, prepping for a meal isn’t the only work that you do in the kitchen. Be sure to take note of other zones including storage for your food and dishes, cleaning your dishes and so forth; as these need adequate lighting as well.

Pick out Fixtures

Pendant Lights

Knowing what you need will make it that much easier to find the right light fixtures for your kitchen. Remember, you should never purchase the light fixtures first. Always work to determine what areas need lighting first, that way you know what types of light fixtures you need to buy.

There are a number of fixtures that work great in a kitchen space. For example, hanging pendant lights are perfect for kitchen islands or peninsulas. Under cabinet lights can add both ambient lighting to the kitchen and task lighting for doing prep work at the counters.

Layer Your Clothes, Layer Your Lighting

Combined Lighting Fixtures

Finally, remember that a lighting scheme should include layering. In a kitchen especially, as one single light fixture will not provide adequate light for even the tiniest of kitchens. You’ll want to layer your lighting: task lighting, ambient lighting, decorative lighting and accent lighting.

Integrated Light Fixture

Task lighting is an absolute must. This type of lighting helps you to focus on different kitchen-related tasks: cutting vegetables, cleaning dishes and so forth. Meanwhile, ambient lighting or general lighting, such as an overhead ceiling light, is important for exactly that: having a general source of light for the space when you’re not doing anything in particular.

Decorative lighting could include under cabinet lights, which can double as task lighting when you need it. Meanwhile, accent lighting is added as a way to accentuate the space, such as lights inside cabinetry with glass doors.

Individual Light Fixtures

Having the right light is extremely important in every room of the home, especially in the kitchen. A few minor adjustments, such as determining zones before purchasing light fixtures and layering lighting, can make all the difference when trying to determine where to focus light in the kitchen. Images 1| 2| 3| 4| 5

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2012 Light Trends: Crystal on Light Fixtures

Tuesday, December 13th, 2011

In 2012, a number of different lighting trends will come into play. Light fixtures that feature crystal accenting are one of the many trends that you can expect to see when you hit up home improvement stores and home decor stores. So, what is it that is making crystal so popular, what exactly is crystal, and how can you use it in your space? This guide will give you the low-down on crystal light fixtures.

Why Crystal?

Crystal Chandelier

As the economy starts to recover, many people are looking for ways to add a little more luxury back into their lives. Crystal accenting on light fixtures are just one example of how people will be doing these. Other trends will include upgrading their bedding to softer sheets with higher thread counts, throw pillows in more luxurious fabrics and so forth. In short, anything that gives a sense of luxury will start to grow in popularity.

What is Crystal? How is it Made?

Modern Spiral Crystal Fixture

Crystal is is made from a combination of materials: calcium carbonate, silica and sodium carbonate. (In other words, limestone, sand and soda ash.) These materials are mixed together, melted in a furnace at approximately 1600 degrees and then allowed to cool before being used in whatever item they are designated for.

In all reality, crystal is actually another type of glass. Both crystal and glass are made from the same materials (limestone, soda ash and sand). However, the main difference between these items is that glass is fired at a higher temperature, usually around 2500 degrees; whereas crystal is fired at 1600 which causes each material to have a different density. In fact, some governments have created standards for what a manufacturer define as glass or crystal.

So how does this affect a light fixture? Crystal, when cut at certain angles, sparkle more than glass cut at those exact same angles. This is why it is important to choose a light fixture that features real crystal rather than glass accents, which will not sparkle in the light as much.

In short, when someone states that ‘crystal’ and ‘glass’ are the same thing, in the definition sense, they are. After all, crystal is a type of glass, however they are still two different types.

How Do I Tell if a Light Fixture Features Crystal or Glass?

Charming White Crystal Chandelier

There are a number of ways to tell the difference between these two materials, especially in a light fixture. First, crystal is perfectly clear, but may have a white hue. Glass on the other hand, often has a green, gray or yellow under-coloring.

Cuts made onto glass will feel sharp, despite even the best techniques whereas crystal is seamless and flawless. You can run your finger over seemingly sharp edges without getting cut or nicked. This is especially true of crystal chandeliers and other ceiling lights.

As noted earlier, crystal reflects more light than glass. If you hold the crystal up to the light, it should be more reflective, even reflecting a prism or rainbow; whereas glass will not.

In terms of sound, crystal will create a ping or ringing noise. Glass, on the other hand, will have more of a ‘thud’ noise than a ping or ringing.

Finally, when comparing two items of the same size, you’ll find that crystal is denser and therefore heavier than glass.

How can I use Crystal Light Fixtures in my Own Home?

