Clever & Creative: 8 Happy Spaces

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014

One of the things that can bring a lot of joy into our everyday lives is a happy place to live. What does a happy living environment mean to you? Is it color? Or perhaps lighting? Maybe it’s simply the pulling together of all sorts of elements that have special meaning. We think the hallmark of a “happy” space is it that it makes us smile. Today, we would like to share eight rooms that will surely bring a smile to your face. What do you think?

Happy Party Decor

Ethereal with a pink glow, what could be happier than a living room decorated for a celebration? Or shaggy pink flamingos. Time to get this party started.

Lively Dining Room

So modern and exceptionally chic, this white dining room gets a cheerful punch of color with a pink and white graphic rug. What says happy more than Eames Eiffel chairs?

Eclectic Bedroom

This sunny eclectic bedroom with blue walls and woodwork gets happy with a dolled-up parrot portrait. Aren’t the colors amazing? And that irresistible parrot face–words fail.

Coastal Chic Living Room

Easy, breezy and so beautiful, this coastal chic space  evokes happy memories of a summer by the sea. Nothing screams beach, but subtle ocean blue hues are everywhere. We love it!

Cozy Breakfast Nook

What a happy spot to start the day. This cozy and inviting eclectic breakfast nook has a lovely vintage look that captivates. Breakfast doesn’t get any better than this.

Charming Nursery

Safe, warm and inviting, baby’s first room is the essence of happiness. Here, wild animals and lovely lambs inhabit a neutral nursery infused with vibrant orange. We love the poster! “Oh, the places you’ll go” indeed.

Colorful Kitchen

This open living space amazes. Clever and creative decorating ideas abound–vintage gramophones, rainbow-inspired umbrella and a trio of colorful colanders turned into hanging lights. A happy space to love.

Brilliant Outdoor Space

Shall we end with the ultimate happy space? Brilliant color abounds on this shady patio from the lattice cover to the zig zag pattern underfoot. We can dream can’t we?

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How do you create a happy space in which to live? Would you like to share with us on our Facebook page.

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New and Exciting Designs from Hudson Valley Lighting

Thursday, May 29th, 2014

Arcadian Home is excited to share with you some of the latest designs from the highly respected lighting manufacturer Hudson Valley Lighting. These pendants, wall sconces and vanity lights offer a new and exciting perspective on traditional and Mid-Century fixtures. Infused with a contemporary edge, these lights are at once classic, sophisticated and very much in keeping with today’s updated interiors. We hope you love them as much as we do.

Hudson Valley Lighting

Clear acrylic never looked so good as it does in this Old Hollywood inspired cube pendant. It’s a glamorous brass-finished chandelier set within a contemporary cube of polished acrylic.

Hudson Valley Lighting

An ultra-contemporary take on the iconic hanging lantern fixture, this beautiful light is all silvery curves and crystal clear peaks and edges.

Hudson Valley Lighting

This vaulted lantern presents that traditional form in a most contemporary look. It’s a wonderful mix of metal finishes, industrial elements and classic style. The perforated metal shades are a fantastic touch.

Hudson Valley Lighting

Fans of the iconic Mid-Century modern Sputnik pendant light will surely be captivated by this contemporary tribute to that original design. The eye-catching fixture is suspended within a sleek metal cage.

 Hudson Valley Lighting

A cage of a different sort, wire in an aged brass finish, surrounds the pale linen shade of this chic and stylish pendant light. Offered in lots of sizes and other finishes, this versatile fixture will suit many interior applications.

Hudson Valley Lighting

In a total makeover of the traditional wrought iron hanging light fixture, this pendant is both chic and modern with obvious roots in the past.

Hudson Valley Lighting

A brilliant design choice for the bath that requires an ultra-glamorous wall sconce, this contemporary beauty pays homage to the gorgeous fixtures that once adorned Hollywood Regency bathrooms and dressing rooms.

Hudson Valley Light

The ultimate in stylish vanity lights, this lovely fixture is created of several exquisite elements. Each is beautiful in its own right, but becomes simply stunning when merged into an updated version of the sophisticated vanity light.

Want to see more? Check out our entire collection of fixtures from Hudson Valley Lighting at Arcadian Home.

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Arcadian Home Welcomes Dolan Designs

Thursday, March 13th, 2014

We love bringing you new and exciting product collections. Please join us in welcoming Dolan Designs to the Arcadian Home family. This outstanding home lighting company prides itself in offering what it calls simple, clean and classic designs to complement a wide variety of decorating styles. You’ll find traditional fixtures from classic to craftsman, sleek contemporary designs and all sorts of glamorous pieces that will not only light your home, but infuse it with beauty and elegance as well.

