Design Inspiration: Dark Walls

January 15th, 2015

Dark walls can be handsome, moody and elegant,too. Whether charcoal, midnight blue or pure black, dark walls are all appealing in their way. Today, we’re sharing rooms that are made better by dark walls. Perhaps, it’s time to consider going dark in a room or two. What do you think?

Dark Walls

Dark is elegant on the floor, walls and reflected off the ceiling in this beautiful and inviting foyer.

Dark Walls

Furniture, art and wall, all go dark in this chic and yet cozy living room. The art hangs beautifully on this gray wall.

Dark Walls

Who would have expected glossy blue cabinets with black interiors, walls and countertops to be so fabulous?

Dark Walls

Dark gray walls are stunning with pure white wood and ceiling. Green and orange accents work to create an inviting living room.

Dark Walls

Even in baby’s first room dark walls can offer a great background for cheerful wall art. Dark walls are definitely not moody in this cool nursery.

Dark Walls

How exquisitely put together is this black and white bedroom? It’s simply stunning, don’t you think?

Dark Walls

Sleek and sophisticated perfectly describe this dark and handsome powder room.

Dark Walls

With a completely different look, this traditional master bath shows off dark walls above white painted chair rail and wainscot.

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Things We Love: Lights & Home Decor Accessories

January 8th, 2015

With the beginning of a new year, we have plans for updating our interior spaces. How about you? Whether a total redo is in your near future or you just want to add a little spice to your surroundings at home, we’re excited to share a few beautiful ideas we’ve found recently on Arcadian Home. Please enjoy.


Modern Footstool


Need a little glamour in your life? This little bench is captivating in gold leafed forged iron with gray and shimmering gold upholstered seat. It’s perfect for any space, from living room to dressing room.


Nesting Coffee Tables


We love nesting tables for the living room. These are a bit different as they are coffee tables not end tables. Copper tops mean every table is unique in color and pattern.


Fish Mirrors


Looking for something out of the ordinary? These contemporary fish mirrors caught our eye with their reflective beauty.


Weathered Fish


Add a touch of coastal cool with these “old” fish wall accents. They’re antiqued and highlighted with a watery blue hue, looking as if they have just been pulled from a seaside cottage.


Wall Frames


Copper is one of the sought after metals for home decor right now. This beautiful copper wall collage will allow for a unique display of your photos.


Wall Clock


With a bit of Parisian style, this vintage-look clock in embossed blue metal with an aged cream colored face will bring elegant style wherever it’s hung.


Wall Clock


With an entirely different look, this wall clock is all about industrial style. It would be great for the kitchen, don’t you think?


Pendant Lighting


We have fallen for these stripey little pendant lights. Perfect for any black and white space, they’re all about cool contemporary design and low voltage. too.


Pendant Lighting


You’ll want to check out these black and white glass mini-pendants, too. Just right in so many places, where would you hang yours?


Remember to click on any image above to learn more about that particular item.

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Decor Inspiration: New Year Your Way

January 5th, 2015

With the new year comes great opportunity for change in lots of ways. So, we’re thinking about doing decor with personality–your personality. Turn your home into a haven just for you and your family. Start out 2015 your way, with decor that makes you happy. Here are some ideas to inspire you:


Variety in Decor


This den is filled with treasured objects in a beautiful eclectic style. If you love color and pattern this is your way.


Variety in Decor


Next up is this chic French room–neutral with a few pops of color. What do you think?


Variety in Decor


Sleek and contemporary, this space is so cool. We love this look. How about you?


Variety in Decor


Perhaps you’re ready to take Pantone’s Color of the Year 2015 Marsala for a test drive? The ways to do that are almost endless.


Variety in Decor


How about wallpaper in the bedroom? These tiny stripes are lovely with deep wood trim at the floor and color and pattern scattered around the room.


Variety in Decor


Perhaps you need a little glamour in your life. This modern style with touches of luxurious traditional shows off just the right amount of glam.


Variety in Decor


Dark and handsome style makes its mark in bathrooms (and kitchens) to start 2015. It’s your choice, from white to black (and color in between) you’ll be in style.


Variety in Decor


Perhaps you’re all about color. A white bathroom can be changed in ways big and small. Just a towel or two will do the job.


