New Lights: Dazzling Chandeliers

Thursday, April 16th, 2015

Sparkling globes. Elegant shaded beauties. Dazzling crystal encrusted drums. These are just a few of the fabulous new chandelier looks we’re excited to share with you today. Perfect for the dining room, foyer and beyond, these lights will delight from morning to night. We hope you enjoy exploring their beauty as much as we did.

Elegant ChandelierElk Lighting Zebula Crystal Chandelier is a stunner in polished gold with steel wires and crystal beads–artfully twisted and swirled to delight the eye.

Elegant Chandelier

With a drum shade in silk and sweeping clear crystal dangles, the Fredrick Ramond Camilla Chandelier is elegance personified.

Elegant Chandelier

True to its name, the Hinkley Lighting Gatsby Chandelier is reminiscent of the accordion-style elevator gate of that retro modern period. It’s fabulous finished in heritage brass.

Elegant Chandelier

From Murray Feiss, the Colorado Springs Traditional Chandelier is a rustic meets modern design of steel and crystal. We’ve seen this one called the ultimate in mountain cabin luxe or urban loft glam.

Elegant Chandelier

With a tangle of aqua bubbles floating on gleaming metal circles, this Regina Andrew Design Bubbles Aqua Chandelier is an ideal addition to a modern or contemporary space.

Elegant Chandelier

From Maxim Lighting comes the Orbit Transitional Chandelier. Lovely crystals hang in a most appealing way inside a spherical metal cage.

Elegant Chandelier

Delicate metal arms imbue the Murray Feiss Hartsville Transitional Chandelier with an elegant flowing style. From modern farmhouse to coastal chic cottage, this beautiful chandelier will captivate.

Elegant Chandelier

Another Murray Feiss design, the Stonesend Chandelier will create elegance and intrigue in any modern or contemporary space. Though this lovely light fixture is currently out of stock, it’s certainly worth waiting for. It’s easy to get notified when this beauty is again available. Click on the image above to see how.

Remember you can get more details about any of these beautiful chandeliers. Just click on the image.

Want to see more new lighting? Arcadian Home has you covered.

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Elegant Dining Rooms with Fabulous Chandeliers

Thursday, April 9th, 2015

Take your dining room from pretty to perfect with a fabulous chandelier. No matter the size, any dining room in most any style can be made more striking with a chandelier over the table. From minuscule to massive, chandeliers always seem to be the focal points of the dining rooms that capture the eye and feed the soul. Here are some of our favorites:

Elegant Dining Room

Elegant and spacious, this stylish dining room is made warm and inviting with a myriad of textiles and a bit glam with a traditional chandelier.

Elegant Dining Room

Completely captivating, we love everything about this contemporary dining room with its lovely brass chandelier. How amazing are those gently curved chair backs?

Elegant Dining Room

This charming traditional dining room is taken to another level by a massive beaded chandelier.

Elegant Dining Room

With a soaring ceiling and large, yet delicate chandelier, this neutral light-filled dining room is all about casual elegance.

Elegant Dining Room

On a much more intimate scale, this sophisticated dining space features a lovely settee and a chandelier of much smaller proportions.

Elegant Dining Room

This fabulous rectangular chandelier is a brilliant design choice for a chic modern dining room. A lovely shade of blue don’t you think?

Elegant Dining Room

No formal dining room? No problem. A small dining space with big impact features black and white stripes, crisp white paint and a showstopper traditional chandelier.

Elegant Dining Room

What a cool and colorful dining room! We love the brilliant colors, the patchwork rug underfoot and the glass and brass chandelier above.

1  |  2  |  3  |  4  |  5  |  6  |  7 |  8


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Get the Look: The Dynamic Sunroom

Monday, September 23rd, 2013

Sunrooms are the perfect marriage between an outdoor/indoor space and often cost substantially less to build. Less time is also allocated to building a sunroom and the uses for a space like this one can be endless. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy outdoor living throughout the year? We fell in love with this particular space and couldn’t help but try to recreate it. The warm rich wood details, the traditional dining elements such white seat covers and traditional dining chairs, all create one amazing dining room experience. Whether you are thinking of converting your sun room into a dining room, or looking to remodel your own dining space, it’s easy to get the look in 8 simple steps!

1   |    2  |   3  |  4  |  5  |  6  |  7  |  8

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6 Exquisite Dining Rooms to Adore

Wednesday, August 21st, 2013

Today’s post is all about dining rooms to adore. From marvelous minimalist to grand traditional, these six spaces offer lots of looks to love. I hope you find design ideas to inspire your own dining room dreams.