Today we’re sharing some of Dolan Designs’ fabulous lighting fixtures you can now order directly from Arcadian Home.


Dolan Design Teton Transitional Chandelier

Dolan Design Teton Transitional Chandelier is simply beautiful in satin nickel finish with white ribbed glass shades.

Dolan Designs Teton Ceiling Light

The matching Teton ceiling light is a sleek and elegant design for rooms with lower ceilings.

Dolan Designs Craftsman Pendant

For those who are longing for an updated take on craftsman style in their lighting fixtures, the Dolan Design Craftsman Transitional Pendant Light should suit beautifully.

Dolan Designs Double Organza Ceiling Light

Stunning in chrome and an organza fabric shade, this design captivates with its contemporary beauty and elegance.

Dolan Designs Infini Chandelier

With an intricate chained centerpiece, this satin nickel beauty would make a bold contemporary statement in an entryway or dining room.

Dolan Designs Covina Ceiling Light

With an entirely different but no less beautiful look, this transitional ceiling light is created with a glowing classic bronze finish and cloud shade.

Dolan Designs Cortona Chandelier

With a magnificent height of 50″ the Cortona transitional chandelier will be the center of attention wherever its hung.

Dolan Designs Kitchen Island Light

Crafted of steel and glass, the Sherwood is a perfect lighting choice for over the kitchen island or pool table.

If you’re interested in seeing our full collection of Dolan Designs lighting, check out our brand page here.


6 Exquisite Dining Rooms to Adore

Wednesday, August 21st, 2013

Today’s post is all about dining rooms to adore. From marvelous minimalist to grand traditional, these six spaces offer lots of looks to love. I hope you find design ideas to inspire your own dining room dreams.

Loving the  contemporary opulence of this grand dining room. The modern pendant light, antiqued metallic table bases, and contemporary molded chairs, create a unique dining experience.

The open dining space in this magnificent Bates Masi designed home holds its own against the soaring brushed metal fireplace that separates it from the living room. Clear acrylic chairs and bench surround a long wood table with metal base, while an incredible chain chandelier hangs above.

A classic style dining room is beautiful with black lacquer furniture and white and gold upholstered pieces. This space is at once beautiful and inviting.

For those who love a more casual look in a classic space, this dining room should be quite appealing. From three-bulb modern pendant lighting hung from a classic ceiling medallion, to herringbone floors and a chalkboard wall, this space is a lovely mix.

Contemporary with an edge, this small dining room would certainly fall into the “to be adored” category for many. The black spotted fabric on the chairs is a great updated take on traditional black and white polka dots, but much more sophisticated.

This room has everything one could wish for in a dining space—gorgeous good looks and close proximity to the kitchen which is in itself a masterpiece of convenience and style. The L shaped seating bench is cute as well!

Images  1 |  2 |  3 |  4 |  5 |  6 

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The Best Furniture Upholstery for Warm Weather

Thursday, August 30th, 2012

Today, we have a guest blog post from High Camp Home! They offer design services, furnishings, and decorative accessories to help their clients achieve the warmth of a luxurious lodge in their very own homes. We are pleased to have Lauren Atwell on Arcadian Home, who is a freelance writer and aspiring home decorator based out of Dallas.

During warm months, heat becomes exhausting. Who wouldn’t want the upholstery in their home to help them cool down when they need to relax? The following upholstery helps do just that:

Cotton, linen, hemp and leather are comfortable, breathable fabrics that are perfect as upholstery in your home when temperatures are warm – seasonally or permanently. Here’s a little more information about these options to help you decide which is right for your home.

Cotton Living Room

Light Linen Sofa

Linen: For pieces like sofas, loveseats and other furniture that see a lot of wear, linen is not the best choice because it wrinkles and stains more easily than other fabrics. However, for furniture used less frequently, linen can add a fresh feel to a sunny room. Added air flow from the more loosely woven fabric makes linen cooler than most other options.

Canvas Patio Furniture

Canvas: Canvas, a popular choice for slipcovers, can add a sunny personality to a sunny room. Its resistance to ripping and scratching is appreciated by pet owners and parents with small children. Animal hair or spilled milk, when it gets dirty, simply toss it in the washing machine. 

Hemp Pillow

Hemp: Hemp is the longest natural staple fiber on earth. Hemp, an eco-friendly fabric, is extremely durable and strong, yet also soft. It is a good choice for upholstery that receives a lot of use. Hemp upholstery can take on any amount of washing and usage.

White Leather Sofa

Leather: Leather is the most durable furniture upholstery, and it is also the best material for warm climates. It’s a choice that communicates prestige and success. Think about it: all luxury automobiles come with leather upholstery. Its rich appearance can easily make a piece covered in it the centerpiece of any room. And, as long as a house is air conditioned, you can always count on leather furniture to be the coolest spot in the house.

