Nora lighting track lights lamping question

Can I use an X-10 lamp module to control a track lighting with multiple (say 4) Nora Lighting Barndoor Low Voltage Track Light – NTL-208 heads? The X-10 lamp modules provide solid-state dimming and on/off. I’ve used one successfully with another 12V transformer and light system, but it’s time to replace it all with barn door lights.

Answer: Nora Lighting has confirmed back that there is an electronic, low voltage transformer in the NTL-208. The NTL-208 is rated to a max. of 50W Halogen, so it will work with a electronic, low voltage dimmer.

We are not familiar with the X-10 lamp module. We would recommend that you verify with the manufacturer for the X-10 lamp module and see if they can work with the electronic, low voltage transformer from the NTL-208.

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