Loving the  contemporary opulence of this grand dining room. The modern pendant light, antiqued metallic table bases, and contemporary molded chairs, create a unique dining experience.

The open dining space in this magnificent Bates Masi designed home holds its own against the soaring brushed metal fireplace that separates it from the living room. Clear acrylic chairs and bench surround a long wood table with metal base, while an incredible chain chandelier hangs above.

A classic style dining room is beautiful with black lacquer furniture and white and gold upholstered pieces. This space is at once beautiful and inviting.

For those who love a more casual look in a classic space, this dining room should be quite appealing. From three-bulb modern pendant lighting hung from a classic ceiling medallion, to herringbone floors and a chalkboard wall, this space is a lovely mix.

Contemporary with an edge, this small dining room would certainly fall into the “to be adored” category for many. The black spotted fabric on the chairs is a great updated take on traditional black and white polka dots, but much more sophisticated.

This room has everything one could wish for in a dining space—gorgeous good looks and close proximity to the kitchen which is in itself a masterpiece of convenience and style. The L shaped seating bench is cute as well!

Images  1 |  2 |  3 |  4 |  5 |  6 

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Introducing Candice Olson Lighting!

Tuesday, September 4th, 2012

After many years in the interior design business, and a wildly successful show on HGTV “Divine Design”, Candice Olson wanted to share her signature style with absolutely everyone by creating a line of her own. Candice Olson loves to create timeless pieces that are also accessible and a mixture of traditional elements with modern flair. Her design philosophy states: It is essential to me that my designs are original – that the inspiration and perspective is unique to me. I believe that the essence of good design is its ability to sustain long term integrity – to become classic.

Her great attention to detail and design aesthetic have helped her create coveted collections, and stunning products. We are incredibly delighted to be part of her journey and share all her beautiful pieces with you.

Candice Olson Collection Lighting Arcadian Home Table Lamp

This eye-catching table lamp has a great satin brass finish and brilliant accents.

Candice Olson Collection Lighting Arcadian Home

A beautiful handcrafted and contemporary table lamp made with an abalone shell base.

Candice Olson Collection Lighting Arcadian Home Table Lamp

A unique laser cut table lamp. Due to handcrafting no two lamps are exactly the same.

Candice Olson Collection Lighting Arcadian Home Pendant Light

A great modern pendant light inspired by the 60’s era.

Candice Olson Collection Lighting Arcadian Home Pendant Lamp

A stunning pendant lamp made of hand-printed satin wedgewood blue paper

Candice Olson Collection Lighting Arcadian Home Chandelier

This timeless chandelier can stand the test of time, and would be a great addition to any room.

We hope you enjoyed looking through the beautiful Candice Olson Collection, and don’t forget to check out more of our new arrivals at Arcadian Home!

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Brick by Brick

Tuesday, August 21st, 2012

A home made of brick not only keeps a hungry, mischievous wolf from huffing and puffing it down, but also keeps your home warm in the winter and cool during the summer.

Coloring of bricks depend on the mineral content of the raw materials and the temperature at which the they were baked. For example, white or yellow bricks have higher lime mineral content, while red colored bricks are baked at a higher temperature. Besides the coloring, bricks can be made from various materials such as clay, concrete, or calcium silicate. Natural stone bricks made of granite, limestone, and sandstone are considered more durable but also more time-consuming to make.

Compared to the past, there are less homes now being made entirely of bricks but still contain brick elements such as a brick wall or fireplace. Take in these modern day homes brick by brick to see how the use of bricks has changed since the Great Pyramids and centuries old European cathedrals.

Mediterranean Brick Kitchen
This Mediterranean styled kitchen feels clean and simple with glossy white bricked walls that are effortlessly timeless.

Neutral Brick Kitchen
By leaving the bricks worn and torn, this neutral kitchen eludes a cultured and matured appeal along with the chrome surfaces.

White Painted Brick Living Room
By painting over aged brick, it can easily refresh the interior of a space like this white brick living room.

Ostrich Accented Brick Wall
Varying the pattern or texture of a brick wall can create a more customized design, as well as adding a unique accent such as an ostrich.

Brick Bookshelf
A brick wall can be made functional by laying the bricks to allow for a small nook to act as a bookshelf.

