Decor Inspiration: Throws for Every Room

November 13th, 2014

Warm and cozy, soft throws are often associated with getting rooms ready for fall and winter, but they’re actually great for decorating throughout the year. We think they’re beautiful decorative accents for just about any space and every style. Kept within easy reach, throws are great for cozy reading or watching television. Artfully displayed, they’re a beautiful and easy way to add color and texture to sofas, beds and chaise lounges, too.

Throws in Decor

 In a basket in the entryway or added to a comfortable reading nook under the stairs, throws can bring in lots of texture and visual appeal.

Throws in Decor

A delicate cashmere throw is perfect for a formal space like this or a light and airy contemporary living room.

Throws in Decor

We’re thinking beach house style for fall or winter. Lots of woven and faux fur throws add a most inviting look to this cool space.

Throws in Decor

A comfortable chaise lounge in a cozy corner is casually styled with a warm throw and pretty pillows. It’s an idyllic spot for reading and relaxing.

Throws in Decor

A large throw in a brilliant hue is a beautifully easy way to add color and texture to a pale bedroom. This fringed throw is just right for the foot of the bed, but could also be draped across the nearby window seat.

Throws in Decor

Carefully chosen throws are always welcome in baby’s first room. Used as a decorative accessory or a practical and cozy addition to Mom and Dad’s rocking chair, throws make for a more inviting look in the nursery.

Throws in Decor

From toddler to teen room, a colorful and cozy throw is always a favorite decorative accent that makes for a more warm and comfortable space.

Throws in Outdoor Rooms

Outdoor rooms can be made more beautiful and comfortable with the addition of warm throws. This dream home porch is so inviting with stripped throw pillows and plaid fringed throw. Isn’t it a great look?


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Craving Color: Brilliantly Beautiful Turquoise

November 6th, 2014


From the palest of pales to deep vibrant hues, turquoise can give interior spaces an infusion of appealing color that’s hard to resist. Turquoise knows no style bounds. From beach house beauty to glam modern, this awesome blue in all its lovely shades feels just right for any style interior, or exterior, as we’ll see next.


What could be more inviting than cool turquoise at the front door? We think the door itself, the glazed pots and the stairs give a glimpse of what might be waiting inside.


Who knew a turquoise ceiling could be so stunning? Toss pillows on the loveseats bring that gorgeous color down into the room. At once neutral and filled with vibrant color, is that even possible?


Turquoise and lime make for a companionable color duo. From the captivating wall art to the chunky lamps and colorful vase collection, we love everything about this space. All that color and glam mirrored sideboard too, it doesn’t get better than this.


From soft blue walls to a lovely mix of watery hues in the wall art, this stunning corner is awash in captivating color.


A gray and white bedroom design is elevated by turquoise accents. Sometimes a restrained use of this gorgeous color is just right. Want to go for a mini-retreat this weekend? This would be the ideal spot.

Turquoise Chest

Can you say totally terrific turquoise? This charming bedroom is all about pale neutrals and striking color with meticulous attention to details. This one is utterly irresistible, don’t you think?

Turquoise Kitchen Island

We started this post with turquoise at the front door and as you can see, it’s just as beautiful at the back door. We think you’ll be seeing totally terrific turquoise everywhere you look today. Have fun!

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Is turquoise one of your favorite colors? Have you used it to accent your rooms? We’d love to hear from you on Facebook?

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Decorating with Layers of Pattern and Color

October 30th, 2014

Want to bring your living spaces to life? It’s easy to create comfortable and inviting rooms with layers of color and pattern. Wether you choose pale colors and subtle patterns or vivid hues and swaths of bold pattern, layering can help  infuse your home with beauty and your own unique personality. Today, we’re sharing a diverse collection of rooms made better by layers of pattern and color. Please enjoy.

 Pattern in Decor

Ostriches bury their heads in the sand in the background while a soft textural Moroccan rug is spread underfoot. An unexpected design duo that creates the setting for layers of pattern and color in this stunning foyer. Orange shows up in the wall art in close proximity to contemporary black and white fabric on the French armchairs.

Layered Pattern

Pattern and color reign is this grand hallway. Overlapping these brightly hued rugs creates a lovely irresistible layered effect.

Layered Pattern in Decor

Radiant orchid and orange are used in appealing layers. From the contemporary flower power rug to the delicate all-over pattern covering the daybed to the piles of charming pillows strewn across it, this space is all about a vibrant ethnic look.

Layered Pattern in Decor

Each of these colorful layers could be found as an accent in a traditional room, but all pulled together in a single space they create a beautiful layered look that’s hard to resist.

Layered Pattern in Decor

Layers of muted color and tropical pattern provide a lovely background for this vibrant pink cotton bedspread. Feels like a most inviting getaway doesn’t it?