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Farmhouse Style: Rooster Home Accessories

December 26th, 2014

No matter whether you live in the country or the city, you can still have lots of farmhouse style with rooster themed accessories. Here, you will find roosters in metal, ceramic and more, to brighten your days and remind you of times past. Which is your favorite?

Rooster Fan

Who knew fans came disguised as roosters? But, that’s what this cool guy is. He’s colorful rooster and a fan at the same time.

White Rooster

Longing for something retro for the kitchen? Here’s a white ceramic rooster with red and yellow detailes.

Black & White Rooster and Chicken

Okay, so these are black and white hens, not roosters. But, we think they are so cute and chic in ceramic.

Rooster & Chicken

Want a little something with a rustic feel? Check out this handsome rooster and hen combo. An antique glaze gives them that vintage look.

Metal Rooster

This rustic rooster in neutral colors of metal is handsome isn’t he?

Tiffany Rooster

Want a rooster in really bright hues? Here a brilliant Tiffany light in the form of a rooster will brighten you farmhouse countertop.

Traditional Ceramic Rooster

So cool and so traditional, this ceramic rooster is such a handsome fellow, don’t you think?

Polka Dot Rooster

All decked out in green with white polka dots, this rooster is cool retro and very “in” right now.


Rooster Wall Art

This colorful wall art is all modern country. This rooster seems to have a secret. Just right to add a touch of farmhouse and a lot of color to your kitchen wherever it’s located.

Remember you can click on any image above to learn more about that particular home decor accessory.

Do you love roosters too? Which one captures your attention and your imagination? We would love to hear from you on Facebook.

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Home for the Holidays

December 18th, 2014

Home for the Holidays

Whether it’s a cozy cabin in the woods or an estate near the coast, going home for the holidays can lift the spirit and refresh the body. Perhaps you’re creating your own new home for the holidays. If so, enjoy the adventure. Today, we’re wishing you a happy holiday season and a wonderful visit home–wherever that may be.

Home for the Holidays

Sometimes, more is just right. Such is the case with the decorations on this welcoming porch.

Home for the Holidays

Warm and cozy in front of the fireplace, this living room is decorated with greenery candles and an ornament laden Christmas tree–a quintessential holiday look.

Home for the Holidays

Dramatic and romantic, this traditional dining room is stunningly dressed up for the holidays.

Holidays Pillows

From over the top, we turn to simple holiday pleasures. A wonderful way to decorate plain toss pillows, tie a wired ribbon into a bow and tuck a sprig of greenery into the knot.

Holiday Gift Wrapping

An interesting idea: Wrap gifts so beautifully that they present a dilemma, to open or not to open. What a shame to spoil the holiday look.

Holiday Decor

So chic in black and white, gold and silver this fabulous space is given a happy vibe with brilliant pink ribbon. So cool.

Home for the Holidays

For a sophisticated rustic look, decorated chairs with giant pinecones, raffia ribbon and silver ball ornaments. A lovely study in contrasts.

Home for the Holidays

A fantasy for the new year, this captivating scene is at once beautiful country and contemporary glam style.

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Happy holidays from all of us at Arcadian Home!

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Holiday Ideas: Bar Cart Essentials

December 11th, 2014

The online world seems to go a little over the top for bar carts this time of year. So, we’ve decided to join all the voices spreading the word about these beautiful and convenient little drink carts. We’ve also included a few of our favorite bar cart essentials. From the days before Christmas to New Year’s Eve, entertaining is at its annual peak and a beautifully styled and stocked bar cart can be the center of attention.

Bar Cart Styling


Even when the room’s color palette is blue and glittering silver, red can cause a stir at holiday parties when it’s front and center on the bar cart. Placing this stainless steel cart in front of a floor mirror doubles the impact.

Bar Cart

Glamorous and captivating, this tiered bar cart could be styled beautifully for the holidays. It could easily do double, no triple, duty as a tea or dessert cart.

Bar Cart

A tiered table like this golden bamboo version can serve beautifully in lieu of or in addition to a wheeled bar cart for entertaining. We love the look of those glass shelves.

