Use Gallery Walls to Create Visual Interest

April 23rd, 2015

Want to bring a blank wall to life? Try creating visual interest with a gallery wall infused with your own personal style. Favorite photographs, botanical prints, colorful and whimsical artwork–you choose what makes you happy and hang a perfect and totally unique gallery wall. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Foyer Gallery Wall

Gallery walls come in all shapes and sizes. Here, botanical prints in identical frames with white matting are hung in an three rows of four above a foyer console table. Did you take note of the unexpected blue velvet pumpkins?

Living Room Gallery Wall

This gallery wall is hung in an intriguing pattern of barely controlled chaos. But, that seems just right in the charming vintage space.

Living Room Gallery Wall

Three rows times three columns equals nine identically framed and matted pieces in this living room gallery wall. Splashes of color work well in this neutral space.

Dining Nook Gallery Wall

Variety means visual interest in this dining nooks’s gallery wall. Photographic art, whimsical prints and a touch of typography bring this tiny space to life.

Bedroom Gallery Wall

This traditional bedroom is all about natural elements.. From the soft green and brown palette to the vintage bird prints, Mother Nature provided inspiration for this relaxing space.

Bedroom Gallery Wall

This glam bedroom shows off personal style in a lovely gallery wall that literally goes wall to wall and floor to ceiling.

Playroom Gallery Wall

A child’s playroom is the perfect place for a whimsical gallery wall. Colorful framed prints are hung on a charming papered wall.

Bathroom Gallery Room

This bathroom gallery wall is stunning against a black background. Colors pop and so do mismatched frames. Don’t you think this is a great look?


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New Lights: Dazzling Chandeliers

April 16th, 2015

Sparkling globes. Elegant shaded beauties. Dazzling crystal encrusted drums. These are just a few of the fabulous new chandelier looks we’re excited to share with you today. Perfect for the dining room, foyer and beyond, these lights will delight from morning to night. We hope you enjoy exploring their beauty as much as we did.

Elegant ChandelierElk Lighting Zebula Crystal Chandelier is a stunner in polished gold with steel wires and crystal beads–artfully twisted and swirled to delight the eye.

Elegant Chandelier

With a drum shade in silk and sweeping clear crystal dangles, the Fredrick Ramond Camilla Chandelier is elegance personified.

Elegant Chandelier

True to its name, the Hinkley Lighting Gatsby Chandelier is reminiscent of the accordion-style elevator gate of that retro modern period. It’s fabulous finished in heritage brass.

Elegant Chandelier

From Murray Feiss, the Colorado Springs Traditional Chandelier is a rustic meets modern design of steel and crystal. We’ve seen this one called the ultimate in mountain cabin luxe or urban loft glam.

Elegant Chandelier

With a tangle of aqua bubbles floating on gleaming metal circles, this Regina Andrew Design Bubbles Aqua Chandelier is an ideal addition to a modern or contemporary space.

Elegant Chandelier

From Maxim Lighting comes the Orbit Transitional Chandelier. Lovely crystals hang in a most appealing way inside a spherical metal cage.

Elegant Chandelier

Delicate metal arms imbue the Murray Feiss Hartsville Transitional Chandelier with an elegant flowing style. From modern farmhouse to coastal chic cottage, this beautiful chandelier will captivate.

Elegant Chandelier

Another Murray Feiss design, the Stonesend Chandelier will create elegance and intrigue in any modern or contemporary space. Though this lovely light fixture is currently out of stock, it’s certainly worth waiting for. It’s easy to get notified when this beauty is again available. Click on the image above to see how.

Remember you can get more details about any of these beautiful chandeliers. Just click on the image.

Want to see more new lighting? Arcadian Home has you covered.

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Elegant Dining Rooms with Fabulous Chandeliers

April 9th, 2015

Take your dining room from pretty to perfect with a fabulous chandelier. No matter the size, any dining room in most any style can be made more striking with a chandelier over the table. From minuscule to massive, chandeliers always seem to be the focal points of the dining rooms that capture the eye and feed the soul. Here are some of our favorites:

Elegant Dining Room

Elegant and spacious, this stylish dining room is made warm and inviting with a myriad of textiles and a bit glam with a traditional chandelier.