Layered Pattern in Decor

From tiny pink prints to brilliant yellow coverlet and bold tent stripes on the walls and ceiling, this little girl’s room is filled with layers of charming pattern and color.

Layered Pattern in Decor

With stunning pink wallpaper, vibrant wall art and jaunty fringed throw, this corner vignette is chic and stylish in layers of beauty.

Pattern and Color Outdoors

Even in outdoor spaces, layers of color and pattern can make for a lively environment–perfect for food and fun from spring to fall.


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What’s New? Pendant Lights to Love

October 23rd, 2014

Thinking about updating your interior spaces for the holidays? Do those updates include light fixtures? As you may already know, here at Arcadian Home we’re always thinking about lighting. We couldn’t resist the temptation to share some of our new pendant lights with you today. These gorgeous designs are suitable for every room, including the entryway, kitchen, living room, dining room, bedroom and bath. It was difficult to choose just a few from among so many beautiful new arrivals, but we finally chose the following:

Pendant Light

A caged pendant light of an entirely different sort, the Cesto Pendant Light with its refined metal-encased shade will add a touch of glamorous style to modern rooms.

Pendant Light

A delicate chromed wire frame swirls around the crystal-like tubular center of the stunning Anastasia Pendant Light. Where would you use a pair of these perfect little lights?

Pendant Lights

The Orion Pendant Light is composed of a trio of elegant crystal encrusted rectangular hanging lights. The Orion is sure to add a bit of romance wherever it’s hung.

Round Pendant Light

Combining a heavy glass shade with tiny dangling crystals creates lighting magic in the Malibu Pendant Light. From the foyer to the bath, this lovely light will bring beauty to just about any room.

Black Pendant Light

All dark and moody, the handsome Bel Air Pendant Light is designed with a shiny metallic inner core surrounded by ribbons of black brushed aluminum. Exceptionally suitable for spaces that require a bit of mystery and glam style.

Metal and Glass Pendant Light

The Greenwich Pendant Light with its trio of glass shaded lights is at once chic and modern with just a hint of much sought after  industrial style.

Bowl Pendant Light

For those who love clean simple lines in their lighting, the Kendall Pendant Light is chic and stylish with a lovely alabaster bowl-shaped shade. Hung by a satin finished platinum chain, the Kendall would be perfect above a tiny round table for two, don’t you think?

Ball Pendant Light

An interesting new take on the ever-popular hanging sphere, the Pandora Pendant Light is encased in circular crystals set in shiny wire frames. This fixture also comes in other lovely shapes and sizes.


Remember you can click on any image above to learn more about that particular pendant light.

You can see all of the new pendant lights we’ve just added to our collection here.

Which pendant light captures your attention and your imagination? We would love to hear from you on Facebook.

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Decor Inspiration: Livable Spaces

October 16th, 2014

What makes a home livable for you? Great functionality? Color? Comfortable furnishings? Beautiful decorative accessories? Perhaps it’s all of those elements merged into one amazing design. Today’s post features spaces that we think are very livable for a variety of reasons. We hope you’ll take a look and see what you think. Please enjoy!

Open Living Space

Open and airy, this light-filled living space is multi-functional and brought to life with pops of bold red, Would this home be livable for you?

Retro Living Room

For those who love an eclectic environment, this vintage home with a lovely retro look would do very nicely. Are you noticing the great checks and plaids popping up in rooms of all sorts, from contemporary to Bohemian?

Inviting Guest Room

Warm and cozy and so inviting, this guest room seems quite livable even with its low ceiling. The combination of antiques and a chic modern bed and bedding is captivating and so visually interesting.

Spacious Industrial Kitchen

This large kitchen seems to have lots of commercial grade appliances, but the real center of attention is a fabulous table that serves as central island and dining table. Its distressed yellow paint makes a bold statement–an irresistible look.

Cool Kitchen

This captivating kitchen is livable on so many levels. Functionality and rustic beauty are punctuated with vibrant color and the sleek lines of contemporary counter stools.

Beautiful Kitchen

This large open kitchen offers modern appliances, dual prep areas with deep sinks and a charming pale gray color palette. Very livable wouldn’t you say?

Colorful Children's Room

Color reigns in this children’s bedroom. At once chic and whimsical, this lively space would please both parents and the kids who get to enjoy this cool room.

Relaxing Terrace

Outdoor spaces make homes of all kinds much more livable. Potted plants and brilliant yellow Butterfly chairs help create a pleasant terrace getaway.


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What’s your favorite livable space? We would love to hear from you on Facebook?