Contrasting Brick Textures
The uniformity of a brick wall can bring out the textures of other home accessories, such as a intricate pillow or the details on the ottoman. Images 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

The power of brick interiors is immense, with the ability to transform a modern space into a historically rich one. Let us know your thoughts about these brick interiors are in the comments section. To find the ideal ceiling light or wall decor to bring out your brick walls, explore our extensive collection.

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Global Views Tour at the Las Vegas Market 2012

Wednesday, August 8th, 2012

With over 1600 SKU’s in their line, the people at home furnishings and accessories wholesaler, Global Views, pride themselves with exquisite, natural, and quality hand finished products. Their luxurious contemporary and traditional styled products have been featured in several high end magazines and TV shows such as Elle Decor, House Beautiful, The Apprentice, HBO Golden Globes, Extreme Makeover Home Edition among many others. What sets them apart from other wholesale companies is that their products are exclusively designed for Global Views.  In other words, items are not bought overseas and imported from flea markets.

Last week our team at Arcadian Home had the opportunity of touring the Global Views showroom at the 2012 Las Vegas Summer Market. Due to the increasing popularity of this brand among our designers, we decided to scout out what Global Views considers to be some  of their hottest items of 2012 and bring that information back to you.

Upon entering the Global Views showroom, we were met with our representative who gave us a detailed tour of their beautiful grand hall decked out in gold, green, orange and blue with over 200 new items that were debuted at High Point last Fall.

First stop were the hand cast Wall Diver sculptures which, when used in groupings like those above, make an excellent addition to the room serving as pool towel hooks outdoors or bath towel hooks indoors.

Global Views Latest Trends & Bestsellers

Global Views Latest Trends & Bestsellers

The most popularly sold items this year are the petite Climbing Man Wall Sculptures seen below, which can add a unique flavor to any living room design.

Global Views Latest Trends & Bestsellers

The Top Hat Lighted Room Divider in the foreground (above) serves dual purpose as a floor lamp and room divider (seen below).  With three frosted glass shades and a black granite base, it offers a nice touch as both lighting and decor.

Global Views Latest Trends & Bestsellers

This is called the “Big Pill Table Lamp” (below) and can make a dashing addition to any room with its neutral, muted oval drum hardback shade with ivory faux silk self trim and silver braid.

Global Views Latest Trends & Bestsellers

Global Views Latest Trends & Bestsellers

Offering a fresh look to any design are the  hand carved honed white Marble Fret table lamp with square shade (above) and matching cocktail table (below) – both popular favorites this year. No two tables or lamps are alike! The table’s dimensions measure 41″L x 41″W x 18″H.

This is a sand casted iron Twig Pendant Light in Nickel, made of real twigs in the casting process. Underneath is a frosted glass diffuser. This item was introduced last October in High Point. A matching Twig Wall Sconce is also available.

Global Views Latest Trends & Bestsellers

The Crystal Slab Lamp (below) offers an elegant look with its a hardback rectangular shade covered in ivory silk. Also a new introduction.

Global Views Latest Trends & Bestsellers

This Deco Woman Bowl Stand serves as both sculpture and candleholder/floral pot.  Global Views’ sculptures have won them the ART (Accessories Resource Team) Award 5 times, inducting them into the ARTS Awards Hall of Fame.

Global Views Latest Trends & Bestsellers

Reminiscent of sea urchins, these Boom Wall Sculptures introduced last market are predicted to become the “new” climbing men of next season due to current popularity.

Global Views Latest Trends & Bestsellers

This Tortoise Glass Pear offers brown and amber tones with its gorgeous Polish hand blown glass. It offers a friendly and soothing glow when light permeates through its glass.

Global Views Latest Trends & Bestsellers

 These beautiful amber colored large Carnivale Glass Footed bottles are Murano hand blown glass, measuring 47″ in height.

Global Views Latest Trends & Bestsellers

Don’t let these blocks fool you. Though easily mistaken for cubic zirconium, these heavy and high quality Escalier Pillar Contemporary Candle Holder cubes are made of  crystal and serve as popular table decor.

Global Views Latest Trends & Bestsellers

Another popular wall decor favorite are these Transitional Tumbling Block Wall Cubes in stainless steel, which hang on two keyholes. They can also serve as shelves for vases and pottery.

Global Views Latest Trends & Bestsellers

The Enormous Fluted Pendant holds eight 60W candelabra bulbs and features a round fluted drum hardback shade with white faux silk trim, silver braid and a polished nickel canopy and finish.

Global Views Latest Trends & Bestsellers

A beautiful hand-blown Murano Glass Leaf Floor Lamp in nickel is displayed below. You can be sure that no two leaves are the same.