Elegant Dining Room

Completely captivating, we love everything about this contemporary dining room with its lovely brass chandelier. How amazing are those gently curved chair backs?

Elegant Dining Room

This charming traditional dining room is taken to another level by a massive beaded chandelier.

Elegant Dining Room

With a soaring ceiling and large, yet delicate chandelier, this neutral light-filled dining room is all about casual elegance.

Elegant Dining Room

On a much more intimate scale, this sophisticated dining space features a lovely settee and a chandelier of much smaller proportions.

Elegant Dining Room

This fabulous rectangular chandelier is a brilliant design choice for a chic modern dining room. A lovely shade of blue don’t you think?

Elegant Dining Room

No formal dining room? No problem. A small dining space with big impact features black and white stripes, crisp white paint and a showstopper traditional chandelier.

Elegant Dining Room

What a cool and colorful dining room! We love the brilliant colors, the patchwork rug underfoot and the glass and brass chandelier above.

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Home Accents with a Touch of Typography

April 2nd, 2015


In a recent post we talked about decorating with letters and words. Today we’re sharing some of the beautiful and interesting home decor accessories Arcadian Home offers that include a touch of typography. From wall art that celebrates iconic roadways to wooden articulating hands covered with engraved quotes, there’s something for every decor style. Have fun!


Letters and Words


Colorful and nostalgic, this Ventura Freeway wall art would enhance the walls of any game room or other space that needs a splash of roadway or vintage auto color.

Letters and Words

We’re still going with the vintage roadway theme here with a rustic weathered tribute to the iconic Route 66.


Letters and Words


At once contemporary and retro this “soda” wall art will capture your vintage loving heart and enliven your kitchen or game room.


Letters and Words


And now we’re back to  Route 66–this time with a wooden wall clock that looks like cool rusted metal. Just right for any lover of vintage decor.


Letters and Words


Flowers on a romantic background of the written word. So suitable for contemporary or shabby chic spaces.


Letters and Words


Stacked birds with appealing script writing is an entirely different by to add a touch of typography to your home. This blue ceramic jar pure eye-appeal with a lid.


Letters and Words


We haven’t talked about the ever popular decorative pillow with a touch of typography. These puffy beauties are sure to be the focal point on your sofa or bed. Don’t you love the one that says “Be the person your dog thinks you are” setting a lofty goal to aspire to?

Letters and Words

A perfect addition to any media, this movie clapper keeper is sure to please any movie buff.


Letters and Words


Just right for the person who has everything, these articulating wood hands are embossed with quotes–a great use of typography in home decor.

Remember, you can click on any image to learn more about that particular item. See all of Arcadian Home’s decorative accessories here.


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Decorating with Letters & Words

March 26th, 2015

From single letters arranged in a visually pleasing way to inspirational sayings, typography remains a popular way to add visual interest to the interior (and exterior) of today’s homes. Typography crosses all style lines, from appealing vintage to chic and stylish contemporary. For your inspiration, here are eight charming ways to use letters and words in home decor:


Welcome guests with an organic monogram. Here, one of today’s trending hues makes a vibrant design statement. Colorful succulents coralled  inside a massive “k” are fabulous at the front door.


Whether by deliberant choice or random good luck, this collection of letters of the alphabet is displayed in a most visually appealing way.


Color and pattern abound at the end of a long hallway. We love this captivating look.


Vintage or reproduction metal signs are often used to create retro appeal in the kitchen.


Chalkboard and typography is an appealing combination as seen here in a vintage dining room.


Black and white wallpaper shows off a wide range of fonts in this clever bathroom update–at once chic and stylish.


A sweet kids’ room takes us down by the sea with words. What an appealing look this is!


And lastly, here’s an inspirational kick start to the morning routine that can’t be ignored. How stylishly clever is this cutout typography?


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How do you use typography to decorate your home? Share with us on Facebook.

