Create Enchanting Spaces with Woodland Creatures

June 19th, 2014

There’s something especially appealing about woodland creatures as home decor accessories. We’ve seen lots of predictions that owls, foxes, deer, moose and even field mice are going to be invading our homes in the near future. No, it isn’t time to call for help, these cute wild things come in the form of wall art, decorative objects for shelves and tabletops, pillows, quilts and throws. From the nursery to the kitchen, woodland creatures can help create enchanting spaces with a whimsical, warm and inviting look.

Woodland Creatures

The nursery is the first room we think of when it comes to decorating with woodland creatures. This sweet eclectic space is filled with the appeal of foxes, owls and all sorts of other animals. That cool red fox has his own special spot with a white and aqua chevron pillow to lean against.

Woodland Creatures

From the most obvious room above, let’s turn to what we think is the most unexpected place to find woodland creatures in the home. However, doesn’t this handsome guy seem perfectly at ease in this modern space. Who knew a moose could bring a happy vibe to the kitchen?

 Woodland Creatures

This wise bird is irresistible on the wall of a modern living room. While owls have been popular in decorative accessories for a long time, these wonderful woodland creatures were re-introduced when J.K. Rowling published her first Harry Potter book.

Woodland Creatures

What a sweet foxy face this is. A modern living room is made warm and cozy with a piece of woodland create wall art.

Woodland Creatures

A large ceramic owl looks great on a white bedside table in this colorful Bohemian bedroom. We’ve fallen for the fabulous brilliant hues of the textiles, paneled walls and frameless painting. Mr. Owl also seems to approve as he keeps a watchful eye on the space.

Woodland Creatures

The rusty red color of the fox is picked up and repeated in the lamps and pillows with a woodland creature motif of their own. It’s a great color combination–red and blue.

Fox Decor Accessories

If you love woodland creature, but weren’t sure they would work in a modern or contemporary space, this stunning sculpture (and the room images above) should erase any doubts. It seems woodland creatures are perfect in all sorts of rooms.

Fox Decorative Accessories

Of course that includes traditional style rooms. These handsome guys seem to be made for adorning a natural wicker chair. The next time you consider adding a few woodland creatures to your interior spaces, be wise as an owl and smart as a fox and go for it.

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You’ll find lots of interesting creatures, woodland, undersea, domesticated and more, within our Arcadian Home New Arrivals. See what you think.

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8 Decorating Ideas for Your Foyer or Entrance Hall

June 12th, 2014

How often do you give your home’s foyer a facelift? It’s fun to bring a fresh look to the space just inside the front door. Whether you go all out, pull everything and start over with a blank slate each season or simply add new decorative accessories now and again, the entryway is a great place to bring new life to your decor. Need some ideas to get you started? Here you go.

Foyer Decor

Add a little drama to your small entryway with an unexpected element like this curvy chest hand-wrapped in Belgian linen. A dramatic shape, color or material can turn your foyer into a showstopper.

Foyer Lighting

Instead of a chandelier or pendant light, consider hanging a sleek and stunning ceiling fan in a contemporary entrance hall. Form meets function in this exquisite updated version of the iconic tropical ceiling fan.

Foyer Mirror

We’re seeing metallics everywhere right now. Why not bring this trending material into the foyer? A metal-clad mirror or console table (or both) can add a touch of glamour at the front door.

Foyer Chandelier

A large low-hung chandelier over a round table can have a big impact in a spacious foyer. Here wrought iron is beautiful in an oil-rubbed bronze finish.

Foyer Table

When a strategically placed round table is all that’s needed in an entryway, consider one with simple lines and dramatic wood pattern like this beauty inlaid with zebra wood, cedar burl, and cherry veneers.

Foyer Decor

Make a bold statement in the foyer with a single oversized decorative accessory like this large wood and woven metal candleholder set atop an antique chest. For even more visual impact, place a mirror on the wall behind.

Foyer Decor

Repurposed architectural elements can add warmth and authenticity to the entryway. Here, reclaimed antique artifacts from India are given new life as they’re integrated into mirrors and furnishings.