Global Views Latest Trends & Bestsellers


While there, we also had a chance to walk across the hallway to check out Studio A, their sister company.  While Global Views can be described as trendy and colorful, Studio A can be distinguished by its earthy tones and natural elements.

The global vibe can be seen in this Globus Fossil Vase which is a porcelain fired pot whose glaze finish creates a bubbley reaction at the time it’s manufactured – again, no two pots are the same.  A “volcanic” or “lava” look is well achieved in the fossil color.

Global Views Latest Trends & Bestsellers

The rich and beautifully aged Alta and Deer Valley Wood Panels above the bed below are made of reclaimed wood from India. They offer spectacular texture, fascinating history and are also environmentally friendly.

Global Views Latest Trends & Bestsellers

With oak-lined quality drawers and doors, you may be surprised that this transitional, neutral Toile Linen Credenza is fabric-wrapped by hand in Belgian linen, then given a multi-layered glazed finish. Fabric wrapping is an exciting art Studio A has revived.  This piece is ideal for a media center.

Global Views Latest Trends & Bestsellers

New barware additions in 2012 are shown below. The Lab Decanter, Lab Martini Pitcher, and Lab Martini Glasses in Opaline White are featured below.

Global Views Latest Trends & Bestsellers

The next two pieces both hail from Indonesia and combine eco-friendly materials with high-end design.  Seen below, the Sidney Credenza features a mid-century design look with individually cut and laminated sections of bamboo. Square panels with circular molds are derived when the knucklepiece of the bamboo is cut in half.  The panels are mounted on White Mahogany from Central America to form this design.

Global Views Latest Trends & Bestsellers

From the same collection is the Sydney Chest and Hutch in natural tones. The hutch can serve as a media cabinet or bar. The Sydney Collection focuses on using renewable materials in a creative way to achieve an aesthetically exciting look. The designers do this by highlighting previously left-over waste from the construction of modular bamboo homes in Indonesia.

Global Views Latest Trends & Bestsellers

These Tripod Side Tables are new introductions.  Made of a beautiful marble the Global Views team found on the side of the road at a quarry as they were driving to a factory in China, the table features a hand forged iron base with polished grey marble or onyx inset depending on preference.

Global Views Latest Trends & Bestsellers

And finally, we finished off the tour with a beautiful display of these  reclaimed Iron Bowls whose rich patina cannot be reproduced. These bowls are often used at construction sites in Asia for carrying concrete and other building materials.

Global Views Latest Trends & Bestsellers


We hope you’ve enjoyed our tour of Global Views and sister company Studio A! We will be adding the Studio A items to our store shortly. Stay tuned! In the mean time, feel free to shop our Global Views items here.

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Welcoming Window Seats

Monday, August 6th, 2012

The summer is well upon us this year. Why not enjoy the summer sunlight indoors on a window seat? Who doesn’t love curling up and reading a good novel on a warm afternoon?

Window seats originally came about during the 19th century, with the intentions of filling the crevice under a window due to the popularity of tall, narrow windows during that time period. Since then, window seats are still favored by many and remain common in homes everywhere. By coordinating your home accessories accordingly, the window seat will be able to blend cohesively into the room’s design. Or by adding geometric or floral patterned pillows  to draw the focal point towards the window seat. When it comes to accessorizing window seats, pillows are the go to item in carrying out the perfect design vision.

Interior design has come along way since the nineteenth century, take a look-see of how window seats are incorporated into home decor in the twenty-first century.

White Window Seat
This pure white bedroom keeps things simple with only a few uses of color, such as the silver wall decor and flowers on the opposite sides of the plush window seat.

Symmetrical Window Seat
The symmetry of this living room creates a focal point leading the vivid cream and mustard curtains which then draws the eye to the vast ocean beyond the bay windows.

Tenne Orange Window Seat
The textures of the floral curtains and geometric backs of the dining room chairs complement the tenné orange and white colored window seat.

City Window Seat
If you live in a tall building in the city, a window seat like this slate gray corner window seat would offer a great scenic view.

White Cottage Window Seat
This white dining room evokes a quaint cottage home feel, especially with the circular bay window and furniture.

Gold and Scarlet Pillows on Window Seat
The bold scarlet and gold patterned pillows on the window seat gives a pop of color to this white and cadet gray bedroom. Images 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

Of these six bedroom, which one is your favorite? Find the perfect pillow or accessory for your window seat by exploring Arcadian Home’s vast home decor collection.

