Plant Shelf Lighting Basics

Tuesday, January 10th, 2012

Plant shelves are a great way to showcase your home décor and other fantastic accessories that complete your living room, bedroom, kitchen and dining room designs. But without the right lighting, these up and away spaces can be as distant as the moon. Use this guide to using lighting fixtures for plant shelving and you’ll be sure to get the most out of your plant shelving spaces.

Getting Power to the Shelf

Plant Lighting

Ensuring that there is a way to get power to the site is the first and foremost part of this project. Without the right power supply, your plant shelf lighting fixture is a no go. You’ll need to access the attic space above the plant shelving to determine if the space is reachable by conventional methods.

Once you know that you have access to the site with a power supply, you can then insert an outlet box. Use an outlet box that is designed for drywall. These attach to the back of the drywall, allowing a quick and painless way to get your outlet secure. Once the outlet box is ready, insert a wire into the box. Have another partner help you to pull the wire through the crawl space and over to an existing outlet or directly to the service panel.

Modern Indoor Planter

Choosing a Lighting Source

Choosing the right light for the pant shelf is crucial to the success of this project. With the wrong bulb and wattage, you run the risk of burning down the house. When in doubt, always go for the lowest wattage possible. As a rule of thumb, a plant shelf lighting fixture should be at least a 40 watt bulb or less. Better than conventional bulbs, LED’s are a great way to light up a small space like a plant shelf alcove without allowing it to get too hot. An affordable way to light plant shelving with LED’s is by installing LED under cabinet lighting. Throw in a dimmer switch and you’ve got a night light display that can be affordable enough to run all night long. Some LED displays can be tasked to work with multiple colors and lighting effects to create the ultimate in opulent living room, den and home theater spaces.

Accent and Task Lights

Plant Shelf Lighting

Accent and task lighting can be used to complete avoid having to install a new lead wire and outlet. By using an existing nearby light source and installing a system of track lights, you can easily display plant shelving with ease. From colored spot lights to soft lights that strike the perfect balance between your design and your décor, a track or monorail lighting system is the perfect choice for lighting a nearby plant shelf area. Images 1 | 2 | 3

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