What’s New? Pendant Lights to Love

Thursday, October 23rd, 2014

Thinking about updating your interior spaces for the holidays? Do those updates include light fixtures? As you may already know, here at Arcadian Home we’re always thinking about lighting. We couldn’t resist the temptation to share some of our new pendant lights with you today. These gorgeous designs are suitable for every room, including the entryway, kitchen, living room, dining room, bedroom and bath. It was difficult to choose just a few from among so many beautiful new arrivals, but we finally chose the following:

Pendant Light

A caged pendant light of an entirely different sort, the Cesto Pendant Light with its refined metal-encased shade will add a touch of glamorous style to modern rooms.

Pendant Light

A delicate chromed wire frame swirls around the crystal-like tubular center of the stunning Anastasia Pendant Light. Where would you use a pair of these perfect little lights?

Pendant Lights

The Orion Pendant Light is composed of a trio of elegant crystal encrusted rectangular hanging lights. The Orion is sure to add a bit of romance wherever it’s hung.

Round Pendant Light

Combining a heavy glass shade with tiny dangling crystals creates lighting magic in the Malibu Pendant Light. From the foyer to the bath, this lovely light will bring beauty to just about any room.

Black Pendant Light

All dark and moody, the handsome Bel Air Pendant Light is designed with a shiny metallic inner core surrounded by ribbons of black brushed aluminum. Exceptionally suitable for spaces that require a bit of mystery and glam style.

Metal and Glass Pendant Light

The Greenwich Pendant Light with its trio of glass shaded lights is at once chic and modern with just a hint of much sought after  industrial style.

Bowl Pendant Light

For those who love clean simple lines in their lighting, the Kendall Pendant Light is chic and stylish with a lovely alabaster bowl-shaped shade. Hung by a satin finished platinum chain, the Kendall would be perfect above a tiny round table for two, don’t you think?

Ball Pendant Light

An interesting new take on the ever-popular hanging sphere, the Pandora Pendant Light is encased in circular crystals set in shiny wire frames. This fixture also comes in other lovely shapes and sizes.


Remember you can click on any image above to learn more about that particular pendant light.

You can see all of the new pendant lights we’ve just added to our collection here.

Which pendant light captures your attention and your imagination? We would love to hear from you on Facebook.

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Ceiling Fixture Trends for 2012

Friday, February 3rd, 2012

Everyone has them: that go-to light fixture for their general lighting needs. Most of us never think twice about our ceiling lights, but they’re actually the heart of our lighting schemes in almost every room of the home. So if you’re thinking of updating the light fixtures in your home, why not update your ceiling lights? Here’s the low down on ceiling fixture trends for 2012.

Lantern Light Fixtures

Ceiling Light

Light fixtures that feature a basic lantern shape are growing in popularity. The lantern shape compliments a variety of popular and trendy home decor styles including industrial, rustic and American themed spaces. Furthermore, hanging lanterns come in a variety of styles, shapes and colors so you’re sure to find the right look for your space. Keep an eye out for rustic looking hanging lanterns, as these will be most popular when it comes to this particular lighting trend.

Eco-Friendly Light Fixtures

Ceiling Lights

Going strong for another year in a row, ceiling fixtures that are also eco-friendly are staying strong in the world of trendy lighting; whether it’s an Energy Star rating or simply swapping out the existing incandescent bulb for a CFL (compact fluorescent light).

Drum Shades

Long gone are the days where a square glass plate cover was the go-to choice for ceiling fixtures in bedrooms, kitchens and other spaces. Today, we’re finding more and more ceiling fixtures to compliment different styles of decor and the drum shade trend is no exception. In 2012, except to see more homes opting for stylish drum shade flush or semi flush mount ceiling lights.

Crystal Light Fixtures

Ceiling Lights

Ceiling lights that feature crystal accents are extremely trendy. Look for light fixtures with spherical crystal accents, as these are clean and stylish with a look that will easily blend into a variety of home decor styles.

Other crystal light fixtures that are growing in popularity, aside from chandeliers and other basic ceiling light fixtures, include wall sconces and table lamps. So keep your eye out, just because you don’t find the right crystal ceiling light fixture doesn’t mean you won’t find the right crystal piece to compliment your home.

On a side note, keep in mind that colored crystals are also growing in popularity. Don’t be afraid to mix and match trendy colors, such as jewel tones, for a unique look.

Old World Glamour

Crystal Light Fixture

Finally, ceiling light fixtures that feature plenty of ornate detailing and old world charm. These fixtures can actually vary in exact style depending on preference. Some people will opt for more rustic pieces, while others will opt for large, glamorous crystal encrusted chandeliers. There is no wrong choice with this particular trend, as ‘old world’ means different things to different people.

These are just a few of the many different home lighting trends out there for 2012. Don’t feel you have to follow these trends either, as there are other options out there! Keep your eyes peeled for the right ceiling fixtures to suit your home. Images 1 | 2 | 3 | 45

Which of these is your favorite ceiling fixture trend? Choose from a wonderful assortment of lighting fixtures to enhance your interiors today!

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