Leather is undoubtedly the easiest material to clean. Many stores sell disposable one-time-use wipes specifically designed for leather furniture, which make the cleaning process quick and painless. Pet owners especially appreciate this benefit.

Leather is also the most adaptable material for homes. It is visually appealing in all types of home interiors – traditional, contemporary, rustic, Spanish, or French. 

Rich Brown Leather Sofa

I hope this information is helpful to you – whether you’re purchasing new furniture or reupholstering your current collection. Images 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

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Brick by Brick

Tuesday, August 21st, 2012

A home made of brick not only keeps a hungry, mischievous wolf from huffing and puffing it down, but also keeps your home warm in the winter and cool during the summer.

Coloring of bricks depend on the mineral content of the raw materials and the temperature at which the they were baked. For example, white or yellow bricks have higher lime mineral content, while red colored bricks are baked at a higher temperature. Besides the coloring, bricks can be made from various materials such as clay, concrete, or calcium silicate. Natural stone bricks made of granite, limestone, and sandstone are considered more durable but also more time-consuming to make.

Compared to the past, there are less homes now being made entirely of bricks but still contain brick elements such as a brick wall or fireplace. Take in these modern day homes brick by brick to see how the use of bricks has changed since the Great Pyramids and centuries old European cathedrals.

Mediterranean Brick Kitchen
This Mediterranean styled kitchen feels clean and simple with glossy white bricked walls that are effortlessly timeless.

Neutral Brick Kitchen
By leaving the bricks worn and torn, this neutral kitchen eludes a cultured and matured appeal along with the chrome surfaces.

White Painted Brick Living Room
By painting over aged brick, it can easily refresh the interior of a space like this white brick living room.

Ostrich Accented Brick Wall
Varying the pattern or texture of a brick wall can create a more customized design, as well as adding a unique accent such as an ostrich.

Brick Bookshelf
A brick wall can be made functional by laying the bricks to allow for a small nook to act as a bookshelf.

Contrasting Brick Textures
The uniformity of a brick wall can bring out the textures of other home accessories, such as a intricate pillow or the details on the ottoman. Images 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

The power of brick interiors is immense, with the ability to transform a modern space into a historically rich one. Let us know your thoughts about these brick interiors are in the comments section. To find the ideal ceiling light or wall decor to bring out your brick walls, explore our extensive collection.

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Astonishing Attics

Monday, August 13th, 2012

The unique and interesting shapes and curves of attic ceilings just invite creative takes on interior designing. Whether the attic is going to be a bedroom, living room, or studio loft, decoration ideas are endless.

Attics make a great canvas for interior design, not just convenient storage places or a home to dust bunnies. Take in these six intoxicating and amazing attics to inspire you in revamping your own attic.

Organic Attic
The circular detailing of the rug complements the patterns on the pillows, while the crystals dangling from the pendant light match similarly with the patterned wallpaper to give an overall organic atmosphere.

Blue Attic
To brighten up an attic, a color palette of white and blue is a great combination to prevent the common perceived notions of attics as dimly lit and drab spaces.

White Attic
The addition of colorful pillows and potted flowers is a wise move to contrast against the white wall and ceiling of this attic living room.

Ascetic Attic
This minimalist attic uses the combination of geometric shapes and monochrome surfaces to evoke a simplified style.

White Attic
This pure and simplistic white attic adds subtle touches of country style through the pillow patterns and copper surface schoolhouse pendants.

Attic Nook

 This small nook of an attic, offers a perfect getaway to enjoy a novel in the sunlight before falling asleep for an afternoon nap. Images 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

Let us know which of these six attics was your favorite in the comment section. Be sure to explore our store selections, to find that perfect rug or wall decor to go in your attic.

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Patio Oasis

Monday, July 30th, 2012

Summer usually means lots of trips to the beach, indulging in more ice cream than we’d like to admit, and lots of family time. And what better place to spend lazy summer afternoons and nights with your family and friends, than your own patio! Everyone can lounge around comfortably for those spontaneous BBQs or entertain guests in the summer breeze.

Wood Patio with Fireplace

This spacious, modern wood patio allows for sunlight but also provides shade for the sunnier afternoons. As the night approaches, the fireplace offers easy access for homemade s’mores and helps ward off the night chill.

White and Taupe Patio

For a more cozy patio, these white and taupe furniture keeps things simple but plushy aesthetic. The greenery that wraps around the pillars eludes a natural atmosphere.

Neutral Patio

For those who prefer a more neutral colored palette, this wood and stone patio would be perfect.

