Yellow Home Decor & Lighting You’ll Love

August 27th, 2015

In a recent post, we featured room images in soft yellow palette. With that lovely color palette in mind, we’ve explored our Arcadian Home collections and discovered these beautiful options for adding warm yellow to your interior and exterior spaces. Enjoy!


Yellow Rug


Part of the Archive Collection, this handwoven wool rug looks stunning yellow and ivory.


Yellow Pillow


Yellow and cream create a lovely pattern on these chic and stylish decorative accent pillows.


Yellow Vases


Pale yellow urns with lids and a charming aged look are just right to add warmth and beauty to your home.

Yellow Striped Chest

Roses and stripes in pink and green are awesome on this yellow chest of drawers.

Yellow Accent Table

This round table is painted in a lovely buttercup yellow that’s perfect as an accent in an all white bedroom.


Yellow Sconce


These elegant glass wall sconces will bring drama to your interior spaces. Perfect for lighting a long hallway.


Seascape with Yellow


Add a touch of coastal chic to your wall whether you’re on the water or totally landlocked. Yellow makes this beautiful seascape glow.


Yellow Outdoor Rug


Yellow is also a great color for decorating outdoor spaces. This hand braided polypropylene contemporary rug will make color and comfort to your outdoor living or dining room.

Remember, it’s easy to learn more about any item above. Simply click on the image.

For more yellow inspiration:

Buttery Yellow Color Ideas for Your Home

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Buttery Yellow Color Ideas for Your Home

August 24th, 2015

Yellow color palettes for home decor come in many variations from the palest of pale background shades to bright “in your face” wake up hues. Today, we’re sharing one of our favorite yellows, a soft buttery tone that’s warm and inviting while maintaining a quiet elegance.


We love this yellow hue on the front door. Don’t you think it says, “Welcome, come in and visit for a while.”

Yellow Decor

Velvet sofas are at the top of many “must have for my home” lists. Color them buttery yellow and they’re even more coveted. Color and texture come together beautifully in this lovely pair of lush sofas.

Yellow Color Palette

A hallway with exquisite style shows off the lovely glow of buttery yellow.


In the kitchen above, cabinets are painted in warm happy yellow. It’s a perfect shade to wake up to.

Yellow Home Decor

Soft yellow accents turn this black and white enclosed porch into a picture perfect place to relax. We love this look.

Yellow Color Palette

A bedroom retreat is serene and inviting in a pale buttery yellow palette. It’s lovely, don’t you think?

Yellow Bath

What clever idea! Crossword tiles in the shower of the white, black and yellow bath are a whimsical twist we didn’t see coming.

Yellow Accents on the Deck

When bringing the look of yellow outside on to the deck, choose shades that take it to the darker side of buttery yellow so the color will be beautiful rather than washed out.


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Pretty Pink Accents for Your Home

August 17th, 2015

Are you ready to give your interior spaces a refresh? Longing for a touch of color in your neutral living room? How about a little pattern and texture underfoot? We’ve got you covered with home decor accessories, footstools, lighting and a soft stripy rug for the floor–all in pretty pink hues you’ll love.

Pink Home Decor

A little extra storage is always welcome. When it comes in the form of a tufted pink ottoman, well that’s just icing on the cake.

Pink Home Decor

Pink and brown are beautiful in these square pillows with a much sought-after Ikat pattern.

Pink Home Decor

Wool and cotton are combined to create a most appealing effect in this multi-hued handwoven rug.

Pink Home Decor

A modern take on the quintessential art glass tabletop accessory, this large pink bow is perfect for cocktail or dining table.

Pink Home Decor

Pink and gray prove to be beautiful companions in this elegant terra cotta urn. We love the look of this one.

Pink Home Decor

This pink vase and its companion pieces show off shades of pink that catch the eye and capture the imagination.

Pink Home Decor

A multitude of pinks are woven within the fabric squares of this vintage look pouf. It’s perfect for today’s eclectic rooms.

Pink Chandelier

If you love pink in a traditional style, this lovely pendant light just may be what you’re looking for. What a beautiful light fixture and it’s on clearance too!


For more details about any item, simply click on that image above.

Pink inspiration abounds in last week’s post “From Living Room to Outdoor Spaces: Decorating With Pink.

Check out all home decor accessories at Arcadian Home.


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From Living Rooms to Outdoor Spaces: Decorating with Pale Pink

August 10th, 2015

Those who love pink in all its appealing shades are always happy to see that there is no shortage of images of pretty pink rooms to be found online. Lately, we’ve been noticing lots of pale pink home decor both indoors and out. We hope you will enjoy seeing some of our favorites:

Pink Wall

Pink around the pool can be fabulous, but who knew how stunning a pink wall could be?

Pink Pillow

A single pale pink pillow is awesome on a navy blue sofa, bringing a spot of serenity amongst bold color and pattern.

Pink Sideboard

We don’t often think rustic when we envision pink painted wood. But, this aged pink finish seems just right for a touch of rustic in a pretty eclectic space.

Pink Sofa

Designed to captivate, this sophisticated living space is lovely in pink and red. What do you think?

