Trendy Lighting: Oversized Light Fixtures

Thursday, March 1st, 2012

Certain looks are all the rage right now, especially when it comes to light fixtures. Oversized light fixtures are just one of the few trends out there on the market. This look is a surprisingly elegant look, but it’s certainly not for everyone. Here are a few tips and tricks on how to use oversized light fixtures in your space.

Oversized Light Fixtures

Oversized light fixtures are growing in popularity because when you place one of these fixtures into any room in your home, it draws the eye in. They literally command the space around them, you can’t help but take notice of them. This is true of large, oversized chandeliers, oversized floor lamps and even oversized table lamps. These light fixtures are all about adding drama and flair to the space.

Oversized Light Fixtures

With these fixtures, it is all about size, not style. You’ll find that oversized light fixtures come in a number of different colors and styles, so there are looks to suit every person’s preferences. You’ll find large turned column ceiling lights for your living rooms or bedroom spaces, as well as large, almost bulky table lamps for these very same spaces.

Tips and Tricks for Using Oversized Light Fixtures

Oversized Light Fixtures

When using oversized light fixtures, try not to overdo it. One, maybe two are acceptable in any given space. When you start incorporating too many oversized light fixtures into your space, you’ll find that it does indeed overwhelm the space. This translates into a space that looks and feels cramped or tiny, even if it is not a small space.

Oversized Light Fixtures

In dining room spaces, the chandelier is the focal point of the room. If you’ve got a large table, you may find yourself contemplating whether or not a large chandelier would be too much. However, you will find (even if through trial and error) that a large chandelier does not quite work with a small dining table, or in a small dining space, for that matter. Large light fixtures can be used in small spaces, but you may need to experiment with different looks before you find the right fixture for your particular space.

Oversized Light Fixtures

If you’re working with a small space, consider using an oversized light fixture that is somewhat transparent: a large glass or even a mesh cover can give it the size and shape you are looking for without taking up too much visual weight. This is a great way to incorporate a large, oversized chandelier, pendant light or other overhead light fixture into a smaller space: bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms and of course, kitchens or dining rooms.

Finally, with oversized light fixtures, you’ll find that you do at the very least need a taller ceiling. If you’re stuck with eight foot ceilings, look for light fixtures that jet outward toward the corners of the room rather than light fixtures that feature plenty of their own height. By going outward instead of upward, you’ll find you can incorporate a seemingly larger light fixture into a smaller space, even with the standard eight foot ceilings.

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