Modern Crystal Fixture

Fortunately, crystal can be shaped into a number of different looks, so there are crystal light fixtures for every space. You can find simple spherical crystal ball bases for lamps, crystal encrusted chandeliers, ceiling fixtures with crystal shades and much, much more.

Therefore, don’t focus so much on finding the crystal so much as finding the right light fixture that comes with the crystal. With so many different styles and options out there, this should be relatively easy to do. Images 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

Are you seeking decadent and classy fixtures for your home? Check out our wonderful inventory of crystal chandeliers today!

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Designing and Decorating a Powder Bathroom

Monday, December 5th, 2011
Powder bathrooms are bathrooms that do not have a shower or tub. Usually they are located off of a main area and, because they are a smaller space, they are a great place to showcase your home accessories and decor. There are many things to consider when working on a design for your powder bathroom. For instance, bathroom lighting is important when thinking about this space, as many bathroom light fixtures are simply utilitarian and lack the “wow” factor; powder bathrooms need “wow!”

When thinking about decorating a smaller space like your powder bathroom, think about what style you want to portray. For instance, do you want a classic design and a more traditional space? Maybe you already have a pedestal sink or an antique chest with a drop-in sink to work with?


Powder Bathroom


Traditional elements like pretty ceiling lighting (like crystal chandeliers) or elegant oval mirrors are always welcome in classic spaces, and they definitely tell your guests you surround yourself with elegance and class.


Powder Room


On the other hand, mirrors with square edges and pendant lighting usually lean towards a more modern feel for a space. Modern spaces don’t have to feel cold and unfinished. In fact, some of the best interiors have a modern touch.


Powder Room
The lines of the faucets, lighting fixtures, accessories, and home decor play a major role in determining “style” as well. The more detailed and intricate the faucets and lighting fixtures are in a space, usually the more traditional. And, the more straight or angular lines, usually the more modern the space.


Powder Room
Consider coordinating the finishes in your powder bathroom because… well, it is small. Your faucets, lighting fixtures and wall art will band together to shine as one beautiful space if you do.


Powder Room


When it comes to bathroom lighting, select bulbs with enough light to brighten the space, but be careful not to over-light the room. Your light should not be brighter than the adjoining exterior room, even if your powder bathroom does not have any natural light.

Regardless of style, remember that your powder bath can be a major statement in your home. It is a private space that guests will see, but it is also a space that needs to have a lot of “punch” because of its size. Definitely don’t go “boring” in this small room! If anything, layer your design elements to create a well designed, one-of-a-kind space that others won’t forget! Images 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

 Discover more inspirational ideas about decorating with wall art decor in rooms of all dimensions!

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Lighting Solutions for Every Style of Decor

Wednesday, September 7th, 2011

No matter what style you’ve decorated your home in, you’ll need a light fixture or three. It can be difficult finding the right lamp to go with the right style of decor. When choosing the right lighting solutions, it’s important to know what shapes, colors or styles work best with different types of interior design. Fortunately, knowing a few basics can help decipher the difference between a traditional style lamp or a chic, modern style lamp.

Light Fixtures for Chic, Modern or Contemporary Decor

Chic, modern decor can also be somewhat contemporary in appearance and vice versa. For these types of decor, clean lines are king, as are clean shapes. When choosing shades, opt for clean lines like those found in a drum shade. For a more modern looking shade, you could also consider using a rectangular or square shade rather than a circular shade.

Chic Interior

Nina Garcia (via)

Choosing Traditional Lighting Fixtures

Traditional light fixtures tend to feature lampshades that are somewhat tapered at the top. The bases of these fixtures may feature somewhat ornate details, though not nearly as ornate as a Victorian base may be, so this is important to keep in mind. Traditional fixtures can feature large bases in muted or neutral colors; but may also be made from various metals such as wrought iron or bronze.

Traditional Lighting

House and Home (via)

Lighting Solutions for Eclectic Decor

If you’ve got an eclectic style home, then great news: nearly any style of lamps will fit into your decor. Eclectic style, as you may already know, tends to incorporate a number of different designs and styles into a single room. You could have a chic drum shade lamp with mid century modern tables and a Victorian sofa and if you’re lucky, still pull it all off.

Just keep in mind, sometimes too much contrast can become overwhelming or look tacky. Ideally, consider matching your chosen lamps to an existing style already in your room. For example, if you’ve got a modern sofa with clean lines, pair it with a lamp that also features clean lines. This will help your overall decor shine through, rather than allowing it to become overwhelming.

