Question regarding Nora Lighting's track adapter

For this 3-Wire Halo-Compatible Pendant Track Adapter – NT-317, how do you secure it to the pendent light? My pendant lights are single wire surrounded by insulation. Also will they support halogen lamps? Do you know off hand what I would need to achieve this?

Answer: We have attached the installation manual for the Nora lighting track adapter. You will also need to order the strain relief, as you can see on the Strain Relief drop down right below the pricing for the NT-317. As for the Halogen, we believe you are referring to low voltage 12V halogen. If so, then this adapter will NOT work. Because this adapter can only work with 120V line voltage pendant lights. Currently, we do not offer any track adapter with an integral transformer to adapt low voltage pendant lighting fixture.

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  1. cateandrews Says:

    hi, i need the installation manual too… i initially installed the adapter and it worked fine, but i blew a fuse recently and now the light doesn’t work. need to check the adapter connections and make sure they are all correct.

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