Foyer Decor

For a traditional look with a slightly exotic flair, antiqued wood panels work beautifully above a wrought iron console table.


Click on each image above to see Arcadian Home product offerings. For even more decor ideas for your foyer or entryway check out our home decor accessories.

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Interior Inspiration: Stunning Stripes

June 5th, 2014

Looking for interesting ways to give your interior spaces a beautiful facelift? Take a look at these rooms showcasing stripes of all sorts. From narrow to wide, vertical to horizontal, in pale neutrals to vibrant colors, stripes have a way of infusing just about any style interior with visual interest and irresistible good looks.


Wide horizontal stripes in crisp white and gray can give an entryway a more expansive feel and while making a bold design statement.


Draperies can be stunning in stripes, either horizontal or vertical. Soft cream and sandy beiges can make for a warm and inviting color palette. The two together look beautiful in this elegantly relaxed open living space.


Vertical stripes in brilliant colors of varying widths look bold and beautiful above vibrant yellow wainscoting in this contemporary living room. It’s a great look for those who believe more is more when it comes to color in interior spaces.


Taking bold black and white stripes up the walls and over the ceiling is an unexpected design move that works exceptional well in this modern kitchen.


Going horizontal with variegated stripes from floor to ceiling and wall to wall creates a stunning background for this cozy eat-in kitchen. A mellow blend of colors makes this feature wall even more irresistible.


Chic stripes on the sofa looks just right in this modern meets rustic space. We love the splash of yellow in the artwork over the fireplace and the cool floating stairs.


It’s easy to fall for this stripy bedroom from Elle Decor. Who knew wide yellow and white stripes on the floor could look so stunning with blue and yellow bedding in stripes of another sort–bold and brilliant design choices at their best.


From floor to ceiling, this chic and stylish bath is decked out in inspired stripes that captivate. By adding a sleek mirrored vanity, the stripes are reflected creating a stunning illusion within the space.

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Show off your own rooms with stylish stripes. Share your pics on our Facebook here.

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New and Exciting Designs from Hudson Valley Lighting

May 29th, 2014

Arcadian Home is excited to share with you some of the latest designs from the highly respected lighting manufacturer Hudson Valley Lighting. These pendants, wall sconces and vanity lights offer a new and exciting perspective on traditional and Mid-Century fixtures. Infused with a contemporary edge, these lights are at once classic, sophisticated and very much in keeping with today’s updated interiors. We hope you love them as much as we do.

Hudson Valley Lighting

Clear acrylic never looked so good as it does in this Old Hollywood inspired cube pendant. It’s a glamorous brass-finished chandelier set within a contemporary cube of polished acrylic.

Hudson Valley Lighting

An ultra-contemporary take on the iconic hanging lantern fixture, this beautiful light is all silvery curves and crystal clear peaks and edges.

Hudson Valley Lighting

This vaulted lantern presents that traditional form in a most contemporary look. It’s a wonderful mix of metal finishes, industrial elements and classic style. The perforated metal shades are a fantastic touch.

Hudson Valley Lighting

Fans of the iconic Mid-Century modern Sputnik pendant light will surely be captivated by this contemporary tribute to that original design. The eye-catching fixture is suspended within a sleek metal cage.

 Hudson Valley Lighting

A cage of a different sort, wire in an aged brass finish, surrounds the pale linen shade of this chic and stylish pendant light. Offered in lots of sizes and other finishes, this versatile fixture will suit many interior applications.

Hudson Valley Lighting

In a total makeover of the traditional wrought iron hanging light fixture, this pendant is both chic and modern with obvious roots in the past.

Hudson Valley Lighting

A brilliant design choice for the bath that requires an ultra-glamorous wall sconce, this contemporary beauty pays homage to the gorgeous fixtures that once adorned Hollywood Regency bathrooms and dressing rooms.

Hudson Valley Light

The ultimate in stylish vanity lights, this lovely fixture is created of several exquisite elements. Each is beautiful in its own right, but becomes simply stunning when merged into an updated version of the sophisticated vanity light.