Eclectic Lamps

Home Design Source (via)

Minimalist Light Fixtures

Chances are with minimalist design, you already have an idea of what kind of lamp shade. However, keep in mind that you don’t have to choose lamps with slim post-style bases. In minimalist design, you can even choose large, bulky bases. However, try to stick with clean lines or single colors. Choosing lamps with multiple colors or complex bases will only take away from your minimalist look.

Minimalist Lamps

Gizmodo (via)

Light Fixtures for Rustic Decor

Rustic lamps may be easier to spot in comparison to other styles of lamps and light fixtures. They may feature wrought iron designs or they may have a wooden base. However, keep in mind that these lamps should be mixed with traditional lamp shades rather than with contemporary or modern shades. This is because a rustic base, such as a piece of a wooden stump, would look out-of-place when compared with a modern drum shade.


Rustic Lamp

Great Southwest Style (via)

Lamps are just one part of the lighting equation in your home. Keep in mind that you should also utilize floor lamps, ceiling lights, track lights, wall sconces and even pendant lights in different rooms of your home to create a complete look.

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Top Designs for Wall Sconce Lighting

Monday, February 21st, 2011

Traditional wall sconces and their accompanying designs have been the norm since they were lit by oil and wax, with the only real change being the switch to electric sources of light.

Quoizel Yuma Traditional Wall Sconce

‘Quoizel Yuma Traditional Wall Sconce’ (via)

Contemporary wall sconces, on the other hand, are experimental designs that blend modern architecture with functionality. Not only do they look great by themselves, but they blend in with different kinds of room designs. This flexibility and utility are what define contemporary sconces.

LBL Lighting Monty 60W Modern / Contemporary Wall Sconces

‘LBL Lighting Monty 60W Modern / Contemporary Wall Sconces’ (via)

But what kind of sconces are out there and what are their unique perks? Here are a couple of the more common designs to help you pick one out:

Transitional wall sconces are a throwback to the more traditional wall sconces, albeit with the conveniences and subtle changes that make them flexible enough to match many designs. The way they stand out from the wall and their roots in traditional wall sconce design also makes them attractive decorative pieces as well. These are great for people who want attractive sconces without having to spend hours agonizing over which design fits best to their rooms.

Murray Feiss Colonial Manor Transitional Wall Sconce

‘Murray Feiss Colonial Manor Transitional Wall Sconce’ (via)

Glass wall sconces add a much brighter but softening effect to a room without sacrificing the beauty of sconce designs. These designs diffuse light, giving a softer and warmer lighting pattern to any room you place them in. This makes glass wall sconces excellent for adding an atmospheric feel to a particular room. You may have to position these sconces in high positions or in more discreet areas, though. The last thing you want is to inadvertently elbow and shatter these beautiful glass wall sconces.

LBL Lighting Top II 13W Energy Efficient Contemporary Glass Wall Sconce

‘LBL Lighting Top II 13W Energy Efficient Contemporary Glass Wall Sconce’ (via)

Iron wall sconces have a rather different effect on a room. The solid appearance and the opacity of metal means that light will be directional rather than diffused. This makes iron sconces perfect for controlling where light is directed, while the toughness of iron lends these particular sconces a subtle but strong presence to a room. Not all rooms and walls will work well with metal, though, especially if the material has a polished finish. This is because wood and polished metal clash, although plain unpolished iron will fit in quite nicely.

Global Lighting Danona 2W Contemporary Wall Sconce in Black Iron with Caramel Leather Accent

‘Global Lighting Danona 2W Contemporary Wall Sconce in Black Iron with Caramel Leather Accent’ (via)

Swing arm wall lamps are a cross between traditional sconces and lamps. These particularly interesting lamps are attached to walls like a sconce, but they direct a bright light to a particular location like a lamp. This allows you to adjust the wall lamp to shed light to where you need it. These are best attached near a study, lounge, work station or any place that requires directional light.

Hubbardton Forge Transitional Swing Arm Wall Lamp

‘Hubbardton Forge Transitional Swing Arm Wall Lamp’ (via)

Keep these tips in mind, and you’ll be able to pick out the best wall sconces to fit your lighting and decorative needs!

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Home Decor Ideas: Classical Look With A Modern Twist

Monday, February 21st, 2011

Modernization is becoming quite an epidemic. It is spreading fast and just about everything is becoming subject to modernization. You name it – clothes, furniture, homes, food, and even people. It’s not really a bad thing because it has its own unique beauty. But once in a while, there are homeowners who’d prefer the timeless classics when it comes to style.