Rooftop Patio

This rooftop patio is a great place to get away from your apartment roommate to get some fresh air or catch up on a book while being pampered with the inviting sofa.

White and Pink Patio

The subtle use of pink in the pillow provokes a gentle, feminine feeling, but is balanced by the prominent cream colored outdoor furniture. Images 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

Share which of these patio designs you liked best in the comment section. To find the perfect outdoor lighting fixture or table decorations for your patio, check out our store.

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Choosing Table Lamps: Tips and Tricks

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012

If you’ve ever purchased a table lamp for any room in your home, you’ve probably wondered if you were making the right choice. Lamps and light fixtures in general can be quite expensive, so it’s important to choose a set that you’ll enjoy for many years to come. Here are a few tips and tricks on how to choose the right table lamps for your space.

Tips and Tricks for Choosing Table Lamps

Table Lamps

When looking at table lamps, start by considering your budget. Are your table lamps going to be a long term investment or are these light fixtures simply going to be another home accessory that you replace on a regular basis. If you’re planning to replace it even within a year or two, you may want to consider following trends rather than buying an expensive set of lamps.

Table Lamps

Next, consider the style of your home. Do you want your lamps to blend in or stand out? Table lamps and light fixtures in general are a part of your home decor, one of the most important parts, in fact. Without proper lighting, even the best of interior design schemes can look dated, dreary, dirty and drab. You certainly don’t want that! So take into consideration the look of your home when choosing your table lamps.

Table Lamps

When shopping for table lamps, you’ll also want to take into account how you’ll actually use these lamps. For example, if you’re going to use them as task lighting for next to a chair or the bed, then you’ll want a lamp that’s large enough or versatile enough to be moved for various tasks. For example, if you’re reading in a chair, you’ll want to be able to adjust the light over what you’re reading.

 Table Lamps

Finally, determine how many lamps you’ll need for your space. If you’re using lamps to flank a piece of furniture such as a bed or sofa, then you’ll likely want at least two lamps. However, if you’re only looking for a lamp for next to a chair or on a desk, clearly you’ll only want one. For a console table, you may decide you only want one or you want a pair. Knowing how many you want can help you narrow down your choices more easily.

Table Lamps

Lamps are an important part of lighting a space, whether it’s a bedroom or a living room or another room in your home. The important thing is to choose the right number and style for your space to ensure a more seamless flow in your overall lighting scheme. Images 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

Go here to see some more great table lamps.

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Nautical Inspired Light Fixtures

Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

In 2012, you’re probably seeing a lot of nautical inspired looks in everything from fashion to interior design. Light fixtures certainly are no exception. If you’re considering updating your home and you just happen to love the nautical look, then these light fixtures might be the right choice for you. Here’s the low down on this trendy lighting look for 2012.

All About Nautical Inspired Light Fixtures

Nautical Inspired Light Fixtures Image

Nautical inspired light fixtures tend to be cleaner, more simplistic looking light fixtures. They often feature a cage-like design or a lantern shape. Many nautical inspired light fixtures also feature an exposed bulb, which adds to their overall appeal. When shopping for a nautical inspired light fixture, you may also want to consider looking at industrial light fixtures, which often feature the same general look and feel. However, there may be subtle differences, so keep this in mind while shopping.

Nautical Inspired Light Fixtures Image

Pay close attention to the finishes when you’re shopping for a nautical light fixture for your home. You want to opt for cleaner finishes and avoid gold, copper or brass finishes, which do not compliment the style. Instead, look for light fixtures that feature silver, nickel or chrome colors with polished finishes or matte finishes. Other colors that work well with the nautical style include black finishes, white finishes and dark bronze finishes. Though you do not want a clean copper finish, an aged copper finish that shows a worn green color is also perfectly acceptable.

Nautical Inspired Light Fixtures Image

Nautical inspired light fixtures can also be used in a variety of spaces, as this is an extremely versatile style. Don’t be afraid to use caged style ceiling lights overhead in a room, lantern style pendant lights over a kitchen island or caged wall sconces in a hallway or dining room.

Nautical Inspired Light Fixtures Image

The key thing to remember when opting for these particular light fixtures is to take into consideration that they are a very specific style. While they do compliment a number of decor styles, they may not compliment future styles of your home. Be confident in your choice before you commit to a specific style of light fixtures.

Nautical Inspired Light Fixtures Image

The nautical look is all the rage currently, not just in lighting but also in home decor. It’s a great choice for a family home, a cottage getaway or even a beach side condo. Don’t be afraid to mix and match different styles of light fixtures together with your nautical look to help blend it in with your other light fixtures and style. You’ll be surprised at how versatile this look truly is. Images 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

Interested in some more design inspiration? Go here to see thousands of beautiful pendant lights.

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