Want to see more? Check out our entire collection of fixtures from Hudson Valley Lighting at Arcadian Home.

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Color Inspiration: Using Yellow in Eclectic Spaces

May 27th, 2014

Eclectic style and splashes of yellow seem made for each other. A pop, a splash or a whole wall of yellow can add a lively vibe to rooms filled with a lovely mix of furnishings and treasured objects. From the foyer to the kitchen, living room, bedroom and bath, yellow in small touches or large swaths can bring eclectic spaces to life. Today, we invite you to take a little tour of eight rooms made better with an infusion of yellow.

Yellow Foyer

Yellow shines in the form of contemporary fabric in this eclectic entryway. Contemporary meets beachy style under the stairs in a traditional environment.

Yellow and Blue Living Room

Eclectic looks great in brilliant blue and yellow. From pale buttery tones to a bright golden hue, yellow shows off its versatility in this chic yet comfortable living room.

Yellow Dining Room

A vibrant eclectic mix of furnishings, decorative accessories and art lights up this fabulous dining room. It’s sophisticated and whimsical with vivid splashes of yellow.

Yellow Kitchen

Sunshine yellow paint brilliantly contrasts with pale watery turquoise to wake up this all white kitchen. We love that Eames chair in a charming pastel hue.

Yellow and Red Bedroom

Gray and white make for a harmonious color pairing. Add pops of yellow and red for a lively eclectic look in the bedroom.

Yellow Bathroom

Who knew how beautiful a wall of yellow subway tile could look in a white bathroom? We think it’s a great color choice with green on the ceiling and just a bit of teal in the towels.

White and Yellow Bathroom

In an entirely different look, this eclectic bath takes yellow tile onto the floor in a charming traditional pattern. Golden yellow still touches the wall in the form of an ornately framed painting–unexpected and dramatic.

Yellow and Gray Nursery

Yellow is perfect for the eclectic nursery. The color of sunshine brings this baby’s room to life.

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How do you use yellow in your eclectic spaces? We’d love to hear from you on our Facebook page.

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Fun with Kitchen Decor: Canisters

May 15th, 2014

Remember this beautiful and inviting country kitchen from last week’s post on colorful ideas for the kitchen? Those decorative objects on the room’s open shelves got us thinking about containers, specifically kitchen canisters. This mix of pastel and clear canisters is perfect for a cozy farmhouse kitchen. Likewise, there are canister designs for just about any style kitchen from sleek contemporary to lively Bohemian.

Kitchen Canistersvia

 Take a look at some of our favorite kitchen canister finds.

Kitchen Canisters

Ceramic canisters are an appropriate choice for contemporary kitchens. This stripy set would also be perfect for a Mid-Century retro style space.

Kitchen Canisters

Is your style coastal chic? These beauties are perfect in watery blue glass with sea life topped metal lids.

 Kitchen Canisters

For the nature-inspired kitchen, antiqued butterfly jars make perfect canisters for the countertop or open shelf.

Kitchen Canisters

Vintage style clear glass canisters are perfect for country or farmhouse kitchens. Grandmother would approve of this embossed set.

Kitchen Canisters

Vintage labels adorn these antiqued metal containers with wood lids. How good would these look on the counter top?

 Kitchen Canisters

Canisters with a canine motif are stealing the decorative container spotlight right now. This vintage style set is sure to grab it’s share of attention.

 Kitchen Canisters

Need color? Stylish and fun in glossy red, this classic trio will add a burst of bold color wherever it’s displayed.

 Kitchen Canisters

Sometimes a pale neutral color in a classic design is just right for the traditional kitchen. (This cream colored canister set is temporarily out of stock, but you can sign up to be notified just as soon as it’s again available.)

Discover more canisters and canister sets from our kitchen decor collection.



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Irresistibly Colorful Ideas for the Kitchen

May 8th, 2014

Color in the kitchen can make the home chef’s work more enjoyable. Whether you have a white kitchen that needs a kick of color or you’re looking to upgrade with a new tile backsplash, you’ve come to the right place for inspiration. Today, we have some irresistibly colorful ideas to share with you. When it comes to the kitchen, consider adding color in large doses or small with cabinetry, lighting, tile, decorative accessories, dinnerware, cookware–whatever sparks your interest.