In this day and age of highly modernized styles and designs, a home with a classic touch is a sight to behold. And this is not only due to its rarity, but to its unique appeal as well. Classic is elegant, gorgeous, and somewhat dramatic. It is indeed a great choice for the sophisticated. If you want to be different, the classics will not fail.

LBL Lighting Dome-SI Coax Modern / Contemporary Pendant Light

‘LBL Lighting Dome-SI Coax Modern / Contemporary Pendant Light’ (via)

So how do you pull off a classic look in your house? Well, it does not really matter if the very construction of your house is initially planned to be modern. With the right interior designing you can do on your own, you can pull off an elegant and timeless design. Here are some pointers on how to pull it off:

Earthy Warm Tones

When choosing colors, you should only dwell around the warm and earthy tones. Usually, these are shades of brown, amber, rust, flesh, and different tones of gray and white. But the selection of colors is not limited to these. It can be any color as long as the mood is blunt and somewhat faded.

Contemporary Living Room Warm Earth Tones

‘Contemporary Living Room Warm Earth Tones’ (via)

Where do you apply this selection of colors? These ideas should be applied in your choice of paint, furniture, wall hangings and everything else that becomes part of the house. In any case, all of them altogether should harmonize.

Antiques and Pseudo-Antiques

Now here is a fine coup de grace. What else could be the best way to make your home look classic than to add some real classical stuff? Antiques of course have a presence that really gives any place a feel of time travel to the past. If you have the resources, it makes a fine investment.

Uttermost Asita Yellow Traditional Bottle Set

‘Uttermost Asita Yellow Traditional Bottle Set’ (via)

But these do not have to be real antiques. You can now find plenty of pseudo-antique items in the market. These items are made to look old but they are actually not. As a result, they are priced much less. These can be tabletops, wall hangings, vases, furniture, and other household items.

Fine Works Of Art

Revisit movies and perhaps browse some photos of old European homes and Palaces, what do you see? They are studded with paintings, statues, and other fine works of art. Yes, adding a collection of these into your house will surely pull off a classical look.

Uttermost Bordered Tree Hand-Painted Wall Art

‘Uttermost Bordered Tree Hand-Painted Wall Art’ (via)

But real works of art done by real and pedigreed artists will certainly cost a fortune. Even if you do have that fortune, it is refreshing to know that there are cheaper alternatives. Framed prints for example can be a good replacement for a painting. And arts done by contemporary and young artists are usually cheaper.

So there you go. Surely though, there are so many other ways to make your house look more classic. But these three tips will usually be enough to do the trick. But since this kind of designing requires that everything from floor to ceiling should harmonize and blend, it may be wise to call a professional interior designer.

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Coffee Tables to Suit Any Style

Saturday, January 29th, 2011

What would a living room be without accent tables? Perhaps a little less interesting and definitely a lot less functional. They may be great looking, but each of these little pieces of furniture isn’t just another pretty face in the crowd. Take coffee tables for instance, they are hard working pieces of furniture as they present a convenient surface for drinks or snacks, keep reading materials close at hand and offer an irresistible place to put one’s feet up and relax.

If you’re wondering what the difference is between a coffee table and a cocktail table, everyone seems to agree there is no difference. For instance, Webster’s Online Dictionary defines coffee table: “a low table customarily placed in front of a sofa — called also cocktail table.”

You’ll find coffee tables included in just about any style living or family room. Of course, each style has its own unique look in coffee or cocktail tables.

Modern or Contemporary
In modern or contemporary interiors, generally these accent tables tend to be sleeker with straight lines and thin legs and maybe a bit smaller. Glass, acrylic and metal are often seen in these coffee tables, sometimes combined with wood.

1CoffeeTableBelle Maison (via)

In a traditional interior design, the different looks in coffee table are many. You’ll see wood with ornately turned legs, glass-topped intricately hand-wrought metal tables, dainty skirted squares and large tufted fabric or leather ottomans that double as coffee tables.

2CoffeeTableElle Décor (via)
3CoffeeTableElle Décor (via)

Handcrafted or Global
These rooms are all about a melting pot of global design, so coffee tables reflect this, with a wide range of looks, depending upon the culture from which they are pulled. Among the many designs you might see are a highly lacquered Chinese style table, a wooden square draped with a Moroccan wedding blanket or perhaps a deep rich finished Balinese table with a tropical flair.

4CoffeeTableMy Home Ideas (via)

No matter your style or choice of material, color or finish, with thousands of choices available, you’ll be able to find the perfect coffee table, or if you prefer, cocktail table for your perfect interior design.

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