Ice Bucket

Come New Year’s Eve, every bar cart needs an ice or champagne bucket. Our choice is a glass one that’s crystal clear revealing its icy contents.

Bar Tool Set

Corkscrews and bar tools are essentials but can also add a handsome and stylish look to the holiday bar cart.

Legends Glassware

Plenty of glassware of all sorts is essential for a smoothly functioning drink service. We think the prettier the better when it comes to champagne flutes, wine glasses and water goblets.

Martini Pitcher

A martini pitcher and matching glasses can make a big style statement on a holiday bar cart. A frosty white look is stunning for New Year’s Eve gatherings.

Bar Cart Styling


Festive is the watchword for New Year’s Eve bar cart styling. Choose your favorite color scheme, but go for glitter and glam–it’s a celebration after all.


Remember you can click on any image above to learn more about that particular bar cart or bar cart essential.

Do you have a bar cart? How will it be styled for the holidays? We would love to hear from you on Facebook.

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Brick Walls, Beautiful Rooms

December 4th, 2014

Exposed brick seems to be making a big comeback. From the foyer to the living room, kitchen and dining room to the bedroom and even the bath, brick can make a bold design statement, becoming the much-admired focal point of any space. We’ve recently explored the use of brick in interior spaces of all sorts, from contemporary to traditional. We’re convinced brick walls can make for beautiful rooms. Here’s how:

Brick Wall

Original brick or DIY project? Only the homeowners know. Isn’t this a great look?

Living Room Brick Wall

A large swath of original brick wall has been left exposed in this loft space. Modern furnishings stand in stark contrast to the rustic rough textured brick while antique rugs add warmth and rich color.

Living Room Brick Wall

Not everyone approves of painting original brick walls, but the white painted finish works well in this inviting dining space. Framed and matted harbor photographic artwork adds a contemporary touch to this vintage room.

Dining Room Brick Wall

A wide wall of brick works in harmony with vintage furnishings in this beamed dining room. Simple industrial style lighting is hung from exposed wires.

Brick Wall with Fairy Lights

An original brick wall creates a warm and appealing background in this eclectic open space. Tiny fairy lights contrast beautifully with the rustic texture of the brick.

Kitchen Brick Wall

Rustic exposed red brick is a great contrast to this sleek white contemporary breakfast bar.

Bedroom Brick Wall

A rough-textured brick wall makes for a fabulous backdrop in this chic and stylish eclectic bedroom. What a lovely amalgamation of styles, colors and textures.

Bathroom Brick Wall

The stunning bath above is a wonderful mix of brick, wood and steel. Devastated by Hurricane Sandy, this Red Hook home has been brought back to life.


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Happy Thanksgiving: Last Minute Centerpiece Ideas

November 27th, 2014

Today, we’re wishing you a very happy Thanksgiving with family, friends, lots of tasty food, and maybe a little football. We know you’ve been planning this day for months, but sometimes really important things can get lost in the shuffle. We know from experience. Just in case you were too busy (or simply forgot) to buy a centerpiece for your table, here are some simple and easy last minute ideas to inspire you.

Thanksgiving Centerpiece

A single purple cabbage can easily become the anchor for a fruit bowl filled with veggies and cut flowers. Napa cabbage leaves are wrapped around glass candle holders and tied with string.

Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Use a tiered server to hold pomegranates and tangerines, limes, lemons–any citrus fruit will do. Tuck in a few green leaves and voila, you have a simply perfect centerpiece.

Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Don’t know what to do to add a bit of drama to a small bouquet of flowers. Consider lining your clear glass container with citrus slices before adding colorful blooms.

Thanksgiving Centerpieces

This rustic centerpiece is created with a flat dish, persimmons and vines with a few red and orange berries. What could be easier than this?

Thanksgiving Centerpieces

Fill a basket with fruit, flowers and berries–whatever is at hand in the kitchen and the backyard. Lucky you, if you happen to have an out of the ordinary basket like this round one covered in acorns.

Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Have just a few fresh flowers? Supplement them with colorful leaves and berries pulled from the yard to give your centerpiece a larger presence and a little drama.

Thanksgiving Centerpiece

So simple and easy is this tray of apples and pears topped with green chrysanthemum blooms and red berries. No fresh flowers on hand? Green grapes or even nuts in their shells would also work well.