Pink Dining Room

Blush is irresistible as a background color in the dining room. Here, it’s beautiful, creating a charming glow and a lovely contrast to white painted floors and woodwork.

Pink Soffa

Pink can also work well in contemporary or modern spaces. A pretty pink sofa is perfect in this cool room with a great retro feel.

Pink Closet

A splash of pink can add the perfect feminine touch to a closet or dressing room.

Pink Outdoor Living Space

Take pink outside to create a most inviting outdoor living room. Watercolor fabrics in color combinations that feature lovely pink hues are fantastic in this conversation area.


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Outside the Box: Infuse Your Home with Fun & Personality

July 30th, 2015

We think it’s time to add fun and personality to your interior spaces. Make a bold statement with color, pattern, wall art or unexpected accessories. It’s a great way to express yourself, wake up rooms and make your home the one that everyone wants to visit and you family can’t wait to return to at the end of the day. Sound like fun? See what we mean:

Bold Foyer

In this central hallway, color shines. A colorful gold-framed painting is hung against a wall covered in wide horizontal stripes above a brilliant vignette of chartreuse and turquoise.

Bold Entry

This oversized pelican print brings fun and color to the front door. Guest will surely want to see what lies beyond in your home’s decor.

Bold Loft

How do you add even more visual interest to an already fabulous loft space with soaring ceilings? Here a guitar collection is hung on the rustic wood wall above the television. What a clever idea!

Bold Living Room

Dark blue walls are anything but moody in this vintage living room. An eclectic gallery wall mirrors the colors of the rug on the floor.

Bold Kitchen

Is it the wall or the floor? Or perhaps it’s both, plus the cabinets and the Mid-Century Tulip table and Eames chairs in brilliant white. What do you think?

Bold Dining Room

From floor to ceiling, this dining room is a lovely mix of irresistible color and fun accessories.

Bold Storage

As if a display of fabulous shoes is not enough, colorful triangles infuse this wall with bright hues and a cool geometric shapes.

Bold Bath

Have a uniques collection? Do the unexpected and display your treasures in the bath. That’s what the homeowners did with these almost flat tabletop containers. What an cool idea!


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Black & White Stripes in Outdoor Living Spaces

July 23rd, 2015

Black and White Stripes

Today, we complete our exploration of decorating with black and white with a look at black and white stripes in outdoor living spaces. Is there anything more captivating than this look? It seems black and white stripes work beautifully with any style, from traditional to contemporary and beyond. Here are some of our favorite outdoor spaces:

Black and White Stripes

Black and white stripes look jaunty on these umbrellas and striped pillows can add that perfect accent for outdoor living spaces.

Black and White Stripes

Black and white stripes are just right for a tropical look. Here you see great Bermuda style on a veranda with turquoise shutters.

Black and White Stripes

This is one of my all-time favorite outdoor rooms–ready and waiting for the celebration to begin.

Black and White Stripes

Even a small outdoor space can be amped up with black and white stripes. Quite inviting, don’t you think?

Black and White Stripes

Black and white stripes are chic and stylish by themselves, but add bold color and the look is brilliant. Just about any bright hue can create irresistible accents for black and white in outdoor rooms.

Black and White Stripes

Sometimes more is more and that’s definitely true in this amazing outdoor living room. That wall is stunning and who can resist black and white draperies inside or out?

Black and White Stripes

A girl can dream, can’t she? We leave you with this vision in black and white.


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Exciting Light Fixtures for Black & White Rooms

Decor Inspiration: Black & White Stripes

Show us see your favorite black and white striped outdoor living spaces on Facebook.

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Exciting Light Fixtures for Black & White Rooms

July 16th, 2015

Black and White Spacevia

Today, we’re continuing our exploration of black and white decor. In case you missed it, be sure to check out last week’s post, “Decor Inspiration: Black and White Stripes.” We think every black and white space deserves eye-catching light fixtures. WAC Lighting offers many exciting options to consider. Here’s just a taste of what you can expect:

Lighing for Black and White Rooms

The W.A.C. Lighting Alpa LED Modern / Contemporary Pendant Wall Sconce is a marvelous addition to any contemporary black and white space. You know we are fascinated by black and white stripes and these are simply perfect with a white dome pendant.

Lighing for Black and White Rooms

Perhaps your design aesthetic calls for an even simpler look. The sconce above is also available in black and white (no stripes) a look that’s sleek and perhaps a bit more dramatic.

Lighing for Black and White Rooms

One more lighting option with black and white stripes is the W.A.C. Lighting Tulum LED Modern / Contemporary Pendant Wall Sconce. It features a lovely square white glass pendant light, a more angular look that’s stunning in a contemporary space.

Lighting for Black and White Rooms

Craving a touch of gold in your black and white room? Consider the dwelLED Kiss pendant with a sophisticated brass finish. (It also comes in brushed nickel or chrome.)

Lighing for Black and White Rooms

A flash of red glass can bring a black and white room to life. The Lauren contemporary wall sconce can do just that. We want to share this one even though its currently out of stock, you can asked to be notified when it’s again available. It’s worth the wait.