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Bold Decor: Pops & Splashes of Orange

October 9th, 2014

Fall foliage can be stunning, as trees turn from green to brilliant color combinations including an amazing array of orange hues. Naturally our thoughts have turned to orange for inspiration in home decor projects. Last week’s post here at Arcadian Home Blog was entitled “8 Ways to Decorate with Orange.” Today, we’re excited to share some of our home decor accessories that can bring pops and splashes orange into autumn-inspired interior spaces. Enjoy!

Orange Bedroom


This color-infused bedroom is awash in bold color that could have come straight from nature’s changing of the seasons with a few splashes of watery blues.

Pops of Orange

These irresistible resin cows seem to have leapt from that colorful space above. What’s not to love about a trio of silver cows all dressed up in their colorful finery with pops of orange?

Orange and Gray Rustic Pitcher

For those who love a rustic look, this orange and antique khaki pitcher should work nicely. With an appealing bird and vine design, it’s perfect to show off your orange side of the color spectrum.

Orange Wall Art

Some forests turn fiery orange and red in the autumn. Here’s a piece wall art that’s the epitome of that brilliant display of color.

Orange Accents

Orange, red and yellow swirl and flow around this gorgeous Barcelona Fire shag rug. Rather than a pop or a splash of orange, this is an explosion of color for the floor.

Orange Floral Pillows

In a more restrained use of orange and other fall colors, this floral toss pillow is a perfect way to add pattern to a pile of solid colored pillows on the sofa or the bed.

Orange and White Chevron Lamps

This pair  of chevron lamps shows off an orange of a different sort, a lovely deep shade of blood orange inspired by the tasty fruit of the same name. It’s a perfect blending of orange and red.

Orange Tabletop Bird

Is it a bird or is it a vase? Both actually. And it’s a lovely way to add a pop of orange to any room, from the foyer to the kitchen or bath. With or without a floral stem, it’s a beautiful modern touch.

Orange Glass Vases

Bold and brilliant, this pair of art glass gourd vases is a fabulous way to bring an appealing orange hue into a modern or contemporary space.


See something you love above? Just click on the image to learn more about that particular ornage accent piece.

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8 Ways to Decorate with Orange

October 2nd, 2014

At once vibrant, bold and bright, orange can bring a warm and cozy, inviting look to home decor. From the front door to the bath, orange’s many brilliant hues can infuse interior and exterior spaces with a happy vibe. Here are some of our favorite ways to bring orange home:

Orange Door

This brilliant orange front door is spectacular with brass hardware. Welcome to my house!

Orange Stairs

Bold and beautiful, a white staircase gets an orange makeover in a big way with this fiery color running up the steps. Repeating the vibrant hue as a stripe just above the baseboard means double visual impact.

Orange Living Room Accents

This living room with a warm sandy color palette is treated to the magic of color with an orange leather pouf and an array of pillows in lovely autumn hues.

Orange Living Room

Not for the faint of heart, going bold with orange upholstery in this modern living room makes a powerful design statement. This is color commitment at its best.

Gray and Orange Kitchen

Celosia orange and deep charcoal gray make for a most companionable color pairing. This stylish kitchen is a perfect example of the extremely successful use of orange in interior spaces.

Studio Apartment Orange Accents

What a clever use of orange in a small living space! This tiny studio apartment gets a bold splash of bright orange with this most functional sliding door that closes off the sleeping area.

Orange Bedroom Accents

Not ready to commit to bigger or more permanent splashes of orange in your rooms? Consider adding a few pops of this vibrant color with textiles like these. A woven lampshade also shows its affinity for orange in this warm and cozy bedroom.

Blue and Orange Bathroom

Orange and deep blue with crisp white come together beautifully to create a chic color combination in this vintage bath.

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Decor for Boys: Colorful Decorative Accessories

September 25th, 2014

For a very long time, blue has been the color palette of choice for boys’ rooms. We don’t think that trend is going away any time soon. Blues of all sorts seem just right for walls, rugs, bedding and decorative accessories. However, as you see below, blue plays well with many other accent colors. Think bright primary hues on a background of pale blue or a lovely mix of softer colors for an altogether different look. Here’s what we’re loving today:

Blue Boys Roomvia

Sky blue walls and pristine white woodwork are the backdrop for darker blue and bright red accents in this cheerful boy’s bedroom.

Blue Animal Print Rug

With a lively contemporary pattern, this blue and white hand-tufted wool rug would be perfect on the floor in a boy’s bedroom or playroom.

Kid Size Table and Chairs

We’ve fallen for this great folding  table and chairs–a pint-size version of the quintessential card table set. Aren’t the colors simply captivating?

Red Plastic Dog Chair for Kids

The modern pup kid’s chair is cute in red. We think this little seat would be a brilliant addition to baby’s first room.