Coastal Style: Decorative Accessories & Accents

March 19th, 2015

Whether you’re headed to the beach or bringing coastal-inspired style to your home in the city,  you can easily show off your stylish and fun side with decorative accessories and accents. Today, we’re sharing ideas from the beach and ocean–ranging from vintage looks to elegant coastal cool. We hope you enjoy!



Coastal Wall Art


Add a touch of vintage beachy fun with this weathered wood sign. It’s the perfect beginning for a room with coastal style.


Coastal Wall Art


A transitional piece of wall art with a charming vintage feel, this colorful take on beach umbrellas will make you smile.


Watercolor Pendant

If subtle coastal is your style, consider this hanging light. A watercolor drum shade gives an appealing illusion of watery movement. This chic pendant is would work in just about any room.

Coastal Buoys

Bring a nautical look into any interior space with this trio of colorful glass buoys suspended in woven fishnet-like rope. Hang anywhere a touch of blue glass is needed.


Shell Tabletop Accesories


Nothing says coastal like fabulously colored seashells. These glass plates with their shell-inspired shape and color are created for that special place whether it’s on the dining table or the bedside table.


Fish Rug


Add color and design from the sea with this cool school of fish on the floor. We don’t often think of wool when searching for coastal accents, but it merges beautiful in this rug.

Coastal Bird Sculptures

Coastal birds are an elegant restrained way to infuse coastal style into any space. This pair is elegantly sculpted in wrought iron.


Casual Shelf


Looking for the perfect little shelf for your coastal chic room. This blue one’s a great fit for the living room, dining room or bedroom.


Please remember you can click on any image above to get more details about that particular item.


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Just a Touch of Cool Coastal Chic

March 12th, 2015

Coastal chic is a refreshing interior design and decorating style that appeals to many of us, whether we live in a beach house near the water or a penthouse apartment with a city view. As summer nears or winter approaches, thoughts turn to seaside memories and dreams of the ideal coastal chic house. For your design inspiration, today we’re highlighting rooms with a touch of coastal chic.

Coastal Chic Entryway

Elegant and stylish, this slightly formal entryway goes a bit whimsical with a surfboard and vintage bathing suit art.

Coastal Chic Living Room

A warm and inviting living room, with a palette pulled from the beach and the water, goes glamorous with silver seashells and deep blue coral.

Coastal Chic Dining Room

Gorgeous in white, this airy dining room gets its touch of coastal chic entirely from the watery view just outside the wall of windows.

Coastal Chic Kitchen

Any kitchen can be given a touch of coastal chic with glass subway tiles in cool watery colors. This one takes the backsplash all the way from counter top to ceiling.

Coastal Chic Bedroom

How appealing is this soft blue and white bedroom? A simple piece of coral adds a touch of coastal chic.

Coastal Chic Bath

Watery blue metallic wallpaper is just right for a coastal bath or powder room. Color evokes the sea–no shells or seahorses needed here. It’s simply stylish.

Coastal Chic Desk

A beautiful eclectic space goes coastal chic with a woven desk and churning seascape. We love this look.

Coastal Chic Deck

We leave you with this image to fuel your dreams of coastal chic style and a lovely outdoor space to make memories by the sea.

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Pinterest in the Morning: 8 Great Decor Images

March 5th, 2015

For many, checking out Pinterest has become a morning ritual. Today, we’re sharing eight delightful Pinterest finds that grabbed our attention recently. From the entryway to the closet door, there are interesting ideas around every corner. We hope you are inspired by these diverse decor images.

Foyer Maps


Maps just got framed and are used to create a very successful worldly look in this home’s foyer.


Pink and Gold


Aren’t these colors great companions? Layered rugs are so “in” right now and these are gorgeous in deep pink and gold.

 2015 Color Palette


Better Homes & Gardens picked this as their 2015 Color Palette of the year. Looks like we have another “must try” gray to add to our list of background colors for the wall.


Jewel Tone Velvets


This one grabbed us at first sight. We love velvet and this range of pillows is jewel-tone perfection. Just look at that red beauty.