Lighting for Black and White Rooms

Made especially for black and white spaces where a pop or two of blue is what’s missing, the W.A.C. Lighting Rhea LED Modern / Contemporary Wall Sconce should suit nicely. With both color and texture this lovely light will fascinate.

Lighing for Black and White Rooms

Maybe a touch of sunny yellow glass will complete your black and white room. Can you imagine what the Jill sconce in a golden hue will look like set against a black and white striped wall?

Lighting for Black and White Rooms

Every black and white foyer needs a stunning chandelier. The Cascade is beaded perfection–a most stunning addition for the entryway, dining room or bedroom.

Remember you can click on any light above to learn more about that particular fixture.

Like what you see? Explore all lighting collections from W.A.C. at Arcadian Home.

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Decor Inspiration: Black & White Stripes

July 10th, 2015

Black and White Stripes

The quintessential black and white striped awning is the inspiration for today’s post on black and white stripes in home decor. We love the look and it seems many of you do too. From rugs underfoot to “tented” ceilings. stripes of any size can add visual interest and a chic updated look to just about any interior space or outdoor room. We hope you’ll be inspired by our latest finds.

Black and White Stripes

Greet your guests with wide horizontal stripes. These handsome walls can make a space seem larger than it is and bring rhythm and movement as the stripes carry the eye around the room.

Black and White Stripes

Angled black and white stripes meet a lovely pumpkin wall in this unexpected staircase treatment. As you can see, not all stripes are created equal.

Black and White Stripes

An area rug and window treatments add their stripey look to this gorgeous living room. A great look, don’t you think?

Black and White Stripes

Horizontal black and white stripes create a great accent wall in this most inviting dining room. We don’t often see wide stripes like this above the chair rail. It’s a brilliant look, con’t you think?

Black and White Stripes

A fabulous headboard in a warm gold-infused Suzani fabric is stunning against a feature wall of vertical black and white stripes. The toss pillows are a perfect accent.

Black and White Stripes

Black and white stripes in the bath? A fantastic design idea, these run vertically on the walls and the curtain panels. This would work well with many styles, from contemporary to traditional (with a twist.)

Black and White Stripes

Black and white stripes outdoors? Not a big leap here since we started this little tour with the inspiration a jaunty striped awning.


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Love what you see here? Coming soon is a look at black and white stripes in outdoor living spaces.

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Contemporary Spaces: Make a Statement with Bold Red

July 2nd, 2015

Want to bring your contemporary spaces to life? Consider adding a bold pop or vibrant splash of red to contemporary decor. Red can be stunning in just about any modern room. From the front door to the backyard patio, a vivid red hue can make a big design statement. Here’s what we mean:

Red Door

This massive cantilevered front door is stunning in size and bold color. We love the look.

Red Foyer

Red accents are beautiful in a gray and white foyer like the one above. Just a few pops of red can add a lively vibe to any entryway.

Bold Red Spaces

Vibrant red cabinets can create a bold colorful contemporary kitchen. These offer a great contrast to gray countertops and backsplash.

Bold Red Accents

Red and golden yellow make this white living room/home office sing.

Bold Red Accents

Who knew red, pink and orange could work so well as accent colors in an otherwise neutral bedroom? Gorgeous, don’t you think?

Pop of Red

Red never looked so good as in this spare room turned closet and dressing room.

Red in the Bathroom

Lots of homeowners and apartment dwellers are opting for gray paint in the bath or powder room. In such rooms, brilliant red is perfect for accents like towels or fresh flowers.

Red Outdoors

Red is a special lively hue for contemporary outdoor living spaces. What do you think of the bold botanical prints?


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Decorating the Porch: Tips & Ideas

June 25th, 2015

For those fortunate enough to have a porch to enjoy, this one’s for you. Whether large or small, at the front of the house or with a view of the backyard, any porch can be turned into a charming and comfortable outdoor living space. Here are tips and ideas to inspire you:

Front Porch

In the US many will soon be celebrating the Fourth of July with red, white and blue on the porch. A vibrant hue on the front door is s fantastic contrast to this gray house.

Front Porch

Make your front porch as inviting as a spa getaway. Gray and yellow striped rattan chaise lounges are lined up in a row on this fabulous porch.

Front Porch

Orange and blue make a bold color statement on this comfortable porch. If you love splashes of color, the porch is great place to indulge your color dreams.

Front Porch

Gray is accented with turquoise, a beautiful color combination whether your porch is by the sea or you just want to decorate like you have a view of the sand and the water while you relax outside.

Front Porch

White and navy blue is a color duo that has stood the test of time. This white-columned porch goes chic and stylish with white slipcovers and lovely patterned throw pillows.

Back Porch

Curtain panels can bring a charming look to the back porch. Here, blue and white horizontal stripes frame and soften the openings between stone columns.

Front Porch

A closed-in front porch can be transformed into a lovely entryway with a round table and hanging lantern pendant. We think this look is at once beautiful and practical.

Front Porch

Here’s another example of decorating the porch with bold color. Vibrant green is a great accent to the wide red and gold stripes that cover cushions on the vintage wicker seating. We love the soft red rug on the floor.


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