Colorful Kitchen

Easy does it with a lovely array of colorful touches in this irresistible modern kitchen. Nostalgia abounds with Eames shell chairs and retro dinnerware and tabletop accessories. Pastel shutters at the windows are awesome, don’t you think?

Colorful Kitchen

One often asked question is how can you add color to a sleek contemporary white kitchen in a lofty brick and rustic wood setting? Try brightly painted metal counter stools and a grouping of colorful glass pendant lights.

Colorful Kitchen

Have a craving for temporary color in the kitchen? This country style eat-in kitchen offers lots of colorful ideas, from vintage containers to drapery panels and comfy cushions.

Colorful Kitchen

Gorgeous colors, from pastels to brilliant green and turquoise make a beautiful design statement in this most appealing modern kitchen.

Colorful Kitchen

If you love color day after day, a glass tile backsplash in your favorite color is definitely a semi-permanent option. These watery hues look beautiful with green and yellow accents.

Colorful Kitchen

Open shelves are a great place to add color to a neutral kitchen. Cobalt blue cookware seems right at home among clear glassware and white dishes and serving pieces. Don’t you love the white antique enamel tea kettle?

Colorful Kitchen

Love your dark and moody kitchen, but crave a dash of color? Try this look by adding a metal desk lamp in a bright hue and a contrasting decorative glass object or two on the counter top. Here, red and blue do the trick.

Colorful Kitchen

Give your black and white kitchen a color boost at the door, literally on the door. Choose your favorite brilliant hue to add the excitement of color to any kitchen for the price of can of paint. We love it!

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How have you added irresistible color to your kitchen? We’d love to hear from you on our Facebook page.

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Must-Have Home Accessories: Metallics

May 1st, 2014

Continuing to trend strongly again this year, accent furniture and decorative home accessories with metallic finishes are at the top of many must-have lists for 2014. Today, we’re bringing you metallics from Tozai Home–new arrivals that offer gold and silver finishes in elegant and sophisticated designs to fulfill your wish list dreams.

Metallic Candle Holders

In a beautiful blend of gold and silver gilt on glass, this set of four candleholders and vase is just right for a glam master bath, guest bathroom or powder room.

Bamboo Bar Set

For those who crave a bit of Asian style in their bar accessories, this Golden Bamboo pitcher and ice bucket should work beautifully.

Metallic Ice Bucket

Another glamorous addition for your modern bar accessories collection is this Golden Bamboo champagne cooler–a blend of gold and silvery metallic perfection.

Metallic Pedestal Stand

Just right for those who love a more traditional style with a fresh updated look, these classic pedestals stand will had shimmery metallic appeal to tabletop vignettes.

Foliage Dishes

Never have enough of those versatile flat dishes? With this set of ten leafy beauties, you can fulfill your wish for golden metal accessories and keep up with another one of the latest home decor trends–botanical elements are showing up in all sorts of places.

Turquoise and Metallic Tray

These contemporary ceramic trays in turquoise with golden accents are both beautiful and practical. With a lively metallic zig zag design on an ever-popular turquoise background, these colorful trays will immediately capture your attention.

Gilt Planter Pot

Perfect for any room from the foyer to the kitchen, study, bedroom or bath, these golden-toned planter pots offer tons of possibilities. Where would you choose to display them?

Contemporary Vase

 Here’s one last offering especially for those who love contemporary and whimsical decorative accessories. With just two touches of metallic gold, these white vases handpainted with black dots and red stripes will impress and add a lively vibe to modern spaces..

Interested in seeing more from Tozai Home? Check out our brand page here.

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Decor Inspiration: What to do with a Wall

April 24th, 2014

Our apartment has walls. Your home has walls. Every house has walls. Question is what to do with those walls. Will you leave them in their natural “blank canvas” state or will you do something really special with them? It isn’t difficult to elevate a plain wall. All that’s required is a creative idea, a plan and a budget that can range from barely existent to over the top depending on the scale of your vision. And of course, don’t forget the work (Will you do it yourself or hire a professional?) it takes to implement the project. Ready to get started? Here are some of our favorite things to do with a wall.

