Recommended ceiling fan downrod for 9 feet ceiling

We have 9 ft. ceilings in our house. We want to install this Emerson 54” Midway Eco Contemporary Ceiling Fan – EM-CF955 in a bedroom that also has 9 ft. ceiling. Is it best to install the fan as close to the ceiling as possible with the 2.5″ downrod? Or just use the 4.5″ downrod? What level would provide greater efficiency? We intend to use this fan mainly for moving warm air down as our heat comes in through ceiling vents.

Answer: You happened to choose the top energy rated ceiling fan, which is great. This EM-CF955 from Emerson (the manufacturer) comes with the remote control and it is reversible. Therefore, when the heat is turned on, you can turn your fan on reverse and the heat will disperse. For a 9 ft. ceiling, the recommended downrod length is 4.5″. We do believe that the final decision is really based on your preference. The heat will disperse thoroughly regardless of the drop because dispersing heat is one of the functions of the ceiling fan.

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