Nora Track Light System for Kitchen Lighting

I have been looking for track lighting for my kitchen. I have a 120v wire on a ceiling beam where I want to connect a track and lights. Most of the systems have a round transformer that is too large to fit on the beam. The beam is 5 1/2 ” wide. The Nora system looks as if it might work (I only need a four foot expanse). However, I simply can’t figure out what pieces I need to create the system. Do you have to use the round power canopy or can you just use the straight power connecter? Is there a kit? I could sure use some help on this.

Answer: Please confirm with an electrician that there is an electrical junction box for the outlet wires. If so try the following items:

Nora Lighting 3-Wire Halo-Compatible Live End Feed with Canopy NT 352

Nora Lighting 3-Wire Halo-Compatible Live End Feed With Canopy NT 311

Nora Lighting 3-Wire Halo Compatible Floating Canopy Feed NT 307

For the four foot track,  click here.

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