ABCs Rug

A clever way to teach the abc’s, this wool rug has an appealing vintage feel about it. This alphabet rug could become the focal point in a nursery, child’s bedroom or playroom.

Colorful Space Theme Ceiling Light


Fueling dreams of space travel, this child’s ceiling light fixture is encircled by images of the planets. The colors simply perfect.

Blue Modern Kids Table

A creative way to introduce modern design into a child’s room, this Mid-Century style play table is both stylish and functional.

Colorful Star Lamp for Kids

Another space-related light fixture for a boy’s (or girl’s) room, this cool lamp is at once beautiful and intriguing. Parents and kids alike will be fascinated by this beautiful bedside table lamp.

You may want to checkout last week’s post “Decor for Girls: Pink Decorative Accessories.”

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Decor for Girls: Pink Decorative Accessories

September 18th, 2014

Pink is such a joyful color for a child’s room. Seeing through rose colored glasses comes to mind. Infusing a nursery or little girl’s room with pink brings a rosy glow to the space. Whether you’re creating a new nursery or updating an already existing room, a few thoughtfully chosen decorative accessories in a range of pink hues can help create a happy place in which to thrive and grow.

Pink Roomvia

We love this happy space, especially the elephant wall art and the pink roadster. Can you look at that little car and not smile? We didn’t think so.

Phante Modern Kids Chair

Speaking of elephants or in this case, Phantes, pink is one  of the color choices for this cool little modern plastic chair.

Rangoli Raspberry Wall Tapestry

A wallhanging in pink, purple and green will bring vibrant color and exciting pattern to any pink nursery or kid’s room.

Kids Green Bean BagGreen is a  lovely companion color that works beautifully with pink. This green and white polka dot bean bag is perfect for resting or looking at picture books.

Round Rug for Kids

A round rug is an easy way to add a lively vibe to a pink room (or any room) by adding other colors and lots of cool patterns. Big bubbles bring a sense of rhythm and movement to this fabulous rug.

Kids Table Lamp

This sleek minimalist lamp is amped up with circles on circles of pinks, greens, blues and yellows. This great lamp would be perfect addition to a chest of drawers.

At the Zoo Ceiling Light

And here’s one more elephant. We just couldn’t resist including this ceiling light with a cute as cute can be pink elephant.


Kids Rectangular Hand Tufted Wool Rug

A never ending chain of circles in varying sizes and shades of pink dance across this sweet hand-tufted wool rug.

Baby S Modern Kids Chair

Just what every little girl’s room needs, a Mid-Century inspired chair. This beautiful pint-sized version is irresistible in deep pink–a perfect raspberry hue for a perfect modern chair.

Like what you see? Click on any of our product images above to learn more about that particular home decor item.

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What Does Warm Decor Mean to You?

September 11th, 2014

With invigorating cool weather coming to our part of the world, we’re thinking about feathering our nests, making our homes comfortable for the fall and winter months. While exploring online room images for inspiration, we are often thinking of the descriptive phrase “warm and cozy.” Today, we we excited to share interior spaces that give us decorating ideas to make our homes comfortable and filled with visual warmth. What does warm decor meant to you?

Warm and Welcoming Foyer

This big city apartment entryway is warm in color with rug, furniture and decorative accessory choices that welcome guests (and family members) in style.

Warm and Cozy

With a lovely mix of color and pattern, this space is a lighter version of warm and cozy decor. It’s quite captivating with a blend of florals, checks and classic beauty.

Warm and Sunny Living Room

Gold and yellow are enhanced by filtered sunlight in this comfortable living room. It’s the ultimate image of warm decor for many. How about you?

Warm Wood and Walls

This amazing kitchen is awash in warm wood made even more beautiful by the soft glow from the yellow ceiling. Wish we could see more of the rug that’s barely visible in the lower righthand corner.

Warm Bedroom Decor

A gray color palette is often considered cool, but this master bedroom with its fabulous textile patterns and charming rug underfoot is at once warm and elegant.

Warm Masculine Bedroom

Warm and masculine, this eclectic bedroom is a study in the perfection of mixing plaids with an appealing vintage look.

Warm Living Room Decor

Even wide open spaces can feel warm and comfortable with the addition of carefully chosen accents. Colorfully casual decorative pillows are perfect for this glam tufted sofa. What an intriguing contrast.

Warm and Stylish Powder Room

A powder room swathed on stone is not often described as warm. The honey-toned floating vanity top and shelf, along with the wide step stool below, accentuates the warm hues in the stacked stone tiles on the wall. How handsome is this design?


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Are you getting ready for fall and winter with warm and cozy updates? Come share your pictures with us on Facebook.

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