On/Off switch for wall sconces

Hello. I have an older house with lots of wall sconces without switches. I noticed on your blog that several of the manufactures are able to add an On/Off switch. I am interested in some of the more modern designs which don’t look readily adaptable. And I have few questions about this:

  1. Since the items are non-returnable, is it possible to see where they would add the switch before purchasing?
  2. For ceiling fans there are a variety of remote controls available. Do such remotes exist for wall sconces?

Answer: If you would like to add switch to the wall sconce, you would have to let us know which model you are interested at and the quantity so we can inquire with the manufacturer to see if they can customize your order. They should be able to let us know where the switch is going to be. In general, the upcharge would be $50 per fixture.

The remotes for the wall control are not available. However, if you wish to use a remote to control the wall sconce, We would recommend to wire the fixture to a Lutron Maestro IR wall switch instead of customizing a switch into the lighting fixture.

Let us know if you are interested in the Lutron Maestro IR. If so, we will need to know which wall sconce fixture you like first before we can tell which kind of Maestro you need.

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