Light Fixtures for Every Room in the Home

Decorating your home can be a challenge. Between choosing furniture, finding the right accessories and creating a flowing color palette from room to room, it can be extremely stressful. It’s not unusual that in the midst of decorating, you forget a few things, such as finding the right light fixtures. Here are a few tips and tricks to find the right light fixtures for every room in the home.

Kitchen Lighting

Lighting Fixtures

When lighting the kitchen, be sure to have an adequate number of light fixtures for general lighting, ambient lighting and task lighting. This means a ceiling fixture for general light, and multi-purpose light fixtures such as recessed lights, track lights or under cabinet lights for ambient lighting and task lighting.

Dining Room Lighting

Lighting Fixture

Much like in the kitchen, you’ll need to find light fixtures for ambient lighting, task lighting and as general lighting. In the dining room, a chandelier or other ceiling fixtures could be used in a multipurpose manner for task lighting, general lighting and ambient lighting. Other light fixtures that can work for the dining room include track lights and recessed lights.

Living Room Lighting

Lighting Fixtures

In a living room, there are typically no ceiling fixtures. However, there are other light fixtures you should incorporate into the space including lamps for task lighting, recessed lights for ambient lighting and perhaps a combination of light fixtures to create general lighting.

Bathroom Lighting

Much like the kitchen, great thought should be put into bathroom lighting. Outside of general lighting, you should also include task lighting for things such as putting on makeup or shaving. Light fixtures for the bathroom could include a ceiling fixture, light bars over the bathroom mirrors, wall sconces and recessed lights.

Lighting Fixtures

When choosing light fixtures for the bathroom, always be sure to choose light fixtures that are UL damp or UL wet listed. This is extremely important, as standard dry listed light fixtures can cause serious issues, including fire, when installed in a bathroom space.

Bedroom Lighting

Bedroom lighting should be extremely versatile. In the evening, you want your bedroom space to be warm and comfortable but during the day, you want it to be well lit for tasks such as getting dressed. Consider installing a dimmer switch in your bedroom to help accommodate this.

Lighting Fixture

Light fixtures that work well in the bedroom include ceiling fixtures, table lamps or wall sconces.


Closets are tight spaces, so it’s important to find light fixtures that work for the space but won’t pose any serious risks such as fire. Remember, your closet is likely full of flammable items: clothing, cardboard boxes full of old books or other trinkets and so forth.

Lighting Fixture

When choosing light fixtures for closets, take a number of factors into consideration. Take note of local building codes. Choose light bulbs that produce little to no heat, such as an LED light bulb. Choose light fixtures that are flush with the ceiling to ensure they won’t come into contact with the items in the closet. Images | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 |

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