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8 Shades of Gray

Monday, July 16th, 2012

Gray is the new neutral when it comes to interior design. No matter whether it is charcoal, slate gray, ash, or taupe, the addition of any gray home decor is sure to freshening your home. The subtle colors of gray is a great complementary touch to modern or contemporary designs, thus soften the entire ambiance of the standard black and white color palette.

Soft Gray Living Room

The combination of light gray and blue-gray meld together in an airy atmosphere. The placement of the lamps and sofas brings a element of symmetry to the living room.

Warm Gray and Brown

An earthy feel is given off by the inclusion of brown, beige, and gold home accessories such as the wood table stand. The dark gray textured rug creates a warm atmospheric living room.

Gray Pattern

The sharp color of black and the intricate detailing of the mirror gives the living room a interesting take on modern style. The gray patterned wallpaper on the fireplace provides a texture to an otherwise black and white dominated space.

White and Gray Bedroom

Adding a crystal chandelier would be the perfect last touch to this clean and casual bedroom. The only use of white and light gray colors features a simple approach to decorating a bedroom without overwhelming it.

Gray Textured Living Room

The use of the rustic white brick wall and variegated shades of gray rug gives the illusion of a more spacious living room than we might perceive without those decorative elements. The flower table decorations adds a nice finishing decorative touch to the living room.

Marbled Gray Bathroom

The white and gray marbling of this bathroom marks the minimal ornamentation of the contemporary style. The smooth lines of the mirror and black line of the tile floor aids in the clean and uncluttered style that is contemporary.

Gray Wall

The square and rectangular shape cutouts in the gray wall allow for an creative way to allow natural lighting and home accessories. The florid and abstract design on the ceiling provokes a modern element to the bedroom.

Gray and Yellow

Just because you are decorating your living room in a gray theme, doesn’t mean you can’t have a little of color to brighten the entire room. The yellow vase, pillow, and flowers invigorates the living room with its splash of color to the neutral palette of beige and gray. Images 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 6 | 7 | 8

Want to integrate the neutrality of gray in your home? Browse Arcadian Home’s collection of home decor and accessories for inspiration or for your next home decoration project. And comment to let us know what you thought of these gray interior designs.

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Nautical Inspired Light Fixtures

Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

In 2012, you’re probably seeing a lot of nautical inspired looks in everything from fashion to interior design. Light fixtures certainly are no exception. If you’re considering updating your home and you just happen to love the nautical look, then these light fixtures might be the right choice for you. Here’s the low down on this trendy lighting look for 2012.

All About Nautical Inspired Light Fixtures

Nautical Inspired Light Fixtures Image

Nautical inspired light fixtures tend to be cleaner, more simplistic looking light fixtures. They often feature a cage-like design or a lantern shape. Many nautical inspired light fixtures also feature an exposed bulb, which adds to their overall appeal. When shopping for a nautical inspired light fixture, you may also want to consider looking at industrial light fixtures, which often feature the same general look and feel. However, there may be subtle differences, so keep this in mind while shopping.

Nautical Inspired Light Fixtures Image

Pay close attention to the finishes when you’re shopping for a nautical light fixture for your home. You want to opt for cleaner finishes and avoid gold, copper or brass finishes, which do not compliment the style. Instead, look for light fixtures that feature silver, nickel or chrome colors with polished finishes or matte finishes. Other colors that work well with the nautical style include black finishes, white finishes and dark bronze finishes. Though you do not want a clean copper finish, an aged copper finish that shows a worn green color is also perfectly acceptable.

Nautical Inspired Light Fixtures Image

Nautical inspired light fixtures can also be used in a variety of spaces, as this is an extremely versatile style. Don’t be afraid to use caged style ceiling lights overhead in a room, lantern style pendant lights over a kitchen island or caged wall sconces in a hallway or dining room.

Nautical Inspired Light Fixtures Image

The key thing to remember when opting for these particular light fixtures is to take into consideration that they are a very specific style. While they do compliment a number of decor styles, they may not compliment future styles of your home. Be confident in your choice before you commit to a specific style of light fixtures.

Nautical Inspired Light Fixtures Image

The nautical look is all the rage currently, not just in lighting but also in home decor. It’s a great choice for a family home, a cottage getaway or even a beach side condo. Don’t be afraid to mix and match different styles of light fixtures together with your nautical look to help blend it in with your other light fixtures and style. You’ll be surprised at how versatile this look truly is. Images 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

Interested in some more design inspiration? Go here to see thousands of beautiful pendant lights.

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