Thanksgiving Centerpiece

A white ceramic container with lots of visual appeal makes a fabulous centerpiece when filled with colorful gourds (or tiny pumpkins) and flowers and/or fruits and berries.

All these centerpieces are easy, easy and beautiful. Only you will know yours was a last minute spur of the moment creation.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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Reflecting Beauty: Decorating with Mirrors

November 20th, 2014

Mirrors are things of beauty, and function. Mirrors, large and small, can bring a lighter airier feel to rooms of all sorts. Single large mirrors or groupings of smaller ones can make rooms seem more spacious. Reflecting light and beauty in their surroundings, mirrors are simply magical in their ability to enhance interior spaces.

Foyer Mirror

A mirror above a console table or chest in the entryway can be stunning in any style from country to contemporary and everything in between.

Floor Mirror

A massive framed floor mirror can add another dimension to any living room. Just be safety conscious and anchor that huge mirror properly. Hiring a professional to do this would be a great idea.

Mirror Gallery Wall

An eclectic collection of mirrors with a few pieces of artwork interspersed can add visual interest to the living room, dining room or hallway. Isn’t this mirror gallery fabulous?

Stairway Landing Mirror

On the wall up a staircase or on a landing, a mirror or mirrors can create visual interest in an often forgotten area of the home.

Kitchen Mirror

No window over the kitchen sink? No worries. Just add a mirror that fits the style and size of the space above the sink. This shapely vintage mirror is just right for such a warm and inviting kitchen.

Kitchen Mirror

This narrow kitchen just barely has room for a wall-hung breakfast bar and bright stools. But, hanging a mirror on the wall above opens up the space and makes it feel larger.


Hanging a mirror over a dressing table/vanity is always appropriate. Here, a large round mirror with gold frame works beautifully over a modern white vanity and Ghost chair.

Bedroom Mirrors

The round mirror and vanity in the previous image has bee placed beside the bed in lieu of a more expected nightstand. A rectangular mirror on the other side of the headboard creates a visually appealing asymmetrical balance in the room–not matchy-matchy but marvelous.

Bathroom Mirror

A well-anchored (preferably professionally installed) floor mirror can be a brilliant design decision in the master bath. This lovely space speaks for itself.

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 Mirrors can be magical. How do you use them in your home? Please share with us on Facebook.

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Decor Inspiration: Throws for Every Room

November 13th, 2014

Warm and cozy, soft throws are often associated with getting rooms ready for fall and winter, but they’re actually great for decorating throughout the year. We think they’re beautiful decorative accents for just about any space and every style. Kept within easy reach, throws are great for cozy reading or watching television. Artfully displayed, they’re a beautiful and easy way to add color and texture to sofas, beds and chaise lounges, too.

Throws in Decor

 In a basket in the entryway or added to a comfortable reading nook under the stairs, throws can bring in lots of texture and visual appeal.

Throws in Decor

A delicate cashmere throw is perfect for a formal space like this or a light and airy contemporary living room.

Throws in Decor

We’re thinking beach house style for fall or winter. Lots of woven and faux fur throws add a most inviting look to this cool space.

Throws in Decor

A comfortable chaise lounge in a cozy corner is casually styled with a warm throw and pretty pillows. It’s an idyllic spot for reading and relaxing.

Throws in Decor

A large throw in a brilliant hue is a beautifully easy way to add color and texture to a pale bedroom. This fringed throw is just right for the foot of the bed, but could also be draped across the nearby window seat.

Throws in Decor

Carefully chosen throws are always welcome in baby’s first room. Used as a decorative accessory or a practical and cozy addition to Mom and Dad’s rocking chair, throws make for a more inviting look in the nursery.

Throws in Decor

From toddler to teen room, a colorful and cozy throw is always a favorite decorative accent that makes for a more warm and comfortable space.

Throws in Outdoor Rooms

Outdoor rooms can be made more beautiful and comfortable with the addition of warm throws. This dream home porch is so inviting with stripped throw pillows and plaid fringed throw. Isn’t it a great look?


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 Do you love to use throws in your home? Show us how Facebook.

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