Question regarding 5-light sola rail kit

I want to add lights and track to the 5-light Sola rail kit. Is there a limit to the number of lights and track length that the transformer will service? The kit comes with a 100 watt transformer, 5 pendant lights and 3 tracks. I want to add 3 lights and 3 tracks. I’ll need additional support units (standoffs) for the track, but supports in the catalog are listed for 150 watt transformers. Are these the same as in the kit?

Answer: Yes. There is a limit on the number of lighting fixtures the transformer can service. If you have 5 pendant lights and each light is 20W, then your transformer is at maximum capacity. You would need a separate transformer if you want to add new lights.

We don’t know where you purchased the Sola rail kit. From what we’ve been told by the manufacturer’s sales rep, rail kits purchased at places like Home Expo or Great Indoors are really inexpandable; meaning you cannot add to the kit. Hope this answers your question.

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