 Closet Jewelry Drawer


Which is more perfect? Is it the pink jewelry drawer or those fabulous slanted shoe shelves? Can’t decide? Then, perhaps you can use both ideas in your dream closet.


Closet Door Display


What a clever idea! Paint the closet door and add all sorts of hangers. This is a lovely way to display tomorrow’s outfit and accessories.

 Pink Party Parosals


We are captivated by this awesome party setting. Hanging those totally feminine pink parasols from the ceiling is a brilliant idea.


Adorable Pink Bedroom


This sweet bedroom in shades of pink gives new meaning to the phrase “under starry skies.” That wallpaper on the ceiling is a fantastic finishing touching.


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What’s your all-time favorite Pinterest decor image? Share with us on Facebook.

New From Crestview Collection: Table Lamps

February 25th, 2015

Today, we’re happy to share some of the exciting new table lamps from Crestview Collection. Among our latest additions are these beautiful and intriguing lights. From elegant and sophisticated to modern and industrial, there’s a new lamp just right for every design aesthetic and every space:

Table Lamp


With flowing curves and captivating texture, the Vita lamp merges an antique silver finish and charcoal linen in a most appealing way.


Gears Table Lamp


The Gears lamp brings industrial style to the tabletop and the living room or den. A natural linen shade works well with the metal-look gears on the base.


Table Lamp


A modern take on the mighty buffalo straight from the plains of the American West of yesteryear. This Range lamp is a great stylized look.


Table Lamp


Twists and turns take this Coventry lamp to new heights. Showing off lots of visual interest in a silverleaf finish, it rests atop a layered square base with a touch of clear beauty.


Table Lamp


Aptly named Wings, this lovely lamp is finished in “toasted silver” and topped with a beautiful taupe silk shade. Isn’t it gorgeous?


Table Lamp

The Sheffield traditional table lamp is all about understated beauty and elegant style with antique brass accents and “mushroom” pleated silk shade.

Table Lamp


For the truck lover and those with a longing for a reminder of the simpler times gone by, this lamp named “Welltraveled” is and sports a rustic red finish and natural linen shade.


Table Lamp


Another lamp in red is the Lillian transitional style lamp with a charming floral motif on the resin base and topped with a jaunty shade accented with red vertical stripes.

Remember to click on any image above to learn more about that particular item. To see all the beautiful offerings from the Crestview Collection simply choose “Brands” on the front page of Arcadian Home and then select Crestview Collection from the left sidebar.

What’s your favorite? We would love to hear what you think on Facebook.

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Vintage Styling in the Kitchen

January 29th, 2015

Whether you have an actual vintage kitchen or a modern one for which you crave a little vintage good looks, it’s easy to decorate with bits and pieces from the past. No treasured collections to display, then search for new home decor accessories that just look like they could have been handed down through generations to you. We hope you enjoy and are inspired by the kitchens below:

Vintage Kitchen

Soften kitchen decor with fresh flowers. Get instant impact with a bouquet of pink bloom. Easy does it. An armful of similar blooms can be beautiful tucked into a vase.

Vintage Kitchen

A rustic, slightly industrial kitchen vignette sets the tone for this vintage kitchen with white walls.

Vintage Kitchen

A narrow shelf above the corner windows is a nice place to stash a collection of white vases. Vintage fabric pattern is a charming contrast.

Vintage Kitchen

Vivid color accents this vintage kitchen. Casual bouquets of mixed flowers from the garden can brighten a room immediately.

Vintage Kitchen

Collected treasures are used to style these shelves and the chest top below. Show off your collections rather than hide them away behind cabinet doors.

Vintage Kitchen

Open and airy, this dining area at the end of the kitchen is the perfect spot to start the day. We love the repurposed chest that create a nice little nook for a bench.

Vintage Kitchen

A collection of mixing bowls and tureens is just the thing for these open kitchen shelves.

Vintage Kitchen

Going all white can bring drama to open shelves in the kitchen. Iron shelf brackets add a touch of feminine style to the shelving above.


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Is vintage your look? Let us see how you’ve used it in your home. Share with us on our Facebook page.

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