Colorful Wall

Paint. Painted accent walls are nothing new, but the brilliant hues sprayed, rolled and brushed on them just might be surprising. We love them.

Colorful Wall

Color block or graphic designs. If you love bold color, go all out with wide swaths of your favorite hues, painted directly on the wall or in a massive piece of modern art.

Wallpapered Wall

Wallpaper. From treasured traditional patterns with roots in China or France to whimsical contemporary papers that never take themselves to seriously, a wall covered in paper can make a big design statement.

Bookcase Wall

Bookshelves. Cover a wall with floor to ceiling shelves and you can have both beauty and functionality–a place for storage and display. Think outside the box when considering shelves for any style room. What a clever design idea this is,

Mirror Wall Gallery

Mirrors. A chocolate wall filled with a fabulous mirror collection can be stunning. Gold is the unifying element in this captivating wall of mirrors–gold frames in all sorts of shapes, widths and finishes.

Striped Wall

Stripes. Woodwork. Draperies. Here we have three wall ideas in one room. Stripes in all their interesting variations, wainscoting painted in a brilliant hue, and floor to ceiling (and wall to wall) drapery panels are all clever things to do with a wall. Individually they’re each a great idea, used together they can create a stunning look.

Tiled Wall

Tile. Everyone knows tile is a beautiful and incredibly functional material to cover a kitchen or bathroom wall. But, who knew what a bold design statement black subway tile could make in a modern living room? We’re going to pursue this line of thought.

Wall Gallery

Art gallery. Covering a wall with art may not be a new idea, but it seems talented interior designers, homeowners and apartment dwellers never run out of new and interesting ways to create that gallery wall. Earlier this year we shared a post about gallery walls. Be sure to check out “Gallery Walls: The Trend That is Here to Stay.”

1  |  2  |  3  |  4  |  5  |  6  |  7  |  8

What have you done to decorate and elevate your walls? Please share with us on our Facebook page.

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Decorative Accessories: Pretty Pillows

April 17th, 2014

Pillows, pillows and more pillows. Some of us never get enough of these easy breezy decorative accessories. They offer limitless possibilities for quickly updating a space that’s a bit tired with a case of leftover wintertime blues. Whether you want to add a single new pillow that’s captured your attention or it’s time to make a clean sweep and bring in a whole new collection for summer, throw pillows are a quick design fix. Here are some of our favorites from Arcadian Home. Enjoy!

Pretty Pillows

Coastal chic pillows often come in watery blue hues, but these four beauties evoke thoughts of sandy beaches. Sea life in white takes on a lacy almost ethereal quality on the sandy background.

Pretty Pillows

Tone on tone colors like this are perfect for summer rooms. This ball fringe-trim Neuvo Fan pillow shows off the paler side of brown.

 Pretty Pillows

Blue tigers don’t appear in nature, but this embroidered blue tiger stripe is a stunning whimsical take on the ever popular animal print,

Pretty PillowsThis Monet inspired pattern makes a stunning throw pillow for the sofa or bed. How perfect would it be in guest room as a very special decorative accent?

Pretty Pillows

Need brilliant summery color to bring your all white room to life? This Bird Fantasy collection is embroidered in bright hues on a white background–color and pattern perfection.

Pretty Pillows

Never have a good place to stash those gorgeous pillows? This simple but elegant metal pillow fixture might just be the solution you’re looking for. It corrals pillows and protects them, while leaving them on display.

Pretty Pillows

Do you love a few rustic touches in your formal rooms? These homespun square pillows should suit beautifully as they will add restrained pattern and appealing texture to sofa and chairs.

Pretty Pillows

Perhaps a delicate peacock feather pattern is more your style. With a uniques color combination of Khaki + Tan + Espresso + Atlantic Blue + Teal Green + Red, this Surya accent pillow is simply beautiful.

Craving even more pretty pillows? Check out our entire collection of pillows at Arcadian Home.


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